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June 15
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Hayabusa Clan Ninjutsu
The Singular Super-Ninja
Mountain climbing, fishing

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Dead or Alive
The Ultimate Ninja
A super ninja of the ancient Hayabusa style of Ninjutsu. His strength has been recounted in numerous tales. A longtime friend of Hayate.
Has imparted some or all of their fighting prowess upon another.
Dead or Alive World Combat Championship
A dark figure approaches and hands Ryu a piece of paper stained with somethign red. Then, without a word, the figure slips away. Welcome to Dead or Alive - from Fame Douglas.

Ryu bears a name "Hayabusa" an honor bestowed upon only the most distinguished of Ninja's coming from the Hayabusa School. His life had been a continuous fight until he met his love, Aileen, and found satisfaction and peace. But his thirst for challenge returned when he learned that his best friend's sister, Kasumi, had disappeared.

The invitation in his hand beckoned and winked like an old lover. Another seduction from the dark. Once again, Ryu became a shadow of darkness.
Dead or Alive 2 World Combat Championship
He is the modern Super Ninja and the best friend of Kasumi's brother. Being a Super ninja he has the responsibility to confront "Bankotsubo", the Evil Tengu, who came from the dark world into human existence. To face the Evil Tengu would be a suicidal act for any human being but Hayabusa owes it to himself and to mankind to confront his fate.
Dead or Alive 3 World Combat Championship
Ryu, the modern super ninja, is the best friend of Kasumi's brother, Hayate. In the last tournament he successfully brought down Bankotsu-bo - the feared Tengu of Destruction - who had brought chaos to the whole world. But before he allows himself to relax in a new era of relative peace, Ryu Hayabusa must enter the tournament again, this time to save the world from Genra, an evil being created by the DOATEC.
Dead or Alive 4
It is not known who first uttered the phrase, but people have come to know Ryu as "Super Ninja." He is the lone surviving Ninja of the Hayabusa clan, a lineage that traces its roots back to ancient times. Tales of his extraordinary exploits and incredible ability are well known. Now, having heard reports of his dear friend Hayate's rise to arms, Hayabusa lends his sword to the destruction of DOATEC!
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Dead or Alive Dimensions
One of the world's most accomplished Ninjutsu masters, Ryu is a refined warrior who has taken on the mantle of a lone Ninja. Wandering the world without a clan, he is closely connected to the other Ninja in the DEAD OR ALIVE world including Kasumi, Ayane, and Hayate. Calm and composed, Ryu lives his life according to the Ninja's sense of duty and justice.