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Double Dragon Fighters
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Tenshino Energy
1.7 m
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48 kg
Unknown, possibly japan

Rage of the Dragons
Neo Geo

Rage of the Dragons
Rage of the Dragons
One of her first recalls is Oni to her side during the L.A exodus, she consider Oni his brother, but she is not quite sure of this, both have a close relation between them and when Oni lit fire in the orphanage where they lived she decided to follow him into the streets.

They expended some time living alone and starving while she developed an autistic case while Oni developed a violent behavior, after Oni fought against a gang while trying to protect Cassandra from abuse he was badly injured, Cassandra decided to ask for help even with the disapproval of Oni because he believed that they will be separated, so Cassandra asked for help to a Preacher, both where took by Elias and finally, after a long time they had a good place to live in Elias's shelter.

Cassandra later will recall the years with Elias as some of the best she ever had, he taught her some techniques to control her energy to avoid to fall into a worst case of autism where she may lose all contact with reality, but after the runaway of Oni from the shelter under unknown circumstances for her she decide to say goodbye to Elias and follow Oni into the streets.

Later she will try to stay away from the savage adventures of his brother, but her state was not so good, Oni likes to dress her just as he wants, and he was proud of the fact that Cassandra had everything money could buy thanks to his success in the street fights where he was ruthless.

But when the sect started to spread the word that a visionary and mystic man that knew everything had arrived to the city she saw an opportunity to, once again, look for her past and her parents, she had attempted before, but Oni did not allow it, now after convincing him both go in search of this man that may have a clue for their past.