Fight-A-Base Higher Voltage
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Mai Shiranui
Win Quote vs. Andy
How about it, Andy? I think it’s clear now who your best partner is!

Win Quote vs. Benimaru
Today's beating was brought to you by my gorgeous looks! ♪

Win Quote vs. Daimon
It doesn't matter how strong you are if you don't look at people properly.

Win Quote vs. Duo Lon
You need a spiritual healer more than a doctor! I think you're possessed or something!

Win Quote vs. Elisabeth
Blanc-style? Fist of Light? Sorry, never heard of 'em. The world really is a big place.

Win Quote vs. Iori Classic
Oh dear, looks like I burnt your precious hair! I'm so sorry! Ohohoho!

Win Quote vs. K'
Maybe you should challenge me again when your voice breaks, kiddo! ♪

Win Quote vs. King
Objectively speaking, it looks like I'm the better fighter around here, not you!

Win Quote vs. Leona
Why don’t you try being nicer for once? It’s a lot less stressful, you know!

Win Quote vs. Mature
Look at this big hole you tore in my outfit! What do you plan to do about that?

Win Quote vs. Terry
Geez, isn't it about time you stopped teaming up with Andy? Take a hint!

Win Quote vs. Vice
I'm not so weak as to be torn apart by a vulgar woman like you!

Win Quote vs. Yuri
Awww, what's the matter, little Yuri? You'll never catch up with me like that!