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Double Dragon Fighters
Fighter ID:
Best sport
Make money
Blood Type
Favorite Food(s)
Fighting Style(s)
Free wrestling
Full Name
Jae-Mo Kang
1.75 m
145 kg
Personal Treasure(s)
His wrestling masks
Cooking, watch action movies

Rage of the Dragons
Neo Geo

Rage of the Dragons
Rage of the Dragons
Kang was quite a big child, and sometimes people made fun about his size, but soon they found that the young Kah knew how to take profit from it, since young Kang trained himself, pushing his body and strength to the limits while practicing wrestling movements, this allowed him to move fast even for his size, soon he won fame in the wrestling circuits and after a world tour around the world his fame grew, in those constant world tours he liked to check for street fights in all the countries he visited, one day, while in California he assisted to a private fight, there he met to Mr. Jones, action hero of B-movies but with fame of excellent fighter, after the fight they met on the street, Kang just knew some words in English and Mr.Jones some in Korean but after a while of funny chat with signs and pantomime both soon were very good friends.

But Kang´s dream was beyond the arena, since child he had the dream to produce films like those he collected, action movies from all around the world could be seen in Kang´s house, he knew he had the resources to fulfilled his dream, but he needed help and who's better than his old friend Jones for this task.

He establish his company and headed to America to met Jones at Sunshine city, where he was shooting his last film "BIG TROUBLE IN GROOVIE CHINA" , there he will talk about the project with Mr. Jones, he was pleased with the idea and he knew the right people for that, but first he wanted Kang to go with him to check about the rumor of a incredible foe that called himself "BLACK DRAGON", Kang accepts because he never refuses a good fight, while they get into the city both agree the title for the movie: "ENTER THE FUNKY DRAGON".