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Full Name
Alice Nonomura
The Rabbit
57kg (58kg beast form)
158cm (159cm beast form)
Caesar salad, ice cream sundaes
Former nurse, translator in the W.O.C
Japanese (father was Japanese, mother was German-American)

Bloody Roar / Beastorizer (Arcade)
Bloody Roar 2
Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Extreme / Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (USA Gamecube)
Bloody Roar 4
Playstation 2

Bloody Roar
Tylon's Intrigue
Alive grew up deprived of happiness, due to her childhood kidnapping by a secret research institution that conspires to use zoanthropes as weapons. After awakening her latent powers through being subjected to physical experimentation, she was used as a test subject and given battle training. Alice escaped from the institution just before being brainwashed, but another girl who escaped together was caught. Alice decides to rescue the girl and to fight for destroying Tylon's intrigue, and finally succeeds in saving the girl, URIKO.
As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
Alice is all alone in the world, so she is adopted by the rescued girl, URIKO's parents, Mr. And Mrs. Nonomura, and spends peaceful high school life as a stepdaughter of the family. After graduation of high school, she becomes a nurse. Then, YUGO, Alice's friend, is one day carried into the hospital where Alice is working. But on the moment Alice tries to talk with YUGO, he slips out the hospital. Alice starts to chase after YUGO in order to take YUGO back to the hospital.
XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
Alice Tsukagami, a lady who eases heart of injurers and sick people with her generous love.
Being a good friend of YUGO since she was a teenager, she cooperates with YUGO and participates in the volunteer activity of NGO taking a leave from the hospital in which she works as a professional nurse. But she is anxious about YUGO who went out alone to pursue the mystery of the "XGC", so Alice decides to go after YUGO. Neither the risk that is waiting ahead nor the threat of the "XGC" which has appeared also on her body can change her decision --
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
"I wonder how he is doing?"
She sighs unconsciously. The management of W.O.C. has been dramatically changed. Originally W.O.C. was established to protect Zoanthropes from attacks by radical groups that were also trying to exterminate "Zoanthrope Release Front Line." But soon W.O.C. was constituted as a volunteer group and then a company where jobless Zoanthropes were hired to work; and lately W.O.C. has grown to a commercial enterprise.
"I wonder if anything happened to Bakuryu recently. I know a letter came from YUGO, but he doesn't show it to me."
Alice knows vaguely the reason why YUGO left, and she also feels agreeable with YUGO. However what she feels pity is that she was not invited to go with YUGO. Alice feels lonesome because it seems Bakuryu knows various things, but she is informed nothing."
"I have acquainted with YUGO longer than Bakuryu has...."
However, she is not sure if she could have seen YUGO off tenderly and understandingly suppose she was there.
"Judging from this and that, Bakuryu is more matured than I am."
As for Bakuryu, he has been positioned as the vice-president of W.O.C. as a result of one sentence he mentioned, "We should create employment if we can't find it."
But he has been lucky to have marvelous supporters; he is fulfilling his role successfully.
"I never expected such a naive ninja could operate much of excellent business."
Alice imagines how joyful YUGO feels when he hears what Bakuryu is doing. She smiles happily, then suddenly the door is knocked.
"Yes, what is it? A letter? From Long Shin? For what?"
Bloody Roar 4
Alice, who has been living the volunteer life in a Non-Governmental
Organization, has recently been tending to the those injured by the earthquakes
in the area.

A girl came before Alice. She was wearing the clothes of a Shinto oracle.
A child wearing an oracle's clothes walking over a disaster area seemed out of
place. Alice called to the girl, her heart aflutter. She spoke, and requested
that Alice tend to a man named Ryouhou.

Not knowing all the circumstances, alice tried to refuse her. However,
something she said struck a chord with Alice.

"Those earthquakes recently were our fault...."

Alice followed her in order to look into it more deeply.