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Bloody Roar Fighters
Fighter ID:
Fighting Style(s)
Shin-I Rokugoken
Peace of mind
The Tiger
Dishonesty and lies
70kg (78kg beast form)
179cm (184cm beast form)
None (formerly an assassin)

Bloody Roar / Beastorizer (Arcade)
Bloody Roar 2
Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Extreme / Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (USA Gamecube)
Bloody Roar 4
Playstation 2

Bloody Roar
Tylon's Intrigue
A solitary man, Long curses his fate and his zoanthrope blood. When he was a child, his mother and younger sister died one after the other. Neglected by his workaholic father, Long ran away from home. After this, his great skills in the martial arts and powers as a zoanthrope brought him recognition, and he was enlisted by an underworld assassination unit. His ability to kill in an instant using no weapons earned him the reputation of a top assassin. However, he suddenly left his organization one day. Since then, he has been chased as a betrayer by the organization.
As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
LONG cut off all relations with the world and has lived in a secluded place in a mountain. Some feeling of compensating his participation in the Tylon's evil intrigue and hatred to the blood of the Zoanthropes, which would invite unhappy fate, made him choose a hermit life. But, the words of the girl who visits his place stirs up the feeling slept in LONG. "I want the strength to rescue my mother who was kidnapped."
The girl seems exactly like him in some time ago who was damaged by the severe fate for a reason of being a Zoanthrope, but has a strong intention to fight back desperately..... LONG teaches her martial art and tries to set free himself simultaneously from the spells he has. And now, LONG is activated to start his action for tomorrow.....
XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
A barking tiger, LONG, agonizes because his blood is of the cursed beast and his past is dark, therefore he chooses to be vagrant.
LONG has a short release in the house of a noble old man whom he meets in town he drops by. However fear of the "XGC" never lets him rest from the bottom of his heart and is attacking him continuously. One day, the granddaughter of the old man named "RANKA" falls down because of the emergence of the "XGC" on her skin. If no treatment is done for her, RANKA, only family of LONG's master, will be lost. LONG's sad memory that he lost younger sister "RINREI" due to the reckless run of the power of beastorization comes back to his mind.
"Is it possible for me to stop this evil power? Well, for now, I should do my best being confident it is possible."
LONG's search starts without determined destination to respond RANKA's warm smile which often doubles with his passed sister's image.
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
Large tanks, which are likely to be sizable enough for one person to subside entirely, stand in a row.Being well equipped with the modern apparatus obviously,this place seems to be a facility of some research institution, but a unique atmosphere as if which were created by magicians or alchemists is floating, probably because of walls and floors made of stones.
"It seems everything is under control."
Responding to the voice, a tall Oriental descent man nods in assent.
"Yes... finally I think our dream will come true."
A bubble rises to the surface of the water tank in front of him.
"I heard that the United Nations would start to take actions in the next convention."
The first man said calmly.
"We have a ploy for that. We will invite several strong Zoanthropes, and have them fight against people of the United Nations to create havoc. We can defend this place taking an advantage of the confusion. If the worst occasion happens, we are going to use the research of the king's side as a lure."
"Will the scheme be executed without their knowing it at all....? Is it truly alright with you?"
The Oriental man answers nothing, but he looks down.
"Are you loath to do it?"
He shakes his head quietly. He is in composure, but he shows the clear denying.
"No, I am not. I have already made up my mind that I will do what I can do, as long as it follows my belief."
Bloody Roar 4
Long was searching through his own archive, gathering information about the
"Beastman Rampage Incidents" that were happening again.

As night fell, he heard what sounded like an animal's call from near his home's

When he went to the entrance, he found a white fox shivering, huddled up. He
felt sad for the poor fox, so he gave it some food. As he looked at the fox as
it ate the food, he noticed that there was a piece of paper wrapped around its

Taking the paper and unwrapping it, he found that it was a map to a temple.

"Ah, so you've come from this temple, hm? I see. I'll see you get to the

Long left his house with the white fox, and behind him, a beastman who had
become violently dangerous followed them....