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Steven Variations
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Fighting Style(s)
Kung Fu
Hair Color
Kung-Fu Expert and Scientist

Street Combat
Super NES

Street Combat
The Fate of the World is in Your Hands
Steven is the world's only hope for foiling an evil gang in their scheme to do away with a powerful leader for good.

A genius scientist, he is the only person to ever attain a perfect score of 900 on the I.Q. test. Recognizing his brilliance, a team of international agents recruited Steven to join their cause to stamp out terrorism throughout the world.

Steven proves to be an expert at Kung-Fu. In a few years, he reaches the highest levels of the ancient art until there is only one who can teach him, Master Titan. Using his science skills, Steven invents two different suits of armor with weapons he can use to fend off attacks.

While training in a remote hide-away in the Far East, a TOP SECRET message arrives. Steven accepts the challenge. He decides to enter the "Street Combat," fight the renegades, find the evil C.J. and do ferocious battle.
An alter-ego or alternate personality utilized as needed.