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Soul Edge Fighters
Fighter ID:
Meaningless now
Hair Color
The Hero King
Blood Type
Stream of pure power
Soul Edge & Soul Calibur
Arcturus (son, deceased)
Adjusts to whatever he wants
Adjusts to whatever he wants
Fighting Style(s)
Control of the stream of power
An ancient dynasty which name has been lost to history

SoulCalibur 4 / SoulCalibur IV
PlayStation 3
Unlockable upon defeating him in Story Mode.
SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny
Playstation Portable
SoulCalibur 5 / SoulCalibur V
PlayStation 3

Soul Edge
Soul Calibur IV
Algol, who is also known as "The Hero King," was able to subdue Soul Edge and with the help of his powerful strength of will, he avoided being controlled by it. According to the legend, he used the sword to spread peace among the lands but unfortunately, his jealous son took Soul Edge and was possessed. Algol battled him and defeated him with a mighty blow. The strike was fatal.

After his son's death, he decided to create a sword to counter the evil within Soul Edge. The legend says that, using purified shards obtained from his battle with his son and with the assistance of various sages, Algol was able to create the Soul Calibur after many failed attempts and even sacrificing his own life. However, the ritual that claimed the king's life actually failed, and the sword that was created was extremely similar in nature to Soul Edge and is imbued with Algol's soul. The tribe that was tasked with the protection of the new sword slowly turned that failure into a success and sealed the Hero King's soul, keeping his thirst for power dormant over the centuries.