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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
151 B.C.
Fighting Style(s)
Hung-gar Kung Fu
Personal quote
"Great leaders are created from the strength and character of their followers."

Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD

Pre History
Ramses III was the last strong Pharaoh of Egypt. Eighty years after his death, Egypt started a long decline into overwhelming bureaucracy where Pharaohs were little more than figureheads and Alexander the Great would be considered the "Son of Amon" and assume the throne in the third century BC, or it would have declined if Ramses III wasn't assassinated before his time.

The lone assassin had spent many months working his way into a position of trust within the royal court and the Pharaoh felt no fear turning his back on the man who would end his life. The killer was cruel enough to choose a method of execution that was particularly terrifying to the Pharaoh. Though Ramses was a brave fighter and fearless leader, he had never learned to swim, and the thought of drowning haunted his dreams often.

Ramses was overseeing the construction of a new temple situated on the banks of the Nile, and he had climbed a tall hill of freshly-excavated earth for a better view of the site. The killer knew the time was right, and pushed Ramses off of the hill and into the Nile below.

Ramses III drowned before he could father the son that would have become his successor and before he could rally his armies into beating back the warriors of the Ancient who were threatening to take over the rich Nile delta.

After his assassination, Egypt was taken over by the invaders, and over the centuries, the new Pharaohs raised armies strong enough to stop Alexander the Great and his Roman legions from taking over Persia and Egypt.

The changes these events created in the time stream were significant. The Egyptian Empire grew powerful and lasted beyond the twenty-first century. Many countries that would have been controlled by the Roman Empire were either overrun by the Egyptian Empire or were driven out of their homelands into what would have become Russia.

The end result was a future devoid of many different cultures, which drained the human spirit of its originality and spirit, damning it just as much as the loss of humanity in the other champions' failed timelines.