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Mr. Karate
Win Quote vs. Andy
Jeff is such an unlucky soul... To think he threw away his life to protect this worthless offspring!

Win Quote vs. Ash
Pathetic! You're nothing but a petulant child! Your antics are no match for my Kyokugen Style!

Win Quote vs. Athena
The strength I pursue is beyond good and evil! You can't win as long as you stick to trivial ideals!

Win Quote vs. Benimaru
Pathetic! Your kicks can't harm me! Try putting some weight behind your moves!

Win Quote vs. Billy
Try bringing Geese next time. You alone don't cut it!

Win Quote vs. Chin
Kung Fu is not to be underestimated...To think an old man like this could put up such a magnificent fight!

Win Quote vs. Clark
You're either very lucky, or you just have some good friends.
Your skills certainly didn't carry you this far.

Win Quote vs. Daimon
You fight like you're trying to earn points... But you should fight like you're trying to win!

Win Quote vs. Dark Ash
You absorb people's power like a parasite... How can you ever find true power like that!?

Win Quote vs. Duo Lon
I don't care if my fists are haunted by those I have defeated! I know what I'm getting myself into!

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
There is too much doubt in your punches. You will never be able to grasp victory like that!

Win Quote vs. EX Kyo
Some places can't be reached just with quick wits and discipline. Do you have what it takes to go there?

Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai
You call yourself the strongest!? I almost fell asleep from boredom!

Win Quote vs. Iori
You cannot win with all that anger and hatred in your eyes. You are waging a meaningless battle!

Win Quote vs. Iori Classic
Such a crude and primitive spirit... I can't even take your fighting style seriously!

Win Quote vs. Joe
You call that a hurricane!? My blow-dryer is stronger than that! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Win Quote vs. K'
Do you even know what you are after? Immerse yourself in doubt, and may you then find the light!

Win Quote vs. Kensou
Hah! You're too wet behind the ears to fight me! Go back to your teacher and relearn the basics!

Win Quote vs. Kim
There is no meaning to justice without power, you say? You don't even have the strength to say that!

Win Quote vs. King
You did not lose because you're a woman... You lost because you are weak!

Win Quote vs. Kula
Begone from here, child! This is not a place for helpless young girls!

Win Quote vs. Kyo
Hmph... With you as a descendant, the Kusanagi Clan is pretty much done for!

Win Quote vs. Leona
Age and gender aren't important in battle. What matters is whether you're strong or weak.

Win Quote vs. Mai
You intend to carry on the legacy of the Shiranui Clan like that!? Hanzo must be rolling in his grave!

Win Quote vs. Mature
Your desire to kill seems genuine... But your skills is laughable!

Win Quote vs. Maxima
Even a body of steel is like a bundle of straw to my fists! I will shatter you with a single blow!

Win Quote vs. Mr. Karate
You are still only halfway there... Keep going until you reach the top! Never falter!

Win Quote vs. Raiden
That's the problem with pro wrestlers... You shouldn't have attempted to take my strikes!

Win Quote vs. Ralf
You should be glad you got to taste defeat. The unlucky ones don't even live that long.

Win Quote vs. Robert
That is the extent of your Kyokugen? Unless you master "Haoh Shikou Ken," you will never beat me!

Win Quote vs. Ryo
Even if you master Haoh Shoukou Ken you will never beat me! You must know true suffering first!

Win Quote vs. Saiki
It doesn't matter whether you're human or not! Demons stand no chance against my fists either!

Win Quote vs. Shen
You seem to have put your life at stake before... However you are still not skilled enough to beat me!

Win Quote vs. Takuma
The bodies of many strong men lie piled up behind me! I shall not let anyone block my path!

Win Quote vs. Terry
NO! This won't do! This won't do at all! Sharpen your fangs and try again!

Win Quote vs. Unawakened Saiki
Attack me as many times as you want. I will punch a hole through your false confidence!

Win Quote vs. Vice
You rely solely on force and momentum. You aren't even in the same league as I am.

Win Quote vs. Yuri
Hah! You dare to lecture me on martial arts!? Go back to the basics or just give up entirely!