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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
1820 A.D.
Fighting Style(s)
Bar pet
Personal quote
"Cross me once and there won't be a second time!"

Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD
Unlockable via code.

Pre History
Slither was a pet of a bar owner in the Old West. The saloon was called The Snake Bite, and its owner was famous for his reptile pets.

Out of all the snakes he had, Slither was his favorite. He raised him from a baby and treated him like a son.

When Slither became big enough, he helped the owner with security in the bar. If things got out of control, Slither could take on a whole barroom if necessary.

One night, after the bar was closed, a criminal on the run from the law broke in and began to steal from the register. Slither attempted to stop him, but was unprepared for the deadly accuracy of the man's gunshot.

The last thing Slither saw before his life left him was the owner taking a single shot from the criminal right between the eyes.