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Marvel Fighters
Fighter ID:
Eye Color
Full Name
Rick Landau
Hair Color
7' 1"
800 lbs.
Amalgamation of 100 US Special Forces Soldiers

Marvel Nemesis

Pre History
During the invasion of Iraq, a US Marine Recon platoon was gassed by Iraqi troops during an ambush – or so the public was told. In actual fact, a ‘black bag’ operation, led by elements of the CIA, went awry and a nerve agent, planted to be connected to Iraqi forces, detonated prematurely.

Coincidentally, Roekel’s scientists were looking to explore areas of tissue-regeneration and multiple brain stem merging. They seized the opportunity and with the exchange of a signifi cant amount of money, Roekel’s team acquired the bodies. The corpses were perfect specimens: intact and fi lled with the lethal bio-weapon gas mixture, their fl esh was still alive.

Elements of the hundred man platoon were combined to form a single soldier: tendons, muscular density, veins, arteries, and skin were fused into a nightmarish combination. With remolded and heavily armored alien cybernetic arms, brain matter (constructed of neural processors and cranial chemicals) the concoction was mixed and reformatted to support and follow a singular consciousness – the former platoons’ commanding offi cer, Rick Landau.

But, being a work in progress, certain mental ‘irregularities’ had not been perfected. Brigade was prone to fi ts of schizophrenic seizures where any number of his former team mates’ personalities broke out, rejecting the singular identity.

Now, his nightmares and bouts of depression are at times incapacitating. At night, in his bed, whispers of betrayal and the military’s ‘training accident’ torment his mind. Even a steady diet of high level antidepressants is unable to quell the pain. Ironically Roekel’s scientists are unsure how this “almost perfect” war machine will react to the stress of combat.