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Fighter ID:
Eye Color
Full Name
Keith Kilham
7' 0"
210 lbs
Former disease research scientist

Marvel Nemesis

Pre History
Doctor Keith Kilham was a quiet unassuming scientifi c nerd who worked for the US Defense Science Board. He reported directly to the Pentagon and dealt with mankind’s most lethal substances: the Ebola Virus, Anthrax, Ricin, HCN, Mustard gas, Sarin gas, & VX gases. It was Dr. Kilham’s job to fi nd immunization vaccines for the world’s deadliest substances. Ironically, Kilham’s own resistances were remarkably weak -- he would catch every cold and fl u around him and was endlessly popping meds so that he could continue working.

During a terrorist attack the lab was comprimised during a tricky biological test. Safety containment procedures were rendered useless. Kilham had to react quickly - several agents were on the verge of contaminating the main research facility - the staff and the entire community were at risk. Despite the fact that his vaccines had yet to be tested on human subjects, Kilham injected himself with fi ve highly unstable test immunity agents. He then rushed to the lab to secure the unleashed substances - hoping his vaccines would protect him.

The lab staff was quarantined for a month. Kilham told no one about the injections and was the only person to experience side effects from that fateful day. His body slowly started to dissolve as his molecular make-up shifted. He was becoming living mutation. With help from his spies in the Pentagon, Roekel had Kilham kidnapped and brought to his secret research center. Roekel was fascinated by his unstable DNA. Was this the missing link that would allow humans to accept the alien grafts?

Roekel devised a way to control Kilham’s degenerative process and harness the power of his new found molecular make-up. With a tech upgrade, the disfi gured and severely mutated scientist was reborn as the terrifying Hazmat. Driven by a desire to cure his state -- and fi nd cures for all the chemical weapons which affl ict human kind, Kilham ironically retains his mildmannered nature and can be relied upon to deliver the most measured response to any crisis the Imperfects face. Even more ironically, he still pops pills to fi ght off colds.