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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
1566 A.D.
Fighting Style(s)
Full Name
Sophia DeMedici
Hair Color
"Sea dog!"
Personal quote
"The sea derives its power from its depth and cold nature, and I believe these same elements supply my personal strength as well."

Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD

Pre History
Riptide was once named Sophia De Medici, a member of the infamous Italian family. Her name and identity were all but wiped out when she left Italy to pursue her fortune off the Barbary Coast, North Africa.

She left because she grew up in a household where all was given to her but nothing could be earned. Her family insisted on an arranged marriage to an Italian crime lord that promised to join power with her family. Given this she had no choice but to leave her destined fortune and begin a new life in a place she would never be discovered.

At this point in time, the Barbary Coast was the centerpoint of the pirate era. Corsairs, or pirates as they were more commonly known, were at the height of their dominance. There wasn't a spot in the Ocean where pirates couldn't strike.

Sophia used what little family money she had at the time to purchase a ship that would allow her to compete with these pirates. She also worked on a martial art system from the future called Kajukenbo, which gave her renowned hand-to-hand fighting skills.

It was during this time that she became known as Riptide, the most feared of the female pirates. There were three other famous female pirates, but what made Riptide special was that she didn't take from the weak, but instead she took from the tyranny directly, the pirates themselves. Her time was filled with many amazing and dangerous battles against the greatest pirates of that time.

It was a single man that caused her doom. His name was Hannibal and he was not only a powerful pirate, but also controlled many powerful criminal organizations around the world. When somebody went against Hannibal, he didn't just exact revenge on them, but also everyone connected to them.

During a nighttime raid, Riptide was taking some buried treasure that Hannibal had buried on his island. Unfortunately, she underestimated Hannibal and was killed by a shovel blow to the head while trying to steal his ill-gotten treasure.

Hannibal, realizing that she was more than just a pirate, used her attack as an excuse to attack and destroy the entire De Medici family by using his various crime organizations. Their destruction had a massive negative effect on the timeline, including the loss of several undiscovered works of Leonardo Da Vinci that the family was hiding until the world could handle their meanings.

These works had tremendous religious and scientific implications which would be realized in the 21st century. Without the works of Leonardo and the influence of this massive family line, a future renaissance was never realized.

If Riptide could return, she would destroy Hannibal and others like him to help end the pirate era and to allow her family's destiny to be fulfilled.