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Eleonore Kliesen
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Kazuya Mishima

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Seeker of Truth

Leo is a Bajiquan user born to Niklas Kliesen, a world-renowned archaeologist, and Emma Kliesen, an authority in genetic research.
With a father versed in martial arts and an inquisitively minded mother, Leo uses these inherited skills to set off on a hunt for the truth behind the mysterious circumstances of Emma Kliesen's death one year prior.
Risking life and limb, Leo obtains confidential data from G Corp that Emma Kliesen had been researching the devil gene there.
From this data, Leo also learns that Kazuya Mishima had sent out orders that key researchers who were no longer needed were to be "taken care of."
Around the same time, the Mishima Zaibatsu announces that Kazuya Mishima, the mastermind behind G Corp, is himself a devil. In this moment, the puzzle pieces fall into place for Leo.
Kazuya must have initiated the research so he could gain control over the devil's power, and then killed Leo's mother when she was no longer of use.
Full of rage, Leo is on the verge of a breakdown. But suddenly, the words of Leo's father, who had gone missing many years ago, echo in Leo's ears. "Listen, Leo. Like a lost coin, the truth is only found when your heart is calm and open."
Yes. Just relax. That's all it takes. Spurred by these words, Leo sets out on another journey in search of more concrete answers.
King of Iron Fist Tournament
"Get ready!"
Leo entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament in the hope of uncovering more about his deceased mother, who had been a researcher for the Mishima Zaibatsu. When Leo learned that his battle arena was to be a Zaibatsu-owned dojo, he couldn't believe his luck.

However, when he got there, the dojo was in ruin. The moonlight poured in through holes in the walls and roof, illuminating the floor with an eerie beauty. A short while later, a strange, floating silhouette appeared, and slowly glided toward Leo.

The silhouette held a sword in its left hand that rotated at a mind-bending speed. What the hell was this thing? It looked like some kind of a flying squid or octopus! Was it a demon...?

Then it finally dawned on Leo: This bizarre creature was his opponent. Cautiously, he prepared to fight.
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6
Leo is the child of a world known male spelunker and a top female executive of the biotech firm, G Corporation.

Although Leo's father disappeared during an expedition when Leo was a child, Leo still wanted to follow in the family tradition and become a spelunker.

Leo possessed a strong sense of character, thanks to a proper upbringing. Life was pleasant and relatively uneventful until one fateful day, when Leo's mother was killed by an unknown assailant. Depressed and filled with grief, Leo became incensed when the police called-off their investigation quickly and without explanation. Leo vowed to find the truth.

During Leo’s own investigation, the G Corporation's Kazuya Mishima materialized as a person of interest. The G Corporation was popularized at the time as a world hero, making it difficult to get close to Kazuya, and it looked as though Leo’s quest had reached an insurmountable impasse. It was at this time that news of the Mishima Zaibatsu-sponsored The King of Iron Fist Tournament began to spread. Leo learned that Kazuya Mishima was scheduled to appear in person at the event. Realizing that this may be the only chance to take revenge against Kazuya, Leo decided to enter the contest.