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World Fighting Tournament
Second World Fighting Tournament
Under the guise of a hermit taking shelter deep in the mountains of northern China, Shun spent his days instructing young students in several esoteric and deadly martial arts. One day, while drinking with two old friends (who happened to be grand masters in the arts of Hakkyoku-ken and Hissou-ken), Shun learned that his contemporaries had students who had achieved high ranks in the previous World Fighting Tournament, and were planning to return for the next. This sounded intriguing, and Shun decided to enter the tournament as well. His old friends tried their best to discourage him-what could one old man do against such powerful young predators? But shun would not be turned away. It's time to show those youngsters a trick or two....
Third World Fighting Tournament
During the Second World Fighting Tournament, Shun thought he saw one of his beloved disciples, a man he himself had raised. After the tournament, Shun desperately searched the tournament arena, but ultimately couldn't find him.

A year and some months later, Shun received an invitation to attend the Third World Fighting Tournament. He was aghast to see that his pupil was listed as one of the championship sponsors. Shun could not understand why he had left him and joined the Organization, so he decided to take part in the tournament with the aim of finding out why.
Fourth World Fighting Tournament
Although he joined the Tournament to look for his pupil, Shun failed to find him. Returning home, Shun found a letter from his pupil. The letter explained that Shun would need to help rescue the pupil if he failed to escape the Organization. After months passed and the pupil did not return, Shun resolved to train for the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, infiltrate the Organization, and rescue his pupil by force.
Fifth World Fighting Tournament
Shun had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament to look for his young student who had been abducted by J6. Hoping that he would find useful information by fighting his way through the competition, Shun fought with uncharacteristic energy, and made it to the final round. But he was unable to find anything, and the tournament ended with Dural’s intrusion into the final round.
Shun returned to his quiet life of retirement, and when he was almost ready to give up, an invitation arrived for the Fifth World Fighting Tournament, and the sender’s name was that of his missing student.
Shun enters the fifth tournament, determined to discover the truth behind his student’s mysterious disappearance.