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Zato-1 Variations
Fighter ID:
Blood Type
Eye Color
Formerly blue
Hair Color
That woman
5' 11"
Personal Treasure(s)
His pride
150 lbs
Personal quote
"By my shadow, I will annihilate that woman!"
Attempting to understand the language of the flowers

Guilty Gear
Guilty Gear X
Guilty Gear Petit 2
Guilty Gear Xrd / ギルティギア イグザード サイン
Guilty Gear: RoA / Guilty Gear: Raid of Arms
Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator
Guilty Gear: Strive

Guilty Gear
A technical shadow wielder who can pressure his opponent with simultaneous attacks.
The former leader of the Assassin's Guild, now revived after once experiencing death.

Before his resurrection, he was a calm and thoughtful person. However, after all he went through, he ended up unable to feel an emotional response to anything.
He no longer finds significance in anything in his life, be it good or bad, nor can he feel joy or anger.
The closest he gets to feeling emotion would be his feelings for Millia.
Guilty Gear
Zato-ONE was once an underling. Disgusted with his lack of ability to rise through the Assassin ranks, he risked death by invoking forbidden arts. He lost his eyesight, but gained the ability to control shadows, as well as enhanced senses - enough for him to perceive his surroundings better than he ever could with sight alone. With these newfound powers at his command, he was the Assassin leader within weeks.

However, Zato was betrayed by the only woman he had ever trusted, an Assassin named Millia, and was arrested. Languishing in the utter blackness of his cell, a tall, thin figure appeared before him...

"Zato-ONE... Do you want out of there? Isn't there a woman you have a pressing appointment with...?"

"Millia! But how do you know of her? Who are you?"

"A tournament is to begin soon, the winner of which will have whatever they desire. If you win, you'll be free. Free to find this woman... to punish her..."

"...Heh... I don't know what you're after, but what have I got to lose? Let me out... and count me in!"
Guilty Gear X
Zato, the leader of an international organization of assassins, gained the ability to manipulate shadows in exchange for his vision. Originally a lowly assassin, he gained new power through a forbidden ritual, which allowed him to rise to his present position. The repeated battles of the last Tournament took their toll on him, however, and a shadow seized control of his body. The shadow was cognizant that it was created as a weapon and that its intentions of murder and destruction were only programmed instincts. It had developed a will of its own-the ability to break away from its cursed fate. This newborn soul could not understand humans, and was filled with loneliness. While in search for others like it, the shadow came across the rumor of the Gear.

Fun Facts
Blind Fury
At first Zato-One lacked blatant music references, but he has a few likely inspirations. His move "Break The Law" may be named for the Judas Priest song, "Breaking the Law." His shadow symbiote, Eddie, may be named after Iron Maiden's mascot.

The name "Zato-One" is a reference to the blind swordsman Zatoichi from Japanese film and TV (ichi means "one" in Japanese).

In GGX onwards he gains an instant kill called "Black in Mind" which shares its name with an album by heavy metal band Rage, as well as a move called "Shadow Gallery," the name of a metal band.