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Win Quote vs. Andy
You stand there, insult me, and then just give up? Are you fighting for real?

Win Quote vs. Ash
What do you think this is all about? Could this be Miss Kagura’s doing?

Win Quote vs. Athena
Don’t think you can read people’s minds just like that, you silly girl.

Win Quote vs. Benimaru
Wow, you’re really getting the hang of this clowning business, aren’t you?

Win Quote vs. Billy
That staff of yours is like a matchstick! Look at it burn! Oh, and your body as well.

Win Quote vs. Chin
Huh? You’re still alive? You’re more persistent than I thought.

Win Quote vs. Clark
You should go apologize to the guy with the eye-patch and ask him for help!

Win Quote vs. Daimon
Can a former Judo medalist be this weak? The Olympics sure have low standards ♪

Win Quote vs. Dark Ash
What’s mine is mine… I’m not sharing with anyone else.

Win Quote vs. Duo Lon
Hehehe… You’ll understand soon enough what I am trying to accomplish!

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
Merci, Betty, and adieu. You were a great person.

Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai
It’s funny to see what evolution can do to the human species!

Win Quote vs. Iori
I have no need for you anymore, m’eiseor. Leave while you’re still alive!

Win Quote vs. Joe
I’ve never seen a Champion who looks so at home on the floor!

Win Quote vs. K'
That was thrilling! Even artificial flames can pack a punch!

Win Quote vs. Kensou
Do you see now? No amount training will ever be enough for you!

Win Quote vs. Kim
Heehee… Looks like just about anyone can “fight for justice” these days.

Win Quote vs. King
Don’t go running to the liquor bottle just because you lost to me, okay?

Win Quote vs. Kula
You look as scared as a wild animal. Get out of here before I skin you!

Win Quote vs. Kyo
Your powers may come in handy one day. So I’ll just let you live for now ♪

Win Quote vs. Leona
I’m sure you’d love to see Orochi die, but it’s just not going to happen!

Win Quote vs. Mai
Non, non, you should not play with fire, madamelise ♪. Leave that to me!

Win Quote vs. Mature
Hey miss, shall I paint your nails for you? Let me get some embalming fluid!

Win Quote vs. Maxima
What the!? Hey you, what’s the big idea!? You just made me break a nail!

Win Quote vs. Raiden
You're weak, loud, and a nuisance. Why are you even alive?

Win Quote vs. Ralf
Hey, can I ask you something? How does it feel to lose to a kid?

Win Quote vs. Robert
You’re even weaker than I thought. You’re not cut out to be a fighter.

Win Quote vs. Ryo
Had you thinking you could win for a second there, huh? Sorry I was acting ♪

Win Quote vs. Saiki
Did you think I wasn't ready for you or something? I can hold my own.

Win Quote vs. Shen
I kind of like how clumsy you are, but I don’t have time to deal with you now, Shen! ♪

Win Quote vs. Takuma
Put on your mask! You don’t want anyone to see your face like this, do you?

Win Quote vs. Terry
If you burn up and turn to ashes, maybe you won’t be such an eyesore anymore!

Win Quote vs. Unawakened Saiki
Adieu, my ancestor! Sorry to be a poor descendant. Teeheehee...

Win Quote vs. Vice
Who would’ve thought the famous Hakkensho would be such push-over?

Win Quote vs. Yuri
Your power and speed are sub-par, but at least you’ll pass Clown College!