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Titan Sports Fighters
Fighter ID:
March 24, 1965
Houston, Texas
Full Name
Mark William Calaway
Jodi Lynn Calaway (first ex-wife), Sara Calaway (second ex-wife), Gunner Calaway (son), Chasey Calaway (first daughter), Gracie Calaway (second daughter)

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WWF Wrestlemania
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After the dust settled and the smoke cleared, the Undertaker stood alone in the spotlight, silent. He approached his last victim slowly, knelt down on one knee and stared deeply into his eyes. It was a stare so intense, it seemed to go past the man's eyes, past the flesh itself... straight to the soul. Taker lowered his head and covered the man's heart with his hand. The lights mysteriously went black, and all that could be seen through the darkness was a mist-like shape rising up from the beaten man and dissipating into the Undertaker. Without any hesitation or remorse, he did this systematically to each of his foes that evening, as if in some hypnotic trance. It's a shame, too, because he actually liked some of those guys. It's not surprising though, as no one ever could understand the ways of the Undertaker, except maybe Paul Bearer. After all was done, the Undertaker disappeared into the blackness and headed off to Death Valley, where he may rest in peace.