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Revengers of Vengeance / Battle Fantasy (JPN)
Sega CD

Revengers of Vengeance
Death To Venum!!
Sara: You Killed my Teacher!! Why?! Why?! Why?! Why?!
Her Skills are Extraordinary, but She Faces a Foe of Enormous Magnitude!

There was a time when the Impossible World was home to incredible martial arts dojos filled with senseis and students of enormous magnitude. Their skills were extraordinary, and they fought tournaments to entertain the crazed masses of the Impossible World. Their incredible skills were never used in earnest--until Venum came. Among the first targets of his legions of demons were the flourishing fighting schools, whose graduates and teachers posed such a great threat to his dominance.

Sara's dojo, the prestigious Kwan School, was attacked and overwhelmed by the demons, who defeated every member of the school--including the revered master. Sara, away at a tournament, came home to find her beloved school in ruins. She rushed to her master's home, but it was too late; he could only warn her that the victorious demon hordes would be back for the survivors, and then expired in her arms. The only one left to carry on the Kwan School's tradition of excellence and pride, Sara fled to a remote seaside retreat to train, knowing that one day it would be she who must avenge this unforgivable act. If she succeeds, she will have earned our everlasting gratitude.