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Gōketsuji Gaiden / Gogetsuji Legends, Power Instinct Legends
Saikyō Densetsu
Fighting Game by Atlus

Kanji Kokuin
Reiji Oyama
Keith Wayne
ChinNen / Thin Nen
White Buffalo
Oshima Goketsuji
Oume Goketsuji / Ume
Angela Belti
Kurara Hananokoji
Super Kurara
Poochy / Pochi
Kinta Kokuin
Annie Hamilton
Otane Goketsuji
Ninja Boy / Kuroko

Kanji Kokuin
Special Moves

Breath Tornado / 竜口壁
c.downup+anypunch [Normal]
Kanji spins in a circle while breathing out a cyclone of energy around him.

Cane Strikes / 杖銃炸裂
qcf+anypunch [Transform]
Rapid jabs with cane.

Elder Head / 嘘睡膝撥
c.downup+anykick [Transform]
A rising attack with bald head, hits on the way down as well as up.

Elder Wave / 減命気功弾
hcb+anypunch(hold) [Transform]
A large old man projectile. In Legends can be held for quite a long time, but this doesn't seem to increase its power.

Energy Fist / 密義筋収体
qcf+anypunch [Normal]
Kanji punches forward, firing off a blast of energy surrounding the image of a muscular arm.

Energy Foot / 片飛脚
qcb+anykick(air) [Normal]
With a look of joy on his face and an energy aura around his foot, Kanji leaps forward to deliver a nasty kick.

Farting / 激涙放屁
m-anykick [Normal]
Kanji gives it his all and expels a gas cloud (@term=1kick@ for low cloud, @term=2kick@ for high cloud).

Loincloth Snap
hcb+anypunch [Normal]
Kanji removes his loincloth and snaps it at the opponent, enabling him to strike with a melee attack from long distance. It is less likely it is the impact of the loincloth that affects them than the smell of it.

Old Kiss / 吸飲愚爆
c.backwardforward+anypunch [Transform]
Kanji rushes forward, grabbing on contact and planting an energy-sucking kiss to return to "normal" form.

Power Down / 屁煙衰化
qcbdbackwardqcf+2punch [Normal]
Kanji voluntarily transforms to his weaker state.

Rising Cane / 杖粘纒
c.downup+anypunch [Transform]
Kanji releases a cane that extends to the top of the screen.

Senior Crawl / 蛙潜避行
hcf+anykick [Transform]
Kanji shuffles along the floor, disregarding the opponent.

Sliding Combo / 驀蹴報撃
hcf+2kick [Normal]
A sliding kick into launching combo, Kanji automatically follows up with his fist shot on the way down.

Sweep Combo / 冥葬最凶弾
qcb+2kick [Transform]
A sweep into launch with projectile followup.
Super Moves

Kanji Combo Rush
c.backwardforward+twokick [Normal]
Kanji rushes forward and performs a devastating multi-hit combo, ending with a fall to the ground and a large fart cloud. Hit or miss, Kanji transforms to a scrawny, frail form afterwards.

Win Quote vs Kurara Hananokoji
This just proves that I´m stronger and cuter!

Voice Actor

Kotono Mitsuishi as Kurara Hananokoji