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Revengers of Vengeance / Battle Fantasy (JPN)
Sega CD

Revengers of Vengeance
Death To Venum!!
Magnus: Who is this Masked Man?
Only Through Venum's Defeat Can He Return to His Rightful Form!

No Revenger is as mysterious or has as big a grudge against Venum as Magnus. During some long-ago confrontation when Venum was a minor demon of little consequence, Magnus was forever altered. But how? The man behind the mask seems to bear no outward scars or ill-effects from the ancient feud. Adept at hand-to-hand combat and with the strength of 10 men, Magnus has the ability to put down the most skilled challenger.

But there is an urgency and immediacy in Magnus' heart that demands retribution, and the return to what he once was. And to do that, he must seek payback in Venum's very chambers or else remain as he is--forever!