Fight-A-Base Astral Revision
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Joe Higashi
Win Quote vs. Dark Ash
Is that all? Those flames of yours don't stand a chance against my hurricane!

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
People come here to fight, you know? If you're not up for that, just buzz off!

Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai
I'll take you on any time you want, Hwa! Here or in the Muay Thai ring!

Win Quote vs. Joe
You learned an important lesson! Never make illegal copies of anything!

Win Quote vs. Kensou
I'll bring you some pork buns later. After all, you'll be living off hospital food for a while.

Win Quote vs. Mai
Stop focusing on your Shiranui arts and start training for married life already!

Win Quote vs. Raiden
Good thing you've got your mask on, huh? Nobody will notice your bruises!

Win Quote vs. Takuma
This is your time to retire. At least you can say I was your last opponent!