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Eternal Champions Fighters
Fighter ID:
Date of death
1692 A.D.
God of death
Fighting Style(s)
Fate, time, and fisticuffs
Personal quote
"Death is but a door, and I'm the doorman."

Eternal Champions (CD)
Sega CD
Unlockable via code.

Pre History
In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the god of death. He dwelt with his brother Hypnos (Sleep) in the underworld.

He operated at his post without interruption until the year 1692 A.D. when, during a routine pick-up of a soul, he was confronted by a force that was neither evil nor good.

This force seemed to exist in an indescribable middle ground that gave its powers that Thanatos was no match for. This force turned him into a mortal named Vaspian, a mortal who was thought to be a warlock and was hence killed during the witch hunts of Salem.

This force then took the form of death and has been performing the role ever since. It seems that this force is changing the rules of death by taking lives that aren't meant to be taken so soon, and other bizarre behavior.