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Revengers of Vengeance / Battle Fantasy (JPN)
Sega CD

Revengers of Vengeance
Death To Venum!!
Psybard: Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk
One Beast's Quest for His Personal Best

Psybart's desert lair is tucked away in the center of the Impossible World's most remote and desolate area. It is from this base that Psybart ventures out to find someone--anyone--worthy of his competition. Psybart's origins are largely unknown, but it is assumed that he is all that remains of an ancient desert culture that disappeared centuries ago, leaving but a few traces. The mere sight of this armor-clad beast is enough to frighten away most of his challengers.

Psybart's immense size, ungainly bulk, and rhino features belie a gentle, sweet soul whose personal quest to meet his physical match is, at times, touching. It is said that Psybart never loses; he just runs out of time. This experience usually devastates him, and reduces him to a pathetic, sobbing baby. But when angered, Psybart ("Bart" to close friends) becomes the unstoppable force seeking the immovable object, and his rages leave a wake of rubble and destruction (not to mention bodies). As the age of Venum wears on, it has become increasingly obvious to Psybart that the only challenger capable of matching his might is Venum himself. And so he sets out to see what this touted newcomer has to offer--and his quest for a good fight may just save all of the Impossible World from Venum's evils!