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Marvel Fighters
Fighter ID:
Eye Color
Full Name
Niles Van Roekel
6' 2"
210 lbs

Marvel Nemesis
Unlockable upon finishing story mode.

Pre History
In the time before his escape to earth, Roekel was a top level scientist in his alien world. A highly respected academic, and a patriot, Roekel proudly served his people. He was a leading authority in the areas of DNA research, sociology, biology, and art - The Leonardo Da Vinci of his race.

With his home world under oppression from occupying forces, Roekel and a contingent of military and scientific support staff, fled their world with one objective in mind – to return with a weapon/army capable of overthrowing the enemy. No matter what it would take, what personal sacrifices would be required, Roekel was dedicated to the cause.

Over the last few decades Roekel undertook monumental steps to acquire a facility, the necessary equipment, and test subjects needed to start the creation process. With a secret lab deep below the streets of New York (right under the humans’ noses) Roekel began recruiting – usually by abducting his test subjects.

Roekel’s first works failed, as frightening genetic mutations often led to the host’s horrific death. When a new plan was implemented, Solara, Johnny Ohm, Hazmat, Brigade, Fault Zone, and Wnk were all recruited. They were considered imperfect works in progress but still deemed highly successful in the long term scheme. Finally, development of the warrior Paragon went into effect. Maya was successfully fused with the alien symbiote and the ultimate weapon was created. Next, all that was required was for Paragon to be mass produced into an army that would liberate his home world.

For the grand return home, Van Roekel built the Minuteman suit of armor. His alien race’s genetic makeup denies him the instinct and talent for aggression and war -- but the Minuteman suit provides Roekel with an artificial nervous system based on his experiments with violent human subjects. Now Roekel himself can become a true warrior -- and woe to any Imperfects who challenge his authority.. It was a chance for him to look and feel like the victor & warrior he always wanted to be. The only thing that could ever get in Roekel’s way was his own ego.