Fight-A-Base Goenitz Megashock
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Fighting Style
Zi Ran Men
Storm Sword
2d-3d adopted broadsword muffler ponytail purple_outfit royalty shock_control teleport water_control
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Mortal Kombat Trilogy
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Unavailable in R-Zone and Tiger LCD version.
Playable Character
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Appeared as a teaser in the attract mode of the arcade version, but was not presented as a fighter in the game in any way. Playable only in the Genesis and Super NES versions.
Playable Character
Mortal Kombat Advance

Gameboy Advance
Playable Character
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
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Playstation 2
Playable Character
Mortal Kombat (2011)
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Downloadable content
Xbox 360
Hidden Character
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition
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Downloadable content
Xbox 360
Hidden Character

Did you know?

Delayed Showers
Rain's first appearance was in the demo mode of the arcade version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. He was not playable or seen in any active battle of the game, but was instead just a gigantic tease by Midway. Rain was seen fighting Shao Kahn, with his name written in the life bar in a different font.

Rain later became a playable character in the 16-bit versions of UMK3.

Royal Reference
Rain's name and purple costume are an allusion to Prince's album, song, and film, Purple Rain.

In the instruction manual for the Nintendo 64 version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Rain was given a completely different backstory:

"Rain is an assassin working freelance. He was once a member of the Lin Kuei along with Sub-Zero, but left the clan under mysterious circumstances. Years later, Rain is found working for Shao Kahn as an assassin in the Outworld. Born a human, he finds himself questioning his loyalty towards Kahn after watching the invasion of Earth."

Rain's story changed significantly for the actual game. Furthermore, since this basic story (albeit with the Black Dragon instead of Kahn's forces) was later given to the character of Tremor in the spinoff game Special Forces, coupled with the odd appearance of a brown/tan clothed "ninja" in the manual (Tremor's colors), it is rumored that Tremor was at one point supposed to appear in the game.