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Marvel Fighters
Fighter ID:
South America
Eye Color
Full Name
Hair Color
6' 0"
Unnamed Daughter
140 lbs.

Marvel Nemesis

Pre History
After a century long search, a young, female Amazonian warrior, Maya, was chosen from an isolated, primitive, and forgotten society deep within the South American jungle. Matching a specifi cally required DNA structure, Maya was the perfect candidate for the ultimate weapon. Maya possessed a toxic free physical make up, Amazonian warrior skills, and the instinctual savagery found at the core of all humanity.

Having acquired the perfect specimen, Roekel ordered her to be put into a prolonged stasis. It would take years to successfully master the fusion of alien tech with humans before Roekel’s team would fi nally be ready to work on Maya.

After “The Imperfects” were completed, project Paragon was set in motion. Working in a secret facility, the aliens downloaded tactics and combat information into Maya’s brain. Her body was injected with chemicals to augment her already superior muscles and heighten her fi nely tuned senses.

Training started shortly after – the girl was forced to fi ght and defend in various combat scenarios. Exercises were crafted to capitalize and increase her natural ruthless brutality. It was always strike fi rst and never ask questions. When her mind and body were at peak performance – the alien symbiote was grafted to her spine. The painful transformation intertwined and fused her nerves and muscles with Roekel’s own race. It was a tremendous success as Paragon exceeded all of Roekel’s expectations. She had become the ultimate killing machine.

But as Maya’s awareness increased, so did her desire to escape her creator. The secret laboratory was nothing more than a prison and a threat to her future. Hence, during a particularly intense neural reprogramming session Paragon seized the chance to surprise her captors and violently blaze her way out of the facility. No one would control her life again.