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November 27
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Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu / Nekketsu Fighting Legend
Nintendo Entertainment System
River City Melee / Downtown Rantō Kōshinkyoku: Kachinuki Kakutō SP
Double Dragon Duel / Fighting of Double Dragon 2016, Double Dragon Duel 2023
As Alex. Secret final boss.
Mighty Fight Federation
River City Melee Mach!! / Downtown Rantō Kōshinkyoku Mach!!
Nekketsu Kenka Ichi Kettei-sen / 熱血喧嘩一決定戦

River City Melee
Hot Blooded Badass
The main character of the famous Nekketsu Koha series!
He is the righteous badass talented in everything from fighting to various sports. He has good reflexes so he never loses in fights. He has gained popularity by eagerly willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. He has fans not only from Nekketsu High School but also from other schools because of his character. His flaw is that he does not have an eye for girls. His favorite phrase is ⌈Don't look down on me!⌋
A formal romantic involvement. Husband/Wife by law, or boy/girlfriend otherwise.