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Double Dragon Fighters
Fighter ID:
Best sport
Blood Type
Fighting Style(s)
Psycho Powers
Bad spirits
1.63 m
80 58 80 cm
Personal Treasure(s)
50 kg
Favorite Food(s)
Pretzels, lemon tea
Practicing abilities

Rage of the Dragons
Neo Geo

Rage of the Dragons
Rage of the Dragons
Annie comes from a Japanese province and since child she has been taught to dominate the psychic forces that her family has had since generations ago. The patriarch of the Murakami dynasty is Annie's parents friend and has expressed before that Annie will became a good representative of the dynasty, reason to why he insists that she must be ready to face the challenges to come.

Annie although she likes to practice her abilities she is too young and too distracted, reason why she sometimes gets in troubles, she needs to be focus when practicing their abilities, for which she is constantly reprehended by her parents.

One day the patriarch of the dynasty announce Annie's parents something very important, he told them that a man will come to request for help in the guide of a dangerous task and that Annie was the must suitable to go with this man, her parents insisted that she was too young and inexpert to confront alone the challenges that would come up but the patriarch told them the quest would be good for Annie so she would be able to develop her powers under the guidance of this man from abroad, so Annie's parents had a long chat with her daughter, Annie listen this, and she found great excitement and curiosity to meet the warrior that will accompanied her in its trip.

Later Radel will arrive and even without know him she knew perfectly who he was, but she kept the secret, ashamed because it was the first time she felt that strange feeling, but her concentration broke apart when she saw a small cat walking behind Radel like a shadow, this cat was Qui-zi, a small companion on Radel and Annie quest..

Shortly after the Murakami´s patriarch speak with Radel, he introduce them formally and later they set off to the quest that will lead them into a journey of self discovery for Annie and dangers for Radel, they started in the Orient and now they bound for America… to Sunshine city.