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Way of the Warrior

Pre History
Over a thousand years ago the god Xing Tso fell in love with a mortal girl whose beauty was so great that it inspired him to cross the great bridge between heaven and earth. This girl, however, was betrothed to the mad magician king Quan Ming.

Furious that a mere god would try to steal away his property, the king used his powers to warp the soul of the young girl, binding her to the Wheel of Great Transmigrations in such a way as to insure that she would be reincarnated time after time with no hope of release to heaven and in such a form that even her divine lover could not find her. Even to this day the legacy of this great evil mars the celestial harmony of heaven, causing an unidentifiable agony among the gods.

Nikki Chan is the latest reincarnation of this tortured girl's soul, and although she does not know why, the soul of that ancient girl has driven her on a path that will make her known to heaven, and therefore to her long-lost lover. She has applied herself with manic devotion to the creation of her own acrobatic style of Kung Fu which she intends to use to vanquish all of her opponents in the great contest. The Book of Warriors is of such renown in heaven that should she win the contest her name will become known in that greater plane and her soul be released from its bondage to the Wheel of Great Transmigrations, allowing her to join her lover once again.