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Marvel Fighters
Fighter ID:
Fantastic Four
Eye Color
6' 0"
500 lbs.
Full Name
Benjamin Jacob Grimm
New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Fighting Style(s)
Street Brawling, Boxing, Wrestling, and Jujutsu
Daniel Grimm (father, deceased), Elsie Grimm (mother, deceased), Daniel Grimm Jr. (brother, deceased), Petunia Grimm (aunt), Jake Grimm (uncle), Alyce Grimm (aunt), Franklin Richards (Godson)

Marvel Nemesis
Unlockable in Nintendo DS version, initially available in all other versions.

Pre History
Recruited by Reed Richards to pilot his experimental starship, Ben was opposed to Reed’s idea for an unauthorized test flight, warning that the ship’s shielding might prove inadequate protection against intense radiation. But he stood by his best friend, reluctantly consenting to take the pilot’s seat. Rounding out the four-person crew were Reed’s fi ancée Sue Storm and her kid brother Johnny.

In space, Ben tried desperately to maintain control when the starship unexpectedly encountered intense radiation, but was forced to abort the fl ight. Surviving Ben’s crash-landing in the New Jersey woods, all four discovered that the cosmic rays had mutagenically altered their bodies. Ben’s freakish transformation was perhaps the most shocking: He was horrified to find that he had become an orange-colored, thick-skinned, heavily muscled, superhumanly strong “thing”—and unlike his friends, he could not return to normal.

Grudgingly, the morose Ben agreed to help his friends use their unique powers for humanity’s benefi t. Ben at fi rst was angered by his condition but eventually became resigned to his fate, though he was no less miserable. Ben is his own worst enemy: In his eyes, he is a monster—but as a member of the world-famous Fantastic Four, he is the idol of millions. Despite his outlook, the blue-eyed Thing has maintained his sense of humor and honor. Under his rocky, streetwise exterior, there beats an ever-lovin’ heart of gold. But when clobberin’ time comes around, the fi ercely loyal Ben isn’t afraid to use his brawn to back up his beloved teammates.