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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
2D Fighter (Conventional) by Dimps / Bandai
Playstation 2

Android 16
Playstation 2
Android 17
Playstation 2
Android 18
Playstation 2
Baby Vegeta
Playstation 2
Bardock / Burdock
Playstation 2
Broly / Broli
Playstation 2
Captain Ginyu
Playstation 2
Cell / Perfect Cell
Playstation 2
Cooler / Coola, Kula
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Dr. Gero
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Gohan (Teen)
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Goku (GT)
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Great Saiyaman
Playstation 2
Great Saiyaman #2
Playstation 2
Kid Buu
Playstation 2
Kid Gohan
Kid Trunks
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Majin Buu
Playstation 2
Mr. Satan / Hercule
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Pikkon / Paikuhan
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Super Android 17
Playstation 2
Super Buu
Playstation 2
Super Janemba
Playstation 2
Syn Shenron
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Vegeta (GT)
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2

Adventure Mode (Adventure Mode)
Basic Moves (Basic Moves)
Dress Up (Dress Up)
Flight (Flight)
Item Moves (Item Moves)
Son Gokū, 孫悟空, Gokou
Special Moves

Kamehameha / Kamehameha Wave, Turtle Power Blast, Wind Wave
Goku cups his hands to his side, then thrusts them forward, palms forward, shouting "KAMEHAMEHA!" A large blast of chi, normally blue or yellow in color, is produced.

Voice Actor

Hikaru Midorikawa as Android 16
Miki Itō as Android 18
Yusuke Numata as Baby Vegeta
Bin Shimada as Broly
Naoki Tatsuta as Bubbles
Hiromi Tsuru as Bulma
Hideyuki Hori as Captain Ginyu
Norio Wakamoto as Cell
Norio Wakamoto as Cell (first form)
Norio Wakamoto as Cell (second form)
Ryūsei Nakao as Cooler
Hiromi Tsuru as Dende
Ryūsei Nakao as Frieza
Ryō Horikawa as Gogeta
Masako Nozawa as Gohan
Masako Nozawa as Goku
Masako Nozawa as Goku (GT)
Yūko Minaguchi as Great Saiyaman #2
Takeshi Kusao as Kid Trunks
Mayumi Tanaka as Krillin
Daisuke Gōri as Mr. Satan
Yūko Minaguchi as Pan
Hikaru Midorikawa as Pikkon
Shigeru Chiba as Raditz
Yusuke Numata as Saibaman
Tesshō Genda as Super Janemba
Mitsuaki Madono as Tien
Takeshi Kusao as Trunks
Ryō Horikawa as Vegeta
Ryō Horikawa as Vegito
Yūko Minaguchi as Videl
Tōru Furuya as Yamcha
United States
Voice Actor

Chuck Huber as Android 17
Meredith McCoy as Android 18
Mike McFarland as Baby Vegeta
Vic Mignogna as Broly
Christopher R. Sabat as Bubbles
Brice Armstrong as Captain Ginyu
Dameon Clarke as Cell
Dameon Clarke as Cell (first form)
Dameon Clarke as Cell (second form)
Laura Bailey as Dende
Linda Young as Frieza
Christopher R. Sabat as Gogeta
Kyle Hebert as Gohan (Teen)
Stephanie Nadolny as Goku (GT)
Kara Edwards as Goten
Kara Edwards as Gotenks
Laura Bailey as Gotenks
Kyle Hebert as Great Saiyaman
Kara Edwards as Great Saiyaman #2
Laura Bailey as Kid Trunks
Christopher R. Sabat as Piccolo
Kyle Hebert as Pikkon
Christopher R. Sabat as Recoome
John Burgmeier as Saibaman
Christopher R. Sabat as Shenron
Chuck Huber as Super Android 17
Bob Carter as Syn Shenron
Christopher R. Sabat as Syn Shenron
John Burgmeier as Tien
Eric Vale as Trunks
Christopher R. Sabat as Vegeta
Christopher R. Sabat as Vegeta (GT)
Christopher R. Sabat as Vegito
Kara Edwards as Videl
Christopher R. Sabat as Yamcha
Voice Director
Directs voice actors in their roles to achieve the most optimal performances.
Christopher R. Sabat