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Alpha-152 Variations
Fighter ID:
5' 2"
107 lbs.
The Devil of Misguided Science
Fighting Style(s)
Fires off a relentless barrage of attacks that devastates opponents before they know what's hit them.

Dead or Alive 4
Xbox 360
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Nintendo 3DS
Fifth boss. Unlockable.
Dead or Alive 5
PlayStation 3
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
PlayStation 4

Dead or Alive
The Ultimate Hyper Clone
An artificial life form given the shape of a transparent woman, this hyper clone of Kasumi was created at DOATEC under the orders of Victor Donovan. After having fled from the 4th Dead or Alive Tournament, she is currently being pursued by Kasumi.
Dead or Alive 4
Alpha-152 is the final stage of the Alpha series of human weapons, a group of hyperclones created from Kasumi's DNA by the evil genius Donovan. Having just been born, Alpha-152 is immaculate; she is a blank slate, and precisely because of that the combat instincts that have been imprinted on her psyche are able to be activated mercilessly without exception.
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Dead or Alive Dimensions
The only information known about this creation is its development code: Alpha 152. All other details remain highly classified.