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Eternal Fighter Zero: Memorial
Fighting Game by Twilight Frontier
Eternal Fighter Zero (Windows)
First version, released at Comic Market 61
Eternal Fighter Zero: Blue Sky Edition (Windows)
Version 2.X, released at Comic Market 62
Eternal Fighter Zero: Bad Moon Edition (Windows)
Version 3.X, released at Comic Market 64
Version 4.X

Mizuka Nagamori
Rumi Nanase
Akane Satomura
Misaki Kawana
Mayu Shiina
Mio Kouzuki
Ayu Tsukimiya
Nayuki Minase (Asleep)
Makoto Sawatari
Shiori Misaka
Mai Kawasumi
Sayuri Kurata
Misuzu Kamio
Kano Kirishima
Minagi Tohno
Ikumi Amasawa
Doppel Nanase
Nayuki Minase (Awake)
Mishio Amano
Kaori Misaka
Akiko Minase

2D Gameplay (2D Gameplay)
Air Dash (Air Dash)
You are allowed to air dash after using your double jump.
Air Recovery (Air Recovery)
When juggled, characters display a visible bar showing exactly when they're allowed to recover.
Air Throw (Air Throw)
Chain Combo (Chained Normals)
Similar to Guilty Gear's gatling combo, normals can be loosely chained upwards in strength or into special moves.
Dash (Dash)
Type of dash/backdash varies from character to character (aerial, run, "regular" dash, etc).
Double Jump (Double Jump)
Can't double jump after an air dash.
Eternity Specials (Super Moves)
Final Memory (Desperation Moves)
Each character has a super that can only be performed when their life bar is low and flashing.
Instant Charge (Roman Cancel)
Any non-projectile attack that hits can be canceled with Instant Charge. Some moves have a frame window where they can be canceled regardless of hit, this is called Flicker Instant Charge. Instant Charge uses the same meter as Reinforce Attacks.
Juggling (heavy) (Juggling (heavy))
Recoil Guard (Precision Defense)
By blocking with precise timing, you negate chip damage, blockstun, and pushback. If you use this opportunity to attack, your opponent can cancel their attack into a Recoil Guard of their own, known as "Recoil Counter."
Reinforce Attack (EX Moves)
Performing specials with C will enhance their properties. Reinforce is independent of Super meter, using its own automatically building meter.