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Takuma Sakazaki
Win Quote vs. Ash
Weak! So weak! One punch is all it takes to extinguish your fire!

Win Quote vs. Chin
You're still so strong for your age. Kung Fu isn't to be taken lightly!

Win Quote vs. Daimon
Judo is a force to be reckoned with. I can see this tournament will be tough!

Win Quote vs. Dark Ash
You are consumed by malice... Your body and spirit need more training!

Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai
You didn't even know your own strengths, did you? You're still wet behind the ears!

Win Quote vs. Joe
There is no blind side to my fighting style. Especially when facing Muay Thai fighters.

Win Quote vs. K'
Your flames are sparks compared to the flames of Saisyu. Pathetic!

Win Quote vs. King
Very good! You didn't disappoint! The future's even brighter for you, King!

Win Quote vs. Kyo
Saisyu must be pretty disappointed with his son right about now.

Win Quote vs. Leona
If you hate looking at blood so much, why come here in the first place?

Win Quote vs. Maxima
A fully-trained Kyokugen fighter can cut through steel! Do you know that now?

Win Quote vs. Mr. Karate
Do you not understand why I sealed that mask? An obsession with strength corrodes the body!

Win Quote vs. Raiden
You only rely on your bulk and brute strength. You'll never win that way!

Win Quote vs. Robert
Do you see now what true Karate is? Stay devoted, Robert!

Win Quote vs. Saiki
I praise you for cornering me! But fists filled with malice will not bring me down!

Win Quote vs. Shen
You seem to rely on your youth alone. But there may be some merit to this!

Win Quote vs. Terry
Jeff should be proud to have a son strong enough to avenge him!

Win Quote vs. Vice
You fight only to kill. You'll never beat a true martial artist like that!

Win Quote vs. Yuri
Haven't you learned anything!? You haven't even mastered the basics!