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Iron Man Variations
Fighter ID:
Eye Color
Hair Color
6' 1"
Armor Suit
185 lbs
Full Name
Anthony Edward Stark
Long Island, New York City, New York, USA
Superhero, CEO of Stark Enterprises, Executive Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Howard Anthony Stark (father, deceased), Maria Collins Stark (mother, deceased)

Marvel Super Heroes
Avengers in Galactic Storm
Avengers striker
Marvel vs Capcom 2
From Marvel Comics.
Marvel Nemesis
Marvel vs Capcom 3
PlayStation 3
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
PlayStation 3
From Marvel Comics
Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Pre History
The son of a wealthy industrialist, Tony Stark was an inventive mechanical engineering prodigy. He inherited his father’s business at age 21, transforming the company, Stark International, into one of the world’s leading weapons manufacturers. While field-testing a suit of battle armor in Asia that would enhance a soldier’s combat capabilities, Stark was struck in the chest by a piece of shrapnel and taken prisoner by the warlord Wong-Chu. He was ordered to create a weapon of mass destruction. Stark began work on a modified exoskeleton equipped with heavy weaponry and donned the suit in an attempt to escape captivity. Overcoming the warlord’s forces, Stark returned to America and redesigned the suit.

Inventing the cover story that Iron Man was his bodyguard, he embarked on a double life as a billionaire industrialist and costumed adventurer. At first little more than a glorified security guard, Iron Man’s early opponents included industrial spies and foreign agents, all intent on stealing Stark’s defense and military secrets. Over time, Stark ceased simply protecting his own interests. He expanded the scope of his activities to include threats to national and international security. Iron Man even helped found the Avengers, and Stark became the team’s corporate sponsor. As Iron Man’s opponents and needs have changed, so has the hero’s armor.

Stark has grown to feel more responsible for the use of his technology throughout the world. He has realized that by and large, his legacy is one of destruction and warfare as nations employ his early inventions to oppress and kill. Stark Enterprises broke off its relationship with the U.S. government, refusing to manufacture any weapons and focusing instead on technology that would enhance human life.
Marvel vs Capcom
Iron Man
During a routine arms test, billionaire genius industrialist Tony Stark was kidnapped and ordered by his captors to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he created a powerful suit of armor that he used to save his life. From that day on, he promised to focus his skills on protecting the world as Iron Man. Perhaps we can combine our knowledge to create something formidable enough to put an end to Ultron Sigma.
Fate of Two Worlds
Billionaire Tony Stark fights the forces of villainy in the high-tech Iron Man armor. He is one of the cornerstones of the Super Hero community and a founding member of the Avengers.