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Sub-Zero Variations
Fighter ID:
Early 30s
Eye Color
Full Name
Hair Color
Lin Kuei Warrior
200 - 210 lbs.
6' 0" (estimated)
Unnamed Lin Kuei warrior (father), Unnamed American woman (mother), Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero II (brother), unnamed sister

Mortal Kombat
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Initially available in Genesis and Super NES versions.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Unavailable in version.
Mortal Kombat Advance
Game Boy Advance
Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero
Perhaps Sub Zero's greatest adventure, during this time he stole the Runestone from the gods for Quan Chi, only to steal it back from Shinnok in the Netherrealm. In the process he defeated Fujin and the other three elemental gods, slew Scorpion in cold blood, and brought the demon assasin Sareena back with him from the Netherrealm. In the end, Raiden told him that his path would lead him to ruin, and that it was not too late to turn back. But Sub Zero was far too prideful and loyal to the Lin Kuei, and he refused.
Sub-Zero and Sareena were just starting to fall for one another.... then she died. Then he died. Then he came back without the memory of his previous life. Then she came back and allied herself with his brother. Tragic, isn't it?
Sub-Zero (II)
Characters are brother or sister to one another.
Kombat Begins
The actual name or identity of this warrior is unknown. However, based on the markings of his uniform, it is believed he belongs to the Lin Kuei, a legendary clan of chinese ninja.
Character has ended another characters life, directly or indirectly.
The Wrath of Kahn
Thought to have been vanquished in the Shaolin Tournament, Sub-Zero mysteriously returns. It's believed this secretive member of the Lin Kuei, a legendary clan of Chinese "ninjas", has returned to again attempt an assassination of Shang Tsung. To do so, he must fight his way through Shao Kahn's tournament.
MK Trilogy Endings
Having been killed in the first tournament Sub-Zero somehow seems to have emerged to win the third tournament. However, upon removing his mask both the Outworld and the Earth-born warriors... are shocked to discover the true identity of this warrior. A warrior who has long been missing from a previous Mortal Kombat, and one who will return in the fourth tournament.

Fun Facts
Cage Conspiracy
After Mortal Kombat 2, Daniel Pesina (who played Johnny Cage and the male ninjas) used his Johnny Cage likeness to endorse some non-MK products including sports supplements, workout videos, and even Bloodstorm, another particularly violent fighting game. The subsequent controversy and falling out was supposedly a factor in both Johnny Cage (and the ninjas) absence in Mortal Kombat 3.
Identity Cr-Ice-Is
Sub-Zero's original design name was Tundra. NetherRealm Studios would later recycle this name as the younger Sub-Zero's original codename prior to adopting his brother's mantle.
The Lin Kuei
A secret clan of warriors founded somewhere deep within China. Lin Kuei's true origins are unknown, but it has been host to countless notorious assasins for centuries. The younger Sub Zero is the current Lin Kuei grandmaster, and in lieu of their villianous history, he has pledged his and the entire clans allegiance to Raiden and Earthrealm.