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Fatal Fury Fighters
Fighter ID:
Best sport
Blood Type
Eye Color
Favorite Food(s)
Favorite music
Hair Color
180 cm
Most unpleasant
Paying attention
82 kg
Personal Treasure(s)
Mother's necklace
Anyone who humbles himself
Hotaru Futaba (sister, estranged)
Anything grand, dynamite, beautiful
Special Skill(s)
He can hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes
Fighting Style(s)
Chinese Kenpo "Gou-kei" (firm lineage) (like Hakkyoku Ken, Shin-i Rokuai Ken)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Neo Geo
King of Fighters 2003, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters 11, The / The King of Fighters XI
King of Fighters 15, The / The King of Fighters XV
Team Garou

King of Fighters 15, The
Taciturn Fist of Vengeance
This cold and calculated master-class fighter always strays away from the pack. He set out for vengeance after his mother died at the hands of his father. Though he wishes to go his own way, B. JENET was able to convince him to join the team as she has some info on his father’s whereabouts.
King of Fighters II
King of Fighters '03
"Hey, hey, hey! Out of my way, punk. That's my seat!"
"Didn't you hear me? Geese, let's teach this kung fu clown a lesson, eh?
"I don't give up my seat up to lapdogs."
"......I didn't quite get that. Want to say it again?"
"The place for lapdogs is in the dog house. Satisfied now?"
"Why you..."
"Hyah, ha, ha. That sounds like a plan. I'll watch. Let's get the show on the road!"

Those were the first words of the three the first day they met.
The English cudgel wielder, Billy Kane.
The broker of evil, Ryuji Yamazaki.
And the long-haired man dressed in the loose-fitting garments of Chinese boxing.
"If I'm not mistaken you call yourself Gato. If you want to see old age, you should learn to watch your mouth."
This man, a master of the rigid boxing arts beginning with those of Yakyoku-ken, is still young with a powerful physique and a certain something that makes the very air around him taught with tension. But no commendable person who fears him is in this spacious hall.
And there is only one man who could gather all of them here together.
Geese Howard.
The CEO of the Howard Connection and a master of the ancient martial arts - he holds mighty influence over the underground society and rules the underworld.
"I won't tell you to take each other's hands and dance the dance of affection..."
Geese, unpleasantly stubbing out his cigar while sitting deeply back, turns his leather chair around 180 degrees to turn his back to everyone.
"But how about pretending to show at least a little teamwork with each other in front of your new employer?"
From the top floor of this skyscraper that looks down on its surroundings, one can view his realm, Southtown.
"Client? Do you mean you've placed me in your hire?"
Gato bolts up.
"Rubbish. I have no interest in a fighting tournament. Good day."
Billy shrugs and whispers, "It's your funeral." Geese speaks with his back to everyone.
"This town...all sorts of people come to Southtown."
Gato ignores Geese's words and heads for the door.
"For example, a young Japanese girl searching for her long-lost brother. Eh?"
Gato stops in his tracks.
"So what. It's none of my business."
"That is true. But many other people do come to this city. And I've heard that Chinese boxers who may closely resemble you may be among them."
The Howard Connection monopolizes all of the information of Southtown. And Gato now is well aware of this.
"He's come here? For what can't be to join the KOF?!"
"I have no idea. But it would be impossible for you alone to search for such a man lost among the millions here. It's a simple proposition, isn't it? You will win the tournament. And I will help you realize your goal. We'll be even Steven."
"...Hmph. Very well. You've got me interested."
"Hmph. What a pushover. Geese, if I have to enter KOF with the likes of this clown, I'd rather team up with a French poodle."
"Gyah, ha, ha, ha. You're nothing more than Geese's lapdog, so it'd be a nice match!"
"Yamazaki, why you..."
"Now, now...a dog barking at guests. Where's your discipline? What about it, Geese?"
"You filthy snake. How about me shutting you up? Huh?"
"Down, Billy."
Billy is too hot-blooded, and Yamazaki's twisted mental make-up enjoys seeing blood more than anything else. Were Geese not here, it would take no more than five seconds for a blood-soaked battle to the death to break out.
"...Anyway, I'll have you three take part in this year's KOF. You'll be amply remunerated and I will provide my syndicate with the necessary information for their investigation. This's just business. I think it's an offer you all can't refuse."
A crazed look appears on Yamazaki's face and he continues to smirk insanely.
Gato looks on unemotionally, his eyes fixed on Geeese.
Billy's discontent and discomfort is palpable, but his loyalty to Geese apparently exceeds it so he presently behaves himself, gripping his dear cudgel hard in hand.
"Well, then, if you have no objections, that's splendid."
Geese swivels his chair around again to face the newly formed members of his "team."
"I don't expect anything like teamwork with you jokers, but you will win this KOF. Any other result and I wouldn't expect to get anything if I were you."
"Any other results?"
There is no irony or jocularity mixed in with his tone of voice. Gato's confidence in his abilities is unshaken. His pride in his own strength speaks to this.
"Since I'll be in the tournament, there can only be one result. I will be victorious."
"Very good."
"Hey, hey, oh, tolerant Geese. Won't you grant my desires, too?"
"...It would be a real inconvenience if you rant about your payment in my office. Well, what is it?"
"...Blood, you say?"
"Recently my blood rages more than I can stand.... I just may "go overboard" a little in this tournament, so I'm hoping you'll, you know, make things right. I'm counting on you."
An icy glow flickers in Geese's eyes. But that, too, is just for a second.
"Do as you like. As long as it can be disposed of as 'an accident.'"
"Hyah, ha, ha, ha! Thank you! Now I'm really psyched!"

"Are we done with our little chat? Well then I recommend you rest up as much as you can until the tournament begins."

Once Gato and Yamazaki leave the room, only Billy and Geese remain.
"Geese, about this tournament..."
"Yeah, Billy, I've been meaning to talk to you mano-e-mano about it."
"Of course I want you to keep an eye on Yamazaki, but don't let Gato out of your sight. Especially if someone gets in touch with him, I want you to report directly to me."
"Your wish is my command. By the way, Geese, who, in blazes, is the sponsor of this year's KOF anyway?"
Without answering, Geese once again turns his leather chair around with his back to Billy.
After a prolonged silence, Billy bids his leave and exits.

The next time the three team members will meet will be the opening day of KOF.
King of Fighters XI
At the direction of their leader, B. Jenet, the Rilian Knights, a self-professed noble band of thieves, the decision was made to participate in the always-mysterious KOF, in hopes of being awarded the considerable cash prize for the victor.

Jenet herself was the sole daughter of the current generation of the Bahns, one of the world's richest families. She was not content, however, to play the role of the pampered daughter and stay locked away in seclusion. True to her upbringing, she made her decision on KOF quickly, and already knew of two available members: a wandering master of Chinese martial arts, and a professional wrestler.


"Hi, there!" Jenet said cheerfully. "You're Gato, right?"

The object of her attention looked at her silently for a long moment, then eventually answered, "And if I am?" He was a Chinese man called Gato, whom people tended to cross the street to avoid when they saw the strength in his entire bearing. Those who gazed into his piercing eyes tended to be left only with the impression that a sword had been aimed to pierce their skulls. ...Or so the average person would say.

Jenet, being anything but average, continued without a hint of fear. "I was thinking that you should join up with me to participate in KOF this year!"
When Gato did not respond, she went on. "I figured we'd split the proceeds 60-20-20... more for me, you know, to cover all the added expenses and for being the organizer. We can meet on the Rilian Knights' submarine."

More stony silence. "Oh, all right," she sighed. "We can split the money evenly. That should be that!"
"Get out of my way, girl," Gato said.

Those passing by watched the exchange nervously, and felt some anxious concern for possibly massive changes in Jenet's well-being in the next few minutes. Just from the looks of things, there appeared to be no way that this could possibly end peacefully.

Jenet gave a slight pout. "Aww, still not interested? Well..."
Gato brushed forcibly by her, but she kept her pace even.
"Maybe some information about your father, then?" she called to him.
Gato froze in his tracks. "...What are you trying to say? How much do you know about me?"
She grinned. "The Rilian Knights are no slouches when it comes to gathering intel!" Despite her confident look, however, she was at least halfway bluffing. She knew that Gato was searching for his father to settle a grudge, but that was about the extent of it.
Truth be told, anyone who knew even a little about this man would know that much. It was finding out anything more that was the problem, and that's why she was banking on her bluff working.

"Are you familiar with the Kyokugen school of karate?" she asked.

It was a foolish question, of course. The name was well-known among anyone with even the slightest interested in weaponless martial arts. It was an orthodox school which was largely picked as a favorite to win the KOF tournament any time it was held. One of its oldest masters, Takuma Sakazaki, was well past the age of fifty, and showed no signs of his age even beginning to slow him down. In light of that, when he was attacked by thugs and put in the hospital in critical condition, word spread quickly throughout the whole of Southtown.

"Just from hearing the name alone, I can't believe it," came Gato's curt reply.
Jenet shrugged and said, "I don't know all the facts myself, but if you help me out, I think we can get to the bottom of this."
Gato gave no reply.
"So how does this sound?" she asked. "Proceeds split 40-30-30, and info on your father. What do you say?"


"So you see the kind of predicament I'm in," Jenet said through her tears. "That man has basically forced me into participating in KOF... there's no telling what he might do if I don't agree."
"Hmmm," said the big man in front of her. "That sounds pretty serious, yeah. So what do you want me to do?"
This all transpired in the wrestlers' waiting room, right after a major bout had been concluded. Even though the room was fairly spacious, the big man was none other than Tizoc the Griffon, and his 7' tall form made the place feel like a broom closet. Normally, spectators wouldn't even be allowed in here, but she found it childishly simple to slip in, just by carrying a big bouquet of roses and pretending to be a big fan. Well, and the judicious use of her ability to shed tears at will.

"I know a little bit of martial arts and stuff myself," she sniffed. "But..."

She further elaborated that in her condition, it was going to be difficult to even get past the first round, but having to fight on the same team as Gato was causing severe anxiety. For the last several days, in fact, she had been unable to eat or get a decent night's sleep.

Tizoc nodded. "That kind of behavior is despicable indeed. One should always fight for the childr--" He then cut himself off. "Never mind. Your story has moved me. I will do what I can to help."
He folded his tree-trunk-like arms together, and nodded firmly, reiterating, "Yes, I understand what's going on. I'll join you."

"Huh?" Jenet replied with a puzzled look. "That's all it takes?"

"Did you say something?" he asked distractedly.

"Oh, uh, nothing."

He shrugged. "I also know that there's a substantial cash prize for the victors of the KOF tournament. I've been wanting to allow children to watch my matches without having to pay for them for some time. I can use the money to have special Griffon Seats made for them. "

He failed to notice her expression, which had shifted from simple puzzlement to near stupefaction. "I-I see... well, the prize is getting split 60-20-20."

He gave another nod of his massive head. "Money isn't the issue. Spirit is."

Jenet nodded in return, in full agreement. Absolutely.

"On the other hand, if my share were increased, I could put it toward an orphanage I know that's going through some tough times."

This time, it was Jenet who was left to return stony silence.

"No, don't worry about it," said Tizoc at her look. "I'll find some other way of helping them manage their expenses."

She sighed. "...Okay, okay. I get it. We'll split it 40-30-30. That's the best I can do."


"Welcome back, Captain!" came the call from one of her crew. "How did it go? Did you get Gato and Tizoc to join you?"

For once, Jenet had no answer.

"What's the matter? They refuse to join or something?"

"No, no, that's all taken care of," she said. "It's just..."
"Just what?"

Jenet took a moment, then gave a calm, collected reply. "Life can be a little rough sometimes." She gave a small laugh.