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Revengers of Vengeance / Battle Fantasy (JPN)
Sega CD

Revengers of Vengeance
Death To Venum!!
Algos: Little Big Man
The Hill People's Ax-Wielding Dwarf King and the Tall Order Before Him!

Algos and his stalwart Hill People were, until recently, the tribe least affected by the scourge of Venum. It was only when their labyrinth home beneath the Mountains of Power was infiltrated by Venum's underlings, and their magic ring stolen, that things began to go awry. The Mystic Ring of the Hill People has incredible power, and according to the legend of the Hill People shall be forever safe as long as they remain the guardians of the Ring. Now that the ring is gone, the Hill People are vulnerable to Venum's legions, against whom they'd previously had so much success.

Now the Hill People's brave and diminutive leader, Algos the Stout must venture out to regain the rings and put an end to Venum. His journey will be difficult, and not without peril!