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Pre History
Al-Rashid was destined to become a master in the arts of unseen death. The son of Khalid, King of Assassins, he was raised in a towering fortress high in the mountains of Northern Arabia.

Al-Rashid has learned all 57 methods of wounding with a scimitar, knows and has hand-prepared all 103 lethal poisons, and can kill a man silently at eighteen paces with the unerring toss of a dagger.

By his eighteenth birthday, Al-Rashid was ready for initiation into the Assassin's Guild. Instructed to murder the powerful Potentate of Damascus, Al-Rashid made sure the job was complete by dispatching the leader, his advisory staff, and 14 of their personal bodyguards, without making noise enough to awaken the palace dogs.

As a reward, Khalid presented him with a pair of ancient scimitars, extremely light and razor-sharp, rumored to have been forged magically from the very winds of the Great Desert. These blades grant Al-Rashid extreme speed, lightning reflexes, and the power to harness the forces of the wind.

Now Al-Rashid has been sent by the Sultan of Shiraz to bring back the Mace of Tanis. He must overcome the legendary power of Asmodeus first, which will test every skill of one of the most dangerous men on Earth.