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Barbarian / Warrior Blade: Rastan vs. Barbarian
2D Fighter (Conventional) by Saffire / Titus
Playstation 2
No North American release for that platform
PAL only
Game Boy Advance

Corath / Malik
Jinn / Jin
Mongo / Bobo

3D Movement (3D Movement)
Characters can run and jump freely around the around the arena. It is possible to steer your jumps. Hanging and climbing is possible by pressing the grab button near a pole or ceiling.
Battle Royale (Battle Royale)
In Versus Mode, up to 4 players can participate in battle simultaneously. You can customize your game with up to 4 Barbarians, and 4 thugs in any Human, AI, and team combination. Depending on how you customize the team(s), matches can range from team battles to free-for-alls.
Items/Weapons (Items/Weapons)
There are objects that characters can use against their foes. Press the grab button to pick them up. Objects are meant for throwing, while others are swinging like a club. Some objects may be too heavy to lift. Raising your character's Lift attribute will allow your characters to lift heavier objects and perform combos. Thugs who are knocked down can be used swung around or thrown like objects.
Level Up (Level Up)
Playing through Quest Mode can help your character raise levels. Your character will start at level 0 and max out at level 10. Each level will earn 3 ability points (AP) which be spent on raising attributes or embued abilities. Attributes cost 1 AP to raise. Damage attribute provides additional damage to the last hit of a combo. Defense improves character speed and the blocking radius. Magic increases the rate your magic gauge recovers. Lift improves the ability to lift heavier objects and thugs, and perform combos with them. Embued abilities cost 2-3 AP. Higher Power makes, charged magical attacks stronger. Airwalk gives the character the ability to double jump. Berserker provides bonus damage when health is low. Second Wind, will allow the character to recover from death with a single point health once per round.
Magic Meter (Super Meter)
The Magic meter is filled by attacking. Push attacks, ranged attacks, and runes all consume the magic meter.
Push Attack (Burst)
By pressing the light attack and jump buttons simultaneously, this move will push away enemies. It's possible to use this move while being hit.
Stage Transitions (Stage Transitions)
Some stages have multiple tiers. Knocking a character off an edge or into a hole will continue to the fight to a lower level.
String Move (String Move)
All characters have 8 attacks strings executed by pressing a sequence of light and hard attacks. The last hit ends with glowing effect, indicating the type of combo and effects. Getting hit once guarantees the rest of string will hit. Weak combos are the easiest to perform and have no special benefits. Strong combos are slightly more damaging but a little slower. Pushback combos (orange) will knock enemies far away. Magic combos (blue) recharges magic faster than a normal attack. Quick combos (aqua) are useful for juggles. Leak combos (red) penetrate blocks. Pop up combos (green) launch opponents in the air, opening juggling opportunities.

Barbarian Prophecy
An age of darkness beset Barbaria, its origin a mystery until now. A man known as Zaugg is said to have woven magic so vile that the land itself is eroding from its evil corruption. Prophecy foretold of this wicked time, placing the only chance of salvation on the shoulders of one hero of Barbaria.

Heroes of Barbaria come in many forms and from many places. Their motives to stop the madness forged by Zaugg are more than ending his growing power. Who they are, why they quest, and what they will become is destiny. Only one has the power to succeed!

Those heroes of Barbaria are known as Barbarians. Their kind has waged war since the dawn of time, ravaging the Earth as they battle with weapon and magic alike! They stand fearless before the world, wielding power and magic. With the coming of Zaugg, the call to battle is made. Who is the Barbarian of prophecy? Prepare yourself, the battle begins...