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Sol Badguy Variations
Fighter ID:
Blood Type
'No clue.'
Eye Color
Full Name
Hair Color
184 cm
74 kg
'...I don't know.'
Listening to Queen
Fuuenken (Fireseal)
Great effort, 'Doing your best.'
Personal Treasure(s)
Queen's album 'Sheer Heart Attack'
Personal quote
'Justice! I'll take you to the grave with me!'

Guilty Gear
Guilty Gear X
Guilty Gear Petit
Guilty Gear Petit 2
Guilty Gear XX / Guilty Gear X2 (USA)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload / Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (USA)
Guilty Gear Isuka
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers
Nintendo DS
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Guilty Gear Xrd / ギルティギア イグザード サイン
Guilty Gear: RoA / Guilty Gear: Raid of Arms
Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator
Guilty Gear: Strive

Guilty Gear
An aggressive striker who beats the the opponent down with style.
A blunt and short-tempered man.
He only speaks when required, and uses as few words as he can get away with.
He's not very good at explaining things, so he prefers to express himself with his aggressive behavior and attitude.

While most see him as selfish and violent, those closest to him accept him for who he is.
Sin Kiske
Has imparted some or all of their fighting prowess upon another.
Guilty Gear
Rumors of an immensely skilled lone-wolf bounter hunter had reached the ears of Kliff Undersn, the retiring captain of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. Kliff was interested; he spared no means in finding Sol, and invited him to become a member of the Order.

Sol's knighthood, however, was not to last. The growing tension between he and a young master swordsman Ky Kiske was becoming more and more bothersome, and Sol realized that the majority of the knights bore him little more than ill will. When he was his opportunity, he took it; Sol managed to desert the knights' camp with one of the Order's most valuable treasures... the blade known as Fireseal.

It is now five years after the end of the Crusades, and Sol has returned to his former ways. On a particularly lucrative bounty run, one of his marks begs to be spared, telling Sol about a faraway tournament being organized by the Sacred Order. Sol barely even registers the quick thrust with which he ends his bounty's life... as his thoughts are now far away, centered on only one goal.
Guilty Gear X
Once a subject of biological weapon research, Sol has spent the last 150 years living as a bounty hunter in order to conceal his past. His combat skills easily surpass those of his human counterparts, and he is immune to the affects of age. To avert further tragedy, he continues on his quest to find and eliminate all Gears and the scientist who created them. After the death of Justice, all the Gears around the world should have ceased their activities; upon receiving word of a still-functioning Gear, Sol sets out for the Tournament to investigate.
Guilty Gear XX
P.W.A.B. Report #9641:
Solid information on this subject's history is, regrettably, still hard to come by. Here is what we know: After joining the Sacred Order of Holy Knights in 2172, he deserted and became a bounty hunter. One account places the subject in the year 2099 -- exactly as he looks today -- participating in the Gear Project. Though his motives are unknown, he has been spotted hunting down and destroying Gears. His victory over Justice should serve as ample evidence of his superhuman battle ability. His occult owners easily surpass all known limits. Because of his muddy past and immense power, he is considered to be incredibly dangerous.

Fun Facts
Everybody's Mr. Bad Guy
As with most Guilty Gear characters, Sol harbors a great deal of music references. He's a fan of the band Queen, and his "real name" is Frederick - a reference to Freddie Mercury, Queen's frontman. Mercury released a solo album and song titled Mr. Bad Guy. "Rock You" etched on Sol's headband refers to Queen's "We Will Rock You."

His instant kill Napalm Death shares its name with a grindcore group.