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Unlocked by beating Shaz' Arcade Mode.

Even if some people believe him to have been genetically engineered like Shaz, Blade and the other fishmen, the mutant known as "the Evilobster" is nothing short of an anomaly.
The Evilobster was not created by RealLifeAnime, nor tasked to be part of any live show. He simply appeared out of the blue, leaving behind a trail of blood and devastation. He was seen by several witnesses while riding a Harley-Davidson through the streets of Harlem and systematically attacking every restaurant in which lobsters were served as a main dish, thus gaining his infamous moniker.
Go Ottari managed to find him and recruit him in the ranks of the Fishface Crime Syndicate, making him the executioner of the mob, an unstoppable killing machine which turns every living being into an unrecognizable pulp.
The Evilobster can neither speak nor write, due to his gigantic claw-like hands. He seems to be able to communicate only via gestures or screams and cries.
His origins are rumored to be connected to the accident which caused the sinking of the container ship "USS Commodore Schmidlapp" in 2061: according to some allegations, the captain of the ship, Bathlemew Gamerin, used to unload drums of radioactive wastes in the sea, in order to "keep the American soil clean". During one of these illegal dumping operations, the ship sank under mysterious circumstances. The wreck was found later that year, together with about one ton of radioactive wastes kept in sealed cans.
One audiolog was also retrieved, the random babbling of a sailor who was shouting in terror that "the ship was attacked by a mutated lobster who was slaughtering the crew".
The Evilobster appeared soon after, attacking a couple restaurants on the coast and stealing a motorbike from a gas station.
Whether or not there is a connection between the two events, it's still up to debate.