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Revengers of Vengeance / Battle Fantasy (JPN)
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Revengers of Vengeance
Death To Venum!!
Organa: Into the Woods
The Defender of the Forest and Her Quest for Justice!

The vast expanse of dense woods in the north of the Impossible World had always been a sanctuary for flora and fauna of every description. Organa, the guardian of this prosperous oasis, once lived as one with the land, speaking the language of each of her animal friends, settling small animal disputes, and generally keeping the peace and balance of the forest. The forest was at one time largely untouched by Venum's invasion; his demon armies were more converned with ancient warrior societies and martial arts dojos to the west and south. But when the tide turned in Venum's favor, he began his campaign to corrupt and ruin all that was good, creating the sort of vile squalor in which he revels.

At one moment, the forest was basking in bucolic splendor, and then, with a thunder clap, Venum destroyed the forest, turning all of Organa's animal friends to lifeless stone. Now she, as their only defender, must take on Venum and all of his legions to set things right.