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Bloody Roar Fighters
Fighter ID:
Full Name
Jeanne Gado
Hair Color
Tea, victory
The Leopard
60kg (62kg beast form)
167cm (170cm beast form)
Coffee, makeup, frilly dresses

Bloody Roar 2
Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Extreme / Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (USA Gamecube)
Bloody Roar 4
Playstation 2

Pre History
As a war orphan, she was adopted by a man who is her father now.
Being influenced by father who used to be called "a legendary mercenary", she was demonstrating remarkable battle capability since her childhood. When she was 13 years old, she destroyed one-piece platoon completely without arms, therefore she was nicknamed "MARVEL" (wonder). Although father tried to talk her into going a high school wishing her to become "daughter who leads an ordinary life", but after all she becomes a mercenary as soon as she graduates high school.
Bloody Roar
As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
One day father disappears without any words to SHINA, and father is doubted whether he is the wirepuller of the "Zoanthropes' Release Battle Line", which keeps on rendering vicious terrorism. Since her policy is "making judgment based on the matter seen with own eyes," she begins to follow the Release Battle Line to find her father's real intention.
XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
Heroine SHINA who has father of a "legendary mercenary", and herself is famous as a gallant mercenary Being requested to participate in the strategy named "Eyes And Hook Nails", a scheme made by the Staff Headquarter of a powerful country, she decides to get engaged in the struggle of finding the truth of the "XGC", which appears and damages her own body.
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
"Howdy, it's been quite some time since I last met you. But, what is it, your weird reaction?"
"Excuse me......I am a little surprised.... How did you find this place?"
Shina is honestly astonished. She never thought that Yugo would visit such a place like this by any means. By the way, he looks desperately weary....
"Why in the hell have I been removing landmines in such a boondocks like this? Damned! The roads here are all full of holes, and covered with sands, which make me tumble.... I've kept on working for straight three days ....I was almost going to die."
Yugo visited me though I did not ask for it....Maybe I should serve him a cup of tea......
"You look awfully filthy. Why don't you take a shower?"
While Yugo is taking a shower, Shina prepares tea for him spending her best red tea, which she reserves to use for a special guest. After she prepares it, she feels frustrated thinking, "Isn't it nonsense to expect Yugo to know the difference of the taste of good tea?"
"Hooo...I feel I am revived. It is a good smell, thank you...."
"Say 'good scent.' ......What is it?"
"You look different....maybe is it because of your dress? You are very meek today and also you speak differently."
"So what? I already quit working as an army or a mercenary soldier. ....By the way, what's up today? I don't think you came all the way here just to enjoy a chat and tea."
"I came here to enjoy a chat and tea. I was recently reminded of a story which I heard long time ago. A village was burnt in war, and you were the only one who survived."
"Why do you wanna talk such a story now?"
Memories of flames come back. Fires, blood and burning smells have appeared in Shina's nightmare repeatedly.Yes, I remember now that I've come this battlefield to overpower the nightmares.
"I met a guy who had gone through similar circumstances with yours....I heard his village was also burnt....His friend was burnt to death, and the friend's name was 'Jane.' ......It was 16 years ago, and he was four years old, then."
......By no means......I cannot believe it, but......
"......Is he alive...? His name is......?"
Shina's heart beats faster and faster.
"His name is Cronos... If you want, go ahead and find the rest of the story by yourself."
Bloody Roar 4
"Beast Rampage Incidents" are alraedy happening all around the world. Marvel
received an order from the general staff headquarters of a certain country
regarding the incidents. It read:

"The investigating unit sent to Japan, where the Beast Rampage Incidents are
occurring, has vanished at a certain temple. They are provoking us. Marvel,
you will find out their whereabouts, and then report. We are prepared to
dispatch our special forces in the worst-case scenario."

When Marvel arrived to Japan, she remembered the days she spent involved in
the "Beast Crest Incident" a year before. The word "rest" is not in her