Fight-A-Base K' Taisen
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Yuri Sakazaki
Win Quote vs. Andy
I can see why Mai is always so proud of you. You really are very handsome!

Win Quote vs. Chin
Uhhh, just so we're clear on this: I do actually respect my elders, you know?

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
Owww! Fighting this girl is not so bad, it's the aftermath that's a pain!

Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai
You should consider learning some Muay Thai from King!

Win Quote vs. Kula
If you have the chance, how about joining our all-girls team?

Win Quote vs. Leona
...It's so hard to tell if my moves are even affecting you because you're so emotionless.

Win Quote vs. Maxima
You won't win because you're bigger than me. I'm used to fighting with that handicap!

Win Quote vs. Raiden
I bet you lost with that mask on! Can you even see anything wearing that thing?

Win Quote vs. Robert
Robert, why were you holding back on me? This was way too disappointing!

Win Quote vs. Saiki
You're related to that Magaki guy, right? You've got to be! You're pink!

Win Quote vs. Shen
Come on, you're not even half as strong as my brother!

Win Quote vs. Takuma
How about it, dad? I hope you'll stop bothering me about the details now!

Win Quote vs. Terry
I wonder who's stronger, you or Ryo? Oh well, you're both no match for me! ♪

Win Quote vs. Yuri
You've got the looks down, but you're going to need more sense to copy me.