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Benimaru Nikaido
Win Quote vs Joe
"Didn't you hear? The gong already sounded. It's time for the loser to leave the stage!"

Win Quote vs King
"Miss King! I'd like to book your entire restaurant to celebrate my victory!"

Win Quote vs Unawakened Saiki
"My kicks were even finer than usual! Maybe it's because you remind me of that other annoying punk"

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
Your moves lack sharpness, baby! Did my looks blind you or something?

Win Quote vs. Kyo
There's something missing here, Kyo. Have you been training properly?

Win Quote vs. Leona
You know what you lack? A soft smile to tickle a man’s heart!

Win Quote vs. Shen
I hate fussy types like you. Every match seems to end up in a mess somehow.

Win Quote vs. Terry
You're in pain, and I'm tired. What was the point of this again!?