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Sarah Bryant Variations
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Blood Type
Fighting Style(s)
Jeet Kune Do
Hair Color
Sky diving
College student

Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Fighter Kids
Virtua Fighter Animation / Virtua Fighter Mini
Game Gear
Fighters Megamix
Virtua Fighter 3
Virtua Fighter 4
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
Virtua Fighter: 10th Anniversary
Playstation 2
Virtua Fighter 5
Dead or Alive 5
PlayStation 3
Guest character from Virtua Fighter series.
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
PlayStation 3
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
PlayStation 4
Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown / Virtua Fighter eSports

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 5
While attempting to investigate the accident involving her brother, Jacky Bryant, she was captured by J6 (Judgment 6) and brainwashed. Although she was later rescued by her brother, the effects of J6's brainwashing remain buried deep within the recesses of her mind.
Jacky Bryant
Characters are brother or sister to one another.
World Fighting Tournament
Second World Fighting Tournament
Kidnapped, brainwashed, and groomed for combat by an underground organization, Sarah Bryant was pitted against her brother in the first tournament. The organization had hoped to eliminate Jacky this way, but because they couldn't control Sarah completely, she failed to carry out her orders. She has spent the past year being recondition under a new set of teachers. By the time she steps into the arena again, she will be the ultimate fighting machine.
Third World Fighting Tournament
Sarah was kidnapped by a mysterious organization while investigating her brother Jacky’s racing accident. Through hypnotism, she was re-conditioned and sent to the World Fighting Tournament to eliminate Jacky. Unable to fulfill her task, Sarah was further trained by the mysterious organization to become a deadly fighting machine. It was during the Second Tournament that Jacky was finally able to rescue Sarah. She had total amnesia. Uncomfortable living with a brother that she could no longer remember, Sarah went to New York to live alone. Through her Jeet Kune Do practice, she began to recover fragments of her memory. One day, an invitation arrived for the Third Tournament. Will Sarah be able to recover her memory and finally return to her former life?
Fourth World Fighting Tournament
After regaining her memory and returning home to a normal life, Sarah still had lingering doubts. Although her brainwashing had been incomplete, her desire to defeat Jacky had been overwhelming. Was there some part of her, then, that also wanted to fight her brother? Before long, she received a call from her brother informing her that he planned to enter the Fourth Tournament. Hoping to regain her former life back completely, Sarah entered the tournament as well, determined to defeat her brother and put the past behind her.
Fifth World Fighting Tournament
Sarah had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament in the hopes that surpassing her brother would allow her to put her past behind her. But while she was able to push Jacky to the edge, she was unable to defeat him. In addition, Sarah was faced with the sudden disappearance of Vanessa, who had been protecting her.
Then one day, Sarah heard that Jacky had resumed his training in order to destroy J6 itself. Sarah decided that if she could destroy J6 first, she could both surpass her brother and prevent anyone else from becoming a victim of the evil organization.
But Sarah knew too little of the power of J6. Her efforts to infiltrate J6 play neatly into their hands, and danger threatens her once again...

Fun Facts
The Littlest Racer
In both Jacky and Sarah's endings in Virtua Fighter Kids, Jacky is seen as the driver of the Hornet No. 41 car from Daytona USA.