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Revengers of Vengeance / Battle Fantasy (JPN)
Sega CD

Revengers of Vengeance
Death To Venum!!
Daktar: Deja Vu All Over Again
A Wicked Witch from the West with a Personal Score to Settle

No one is sure when Daktar first came to the Impossible World. There are legends that she simply materialized in a hazy mist that floated in from the sea. Wherever she came from, she is the unchallenged champion of the west. There is little doubt that her mastery of sorcery is without peer, and she is able to defeat much larger and more powerful beings by staying out of their striking distance and dazzling them with spells of every description.

While nearly everything about Daktar is enigmatic, one thing is certain: she's confronted Venum before...and won. It is said that she foresaw Venum's arrival, and that she had warned him not to return. She is determined to personally remind Venum of what happened the last time they met, and has vowed that this time he shall die for his insolence. Pretty strong words to the fiend that has single-handedly torn the Impossible World asunder and defeated nearly all of its heroes. But Daktar speaks them with conviction, and has the stuff to back them up. Can she put Venum in his place again? We can only pray...