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Win Quote vs. Andy
Hmmmm… I guess that was pretty good for a human. Now die!

Win Quote vs. Ash
Stop resisting, Ash! You know what happens when you keep resisting, right?

Win Quote vs. Clark
"A strategic retreat." The perfect phrase for losers like you!

Win Quote vs. Duo Lon
Die without finding the man you seek, as punishment for obstructing me!

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
It’s a good thing you’re such an idiot. You finally got what you wished for!

Win Quote vs. K'
An artificial man, born from delusions. Your very existence is a sad joke.

Win Quote vs. Kim
How does your "justice" look when you're facedown on the ground, huh?

Win Quote vs. Kula
Hehehe... Sorry, did I break your dolly? Well, at least it was fun for a while.

Win Quote vs. Kyo
I guess that was to be expected from the sword that barely beat Orochi.

Win Quote vs. Ralf
No matter how many times you've fought on the battlefield, you're still human.

Win Quote vs. Robert
What shall I inscribe on your tombstone? "Here lies Robert. He fought okay." That work for you?

Win Quote vs. Shen
You're strong... for a human. But I'm way out of your league.

Win Quote vs. Takuma
If only you were any weaker, all you would have to do was cower in despair!

Win Quote vs. Terry
If you were a real wolf, you would've sensed death when you saw me.

Win Quote vs. Vice
Even if you'd brought the Four Kings, you wouldn't have been able to stop me!

Win Quote vs. Yuri
The gong has sounded, but we're not done yet! Let's start the main course now!