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Mortal Kombat Fighters
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Fighting Style(s)
Hua Chuan, Choy Lay Fut
Collective of souls of slain warriors

Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Hidden, unlockable character in version.
Mortal Kombat Advance
Game Boy Advance
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Playstation 2
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Playstation 2
Mortal Kombat: Unchained
Playstation Portable
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Initially available in Genesis and Super NES versions.
Mortal Kombat (2011) / Mortal Kombat 9 (fan name)
Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat
Kombat Rebooted
As punishment for resisting Shao Kahn's claim to the realm of Edenia, the souls of the vanquished were torn from their bodies and fused together to form the being now known as Ermac. Bent to Shao Kahn's will, Ermac is his foremost enforcer. The essences of so many souls bound together give Ermac immense telekinetic power--an advantage that will destroy Earthrealm's resistance to Shao Kahn's rule.
Was Defeated
Ermac telekinetically ripped Jax' arms off, forcing him to get cybernetic replacements.
The Wrath of Kahn
An enigma to all who come into contact with him, Ermac's past remains shrouded in mystery. It's believed that he exists as a life force brought together by the souls of extinguished Outworld warriors. Shao Kahn has managed to take possession of these souls, and use them to fight on the side of tyranny.
MK Trilogy Endings
When Kahn finally eliminates his opposition, he finds a new and surprising foe in Ermac. The Outworld souls that give life to the warrior did not trust their tyrannical leader who planned to consume the powerful life force for his own power. Even Shao Kahn's power was no match for the over-whelming strength of legions of deceased Outworld warriors. They destroyed their master in a battle that devastated the entire realm. Ermac was left behind to rule it with his own brand of oppression.
Return of the Dragon King
"We are Ermac. We are the fusion of the souls of dead warriors, created by Shao Kahn to obey him without question. We served as his enforcer for many years, until the Earthrealm warrior Kenshi released us from our bondage and awakened our perception of the worlds that surround us. We are now free to choose our own destiny. We encountered a fellow warrior spirit who, like Kenshi, understood our suffering. Eager to atone for the atrocities we had committed in Shao Kahn's name, we agreed to help this warrior, Liu Kang, to liberate his allies from the control of the Dragon King. Shao Kahn may be dead, but it seems his essence lives on in this new menace. It is as if they are both manipulated by the very fabric of the realms." -Ermac
The Battle of Armageddon
The enigmatic Ermac is a being composed of the souls of conquered Outworld warriors. For many years he served at the side of Shaok Khan, but has since freed himself from the emperor's influence. Once a force of evil, he now controls his own destiny.
MK Armageddon Endings
The energy of Blaze shattered Ermac, separating him into the many warriors who comprised his being. Now each with his own physical form, the Ermacs are linked psychically and act according to their collective consciousness.

No longer a mere fusion of warrior souls, Ermac has become an army.

Fun Facts
Ermac Who?
On the diagnostics screen of the first arcade version of Mortal Kombat, there was a listing in the audit menu for "ERMACS", right below "REPTILE BATTLES". This led players to believe there was a hidden character called Ermac, so they wrote to several magazines, and even Midway itself, asking about his existance. ERMAC actually is short for "Error Macro", and no such character appears in Mortal Kombat. Midway put a scrambled message in Mortal Kombat II, which appears at the bottom of the screen after finishing the game: "CEAMR ODSE NTO EXITS" (an anagram of "Ermac does not exist"), and the hidden character Jade randomly appeared right before a match with the message "Ermac Who?". For Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, however, a new character called Ermac came to life.