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Art of Fighting Fighters
Fighter ID:
Best sport
Blood Type
Favorite Food(s)
Vegetables, wine
Favorite music
Fighting Style(s)
Muay Thai
Hair Color
175 cm
86 57 86 cm
Special Skill(s)
Mixing cocktails
59 kg
24 (as of KoF '94)
Jan (younger brother)
Wine glass collecting
Gorgeous Muay Thai Lady
Bartender, former bouncer
Unclean people, like @char=aof_jack@
Personal Treasure(s)
Her younger brother, Jan, her pet cat (named Marron)

Art of Fighting / Ryūko no Ken (JPN)
Neo Geo
Playable in versus mode
Art of Fighting 2 / Ryūko no Ken 2 (JPN)
Neo Geo
King of Fighters '94, The
Neo Geo
Member of England team.
King of Fighters '95, The
Neo Geo
Member of the England team.
King of Fighters '96, The
Neo Geo
Ladies team
King of Fighters '97, The
Neo Geo
'97 Women's Team
King of Fighters '98, The
Neo Geo
Fighting Women Team
King of Fighters '99, The
Neo Geo
Women's Team
Capcom vs SNK / Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Battle 2000 (JPN)
Ratio 1
King of Fighters 2000, The
Neo Geo
Member of Art of Fighting Team
Capcom vs SNK Pro
Ratio 1
Normal and EX mode available
Capcom vs SNK 2 / Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (JPN)
King of Fighters 2001, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters EX, The
Game Boy Advance
Kyoukugen Team member.
King of Fighters 2002, The
Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and Xbox versions only
King of Fighters 2003, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters Neowave, The
King of Fighters Mobile, The
King of Fighters Mobile R-2, The
King of Fighters '98, The: Ultimate Match
Women's Team Member.
King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, The
Playstation 2
Member of the Women Fighters Team.
King of Fighters 13, The / The King of Fighters XIII
Member of the Women Fighters Team.
King of Fighters 11, The / The King of Fighters XI
King of Fighters 14, The / The King of Fighters XIV
King of Fighters 15, The / The King of Fighters XV

King of Fighters 15, The
The Beautiful Kick's Illusion
King's fighting style is her own form of Muay Thai.
She's the owner of the bar Illusion, and her tall stature allows for her legs to really pack a punch. She joins team ART OF FIGHTING thanks to Ryo's invitation.
King of Fighters I
South Town Street Fight
Employee of the mysterious Mr. Big. From a childhood spent in Thailand, King mastered the fighting art, Muetai. King is the bouncer at Mr. Big's restaurant, where he often is seen reading the works of Gertrude Stein.

He once had the experience of being beaten in a fight by the gang led by Jack.
King of Fighters II
King of Fighters '94
"If I say no, I mean no! Absolutely not! I will absolutely not permit it!"
When she recalls the words of her brother, fuming his objections, Yuri puffs out her cheeks in a pout.
"Who does he think he is that dumb brother of mine! He didn't have to get so peeved! And what a weasel, teaming up with Pop and Robert like that!"
Yuri's still steaming about her spat, but, in an instant, she regains her cool.
"What am I gonna do...? Three members for a team...? Hey, I got it!"

"Man! I can't believe you did that, Andy! How unfeeling can you be?"
Just when Mai thought they'd be entering together...
Mai, at her wit's end, mumbles. Andy has quickly teamed up with Joe and Terry, and all of her other possibilities have not panned out.
"Oh, what in the name of the Supreme Ninja am I going to do...?"
A girl of the same age suddenly appears before Mai, whose shoulders droop from dejection.
"Mai...Shiranui, I presume?"
Yuri Sakazaki, quite unlike her normally perky self, addresses the ninja rather stiffly, owing perhaps to the fact that this is their first meeting.
"Why yes. Yes, I am...May I do something for you?"
Yuri replies:
"Well, as a matter of fact...that is...."
"What? You, too?"
"Really?! Wow, that's so harsh!!!"
A few minutes after their first meeting, the two have completely opened up to each other.
"But where are we going to find another person to team up with us?"
Mai poses this question to her newfound soul sister.

"Yeah, she's in England."
"What?!! In England?!"

And in no time the ravishing Women Fighters Team is ready for KOF action.
King of Fighters '95
King is tending bar on the graveyard shift at her tavern. As she spies the time, she mumbles with a sigh.
KING: "It should be anytime now."
And just as she utters this, Yuri perkily pops into her place of business.
YURI: "Howdy-do, Kingly-poo!"
King appears overwhelmed by her perkiness.
KING: "Geez.... I saw this coming down Main Street...."
YURI: "Aw come on...I thought I'd surprise you coming all the way to England, so why don't you look at least a little surprised?"
KING: "Now hold on there, toots...."
Just then, the door opens and in waltzes Mai.
MAI: "King! Konnichiwa-ha-ha!!!"
YURI: "Mai! Konnichiwa-ha-ha to you!"
MAI: "Oh, Yuri! Long time, no see!"
KING: "Good grief.... You guys are easier to read than the funny papers."
MAI: "Aw, geez. Are we so predictable...?"
KING: "I got one of these, too...."
King produces a King of Fighters invitation from her breast pocket.
YURI: "Aw, nuts! Well, it'll save me some breath. So, we're teaming up again, right?"
KING: "Uh, I hate to say this...."
MAI: "What's wrong, King? You don't mean...."
KING: "I'm sorry, guys...I'm thinking about sitting this one out."
YURI: "What?! What do you mean?! If you're not with us, we'll...."
MAI: "Yeah! We three are supposed to be inseparable!"
YURI: "Tell us why. Why?!
King casts looks down grimly, and then her shoulders begin to shake and she burst out laughing.
KING: "Haaah, hah, hah, hah!"
MAI, YURI: "...?"
KING: "What a couple of stooges! You fell for it!"
YURI: "Aaaah!!"
MAI: "Oh! You are nasty, girl! You really had us going...."
KING: "I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. Seeing you two stooges again...."
MAI: "Well, then, what's it going to be?"
KING: "Hey, I got burned by you once before, remember? I've been waiting for this for a whole year!"
YURI: "All right! So you're with us and Ryo's gonna get a whippin'!"
MAI: "Looks like the mighty babes are back in action!"
KING: "Since you two are entering, I guess we've just got to win! You with me?"
MAI, YURI: "With you, girl!!!"
King of Fighters '96
England. Mai Shiranui energetically bursts into King's bar "Illusion."
MAI: "K-King! We're in a real pickle!!!"
King, in the midst of closing up her bar, is struck dumb by Mai's outburst but manages a response.
KING: "Wh-what's all this then, Mai?!"
MAI: "I-it's...this year's King of Fighters! Yuri won't be teaming up with us!"
KING: "What?! Yuri?!"
MAI: "Yeah! It seems that Yuri is a part of her father's designs, so if we don't find a replacement, we won't be able to join the competition."
KING: "...Really? Well, it looks like things are working out to my advantage...."
MAI: "Huh...?"
KING: "...Mai. As a matter of fact, this is a little hard to say...."
MAI: "What is it?"
KING: "I want out of this year's tournament."
MAI: "Huh?! What did you say?"
Mai can't believe her ears.
KING: "...My younger brother was in an accident just the other day."
MAI: "Your little brother?!"
KING: "Yeah, it was no big deal, but he's my only kin. I'd like to be by his side. ...So this time around, I'm sorry but...."
MAI: "O-OK, I understand. I hope your brother gets well as soon as possible. I'm sure this must be tough on you, so hang in there, OK?"
KING: "I'm sorry, Mai. I'm sorry I can't help you. Hey, isn't your boyfriend...yeah, it's Andy, isn't it? How's he doing?"
MAI: "...Andy always enters as one of the three stooges..."
KING: " that so.... W-well, how about staying the night here?"
MAI: "...No. I've reserved a hotel room nearby, so don't put yourself out. See you...!"
And with that, Mai bursts out of the bar.
KING: "Ah, Mai!"

Mai looks heart-broken as she walks through the town.
MAI: "Looks like I'm all alone again...."
Feeling pathetic, Mai's face flushes red and she loses her composure.
When she comes to her senses, she realizes that tears are flowing down her cheeks.

After Mai leaves, King remains alone in "Illusion."
KING: "The King of Fighters, huh...?"
King gaze fixes onto a flashy ad broadcast on her bar's tele.

The next day, Mai packs her bags in preparation to return home to Japan.
MAI: "Sigh. I've exhausted all my options; they didn't pan out.... So much for this year's KOF."
Mai heaves a sigh of disappointment.
The doorbell to Mai's room rings.
MAI: "Yeah. Is it the bellboy? I'm coming!"
But just at the moment Mai opens the door, "BAM!" A stinging fist comes toward Mai's face.
Mai barely avoids it.
MAI: "Wh-what the?"
Mai is momentarily dazed but she realizes her opponent's a woman and her mode of combat appears to be some sort of ancient martial art. She closes in on the retreating Mai, gradually pushing her out into the hall.
MAI: "Uh!"
As she grunts, Mai repeats a series of kicks. The woman slips by the attack.
MAI: "There's a lot more where that came from, sister!"
Mai adds a special move to her attack.
MAI: "Dragon Flame Romp!"
The flames alight on the hakama-wearing woman.
This attack catches her off guard, but the woman in the hakama manages to guard against the attack and winces.
MAI: "Ahh!"
Mai rushes toward the woman in the hakama.
She unleashes her Deadly Ninja Bees.
Mai guards against the onrushing woman. She grabs onto Mai.
At that moment...
"OK, that's enough!"
The two look in the direction of the voice. A single woman stands in the doorway.
MAI: "K-King!"
Seeing the figure of King, the woman dressed in the hakama releases Mai and begins to speak.
WOMAN: "Forgive me for being so rough. I am Kasumi Todoh. King told me all about you and I felt I had to come and greet you, Mai."
MAI: "Huh? King? And why couldn't you just settle for a simple ŽÔhello' or something?"
KING: "That's right. I directed her here. She's our new team member."
KASUMI: "That's right. I've been dying to enter King of Fighters. But along with entering the tournament, I'd sure love to win it. This little scuffle tells me that you've got what it takes. With you on our side, I know winning the competition is no mere pipe dream."
MAI: "H-huh...? So why are you here, King?"
KING: "Uh-yeah. My kid brother saw right through me. He said he didn't want to see his sister without her usual glow. He prefers to see me in action and told me he's so proud of seeing me fight. When he told me he wants me to enter the competition, battle it out, and win, I realized then I could do more for him winning KOF than sitting by his bedside.
MAI: "Th-then, King..."
KING: "Yup...! I'm in, of course!"
MAI: "A-all right! If you're with me King, I have no complaints!"
KING: "Well, that's settled then! Mai! Kasumi! We're going for the top!"
KASUMI: "You said it."
MAI: "Naturally! This one's for King's kid brother!"
King of Fighters '97
A press conference with Chizuru Kagura about this year's KOF tournament is currently playing on the TV in "Illusion," King's bar in England.

CHIZURU: "...I know this has already been mentioned in the various media, but once again I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the beginning of the King of Fighters '97."
REPORTER 1: "What exactly is the scale of this year's tournament?"
CHIZURU: "We plan a larger scale than last year for this year's tournament."
REPORTER 2: "As the scale of the tournament gets bigger, I think it will be more difficult to handle any occurrences like those of last year, so what comment do you have about that?"
CHIZURU: "We've strengthened security far above that of the previous tournament and are doing our utmost to provide everyone with a safe tournament."
REPORTER 3: "Didn't you fight at the end of KOF '96? According to the rumors, you plan to enter this year's competition as well. Care to comment on that?"
CHIZURU: "As far as that goes, I can't say that the particulars regarding my team have been decided, but, yes, I will most certainly be entering this year's tournament."
Click, click. Mumble, mumble. Flash, flash.
REPORTER 4: "What's the reason for your entering the competition?"
CHIZURU: "I am, after all, a fighter, and I want to see just how I stack up."
REPORTER 5: "You said things haven't been decided, but just who do you plan to team up with?"
CHIZURU: "Let's just say that for the time being I can't give any names, but I'm going to be negotiating with fighters with whom you are all quite familiar."

KING: "Hmm, so Kagura will be entering, too...Doesn't matter to me, though..."
King watches the press conference broadcast from behind the counter. Just then, Sally the waitress comes toward King, holding something in her hand.
SALLY: "King, you have a letter. Here it is."
KING: "Th-thanks."
The air-mail letter is addressed to King, and Mai Shiranui's name is written in the return address space.
KING: (From Mai? What could this be?)
King takes a quick peek at the contents.
KING: (An airplane ticket?)
Inside the envelope there is a letter and an airplane ticket for Japan. The contents of the letter read: "I have to talk to you about this year's KOF. See you in Japan."
KING: (...This is weird. Ah, well, I guess I'll go since I have something to discuss with Mai as well.)

A few days later, King is in Japan. Relying on the map that was enclosed in the letter, King sees that Mai has already arrived at a modest coffee shop and sits at a seat by the window.
MAI: "King, it's been ages."
KING: "It has been a while, hasn't it?"
MAI: "So, have you got the shop covered?"
KING: "Yeah, I left everything to Sally and Elizabeth."
MAI: "Those twin waitresses of yours. Is that so? Well, I'll just jump keep you up to speed about the King of Fighters, then. It looks like I not going to be finding a third member."
KING: "What about Kasumi?"
MAI: "I tried to contact Kasumi, but she said she's still looking for her father so she took off after him."
KING: "...Ah-hah...Is that so?"
MAI: "And Yuri has to team up with her brother, it seems. I tried a number of other possibilities, but they came up empty too."
KING: "Is that so?"
MAI: "So, it looks like this time, I think I'll give up entering."
KING: "That doesn't sound like you. You're always so gung-ho about gathering up teammates and now you just give up?"
MAI: "I'd like to enter, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to find a third member. And Andy'll probably enter as one of the three stooges again, so maybe I'll just go cheer him on."

KING: "Great, then it all works out. I was thinking of sitting this KOF out too."
MAI: "Oh, really?"
KING: "As a matter of fact, I had planned to take the summer off and travel with Jan. Since Jan was, you know, up till now, I haven't been able to take him anywhere. And since I entered last year, my bar got famous and I've just been so busy, so, since Jan has gotten better, and we haven't spent any time together..."
MAI: "I see.... Jan must be excited."
KING: "Well, no, I haven't told him yet¼Óit's still just in the planning stages."
MAI: "Ah, I see. But if you've decided so quickly, wouldn't it have been faster to call me?"
KING: "I suppose. But you went to all the trouble of getting me a ticket."
MAI: "Huh? A ticket? What're you talking about?"
KING: "Yeah, it was in your letter."
MAI: "Letter? But I got a letter from you...."
KING: "Impossible, I didn't send you any letter...."
WOMAN: "I called you two here."
MAI, KING: "?!"
Mai and King turn in the direction of the voice to find the woman who appeared at the press conference on TV a few days ago standing there.
WOMAN: "It's been a while, hasn't it King and Mai?"
KING: "You're...Chizuru all makes sense now. I had a feeling."
King shows the letter addressed to her to Mai.
MAI: "This is it...?"
KING: "That's the letter that came with the airplane ticket. I thought something was queer about it...I'm sure you got a letter similar to this one, right?"
MAI: "Yeah. I thought it was pretty bizarre too."
CHIZURU: "Forgive me. I thought that if I didn't resort to such a ruse, you two would never have come."
MAI: "Well, the last KOF was no picnic, I'll give you that."
KING: "It's doubtful that I would have come without your name written on the envelope. I'm in no mood to get caught up in some freaky blood feud. But since we're all buddy-buddy now...This must be what you were talking about at the press conference."
MAI: "Ah, the story about her team, yeah!"
CHIZURU: "Yes. I was counting on the power that you showed me in the previous tournament and hope you'll enter with me this year."
MAI: "'s all right with me. How about you, King?"
King takes a moment to think it over and formulate an answer.
KING: "...Can't you try someone else? I would have liked to have entered with you, but this year I'd like to devote my time to Jan and give him something special to remember."
MAI: "...Well, if King won't enter, I think I'll pass, too."
KING: "Mai..."
CHIZURU: "Very well.... I guess I'll have to cancel the four sets of tickets I prepared for each venue..."
KING: "Four sets of tickets?"
CHIZURU: "Yeah, an extra set for your brother."
KING: "Tickets for Jan?"
MAI: "Ah, I see. That means you can enter the tournament and Jan can join you, too."
KING: " you think he'd enjoy traveling around for KOF?"
MAI: "Are you kidding? Didn't he tell you how proud he was to see you fight? If that's the case then he should really be glad to actually see you in action."
CHIZURU: "How about it? Will you do me the honor?"
KING: "..."
MAI: "King...."
KING: "...OK...I'm in. I'll enter. But in return we'll have to do our best to win our matches and go on to all of the venues to show Jan around the world. If we don't, it won't be worth it."
MAI: "Leave it to me. We're in this to win."
KING: "OK.... Well, then, Chizuru, it looks like I'm in."
MAI: "It'll be my pleasure to enter with you."
CHIZURU: "No, the pleasure will be all mine."
King of Fighters '99
An early afternoon in Southtown.

The city dwellers have had it with this year's sweltering heat.
With the heat bouncing off the asphalt, there's one shop that people rushing to get out of inferno naturally stop.
The name of that establishment is "Bar-Illusion."
It's a shop with a refreshing and relaxed atmosphere.

Cling, cling rings the bell at the entryway and a lone woman enters the bar.
"Welcome. Oh?! Why if it isn't Mary?!"
The bartender who receives her seems to be an acquaintance.

"Have you come here on another investigation? Nose to the grindstone, eh...?

"The bartender's name is King.
She's the well-known woman fighter who's so famous in Southtown that everyone knows her name.

"Yeah, I guess. It's my job, you know?"
Mary mutters this as she takes a seat at the counter.
"Well, yeah, I suppose. So, how's tricks?"
"Ah, the usual end of the world stuffÑregional conflicts, refugees, famine."
"Yeah, there's not a lot of happy news these days, is there? So, do you have any business with me? You're not the type of person who'd come here on a social call now, are you?"

"A most acute observation. Take a gander at this."

Mary flips her laptop computer open.
"Well, take a look at this."
"What is that?!"
King seems surprised when she sees the message.
Displayed on the screen is an invitation to this year's King of Fighters tournament.
"I knew there'd be another competition this year, but in spite of that there doesn't seem to be any advertisements for it...."
"Yeah, that does seem fishy, doesn't it...And the invitations have been individually sent in all types of formats...."
"And that's what's fishy, is it...?"
"So, you've probably got one then, haven't you?"
"What? Are you telling me to enter with you?"
"What are you talking about? You've got this invitation, haven't you?"
"Whoa, you are quite the investigator, aren't you? You never change...."
"So, are you going to enter?"

"Well, I guess I could. But we can't get enough members this year, can we? It says we'll need four fighters on a team. This time around Mai's teaming up with Andy. And I'm sure Chizuru won't be entering...."
"You don't need to worry about that: I've got some other teammates in mind..."
"You've prepared everything, have you?"
As her words leave her lips, King hopes that this year won't be as "exciting" as previous ones.

The scene changes to the hustling and bustling of Southtown's Chinatown.
A pair of vigorous voice echoes on the streets. Gapers gather as if summoned by the voices.
"Go! XiangFei!"
"Hang in there, Kimono lady!"
It seems that the passers-by are enjoying a little rumble between a waitress from a Chinese restaurant and a young woman dressed in a hakama, a type of Japanese skirt for formal occasions.
"Run away without paying your bill, will you! I'll make you pay!"
"I'm telling you I didn't eat and run! I'm just going to the bank to withdraw some money!!!"
"Do you expect me to swallow a crock like that?! You may not believe it looking at me, but I've never let anyone leave my restaurant without paying, deadbeat!"XiangFei.
She's a part-time waitress/bodyguard who happens to be on the job at her Chinese restaurant today.
She's usually able to subdue offenders in two or three minutes, but today, for some reason, she has her hands full.
Today's deadbeat has been able to defend herself against whatever attack Xiang makes.
It appears that this opponent is one tough customer.
"Huff, just...come quietly with me...."
"W-Who...I didn't do anything wrong..."
The battle between these two seems to be locked in a stalemate.

"Oh, it's over there."
People are gathered haphazardly in front of the place that Mary points out.
"There? It looks awfully crowded over there."
Mary has pulled King out of her shop for a while and the two have just arrived here in Chinatown. Although it's a part of Southtown, Chinatown seems like the other side of the world. And there among the gathered throng...just what is going on?
She goes to check it out with her own eyes.
"Uh, excuse me."
King tugs Mary along with her and they elbow people aside, making their way to the center of the crowd.
They're slightly taken aback when they see the cause of the commotion.
The face of the woman dressed in the hakama looks familiar.
"Kasumi! Just what do you think you're doing?!!!"
"Oh, King! Fancy meeting you here!"
"Now's my chance!"
XiangFei sees her chance and makes a move to striker her opponent.
Her attack seems destined to strike Kasumi. But then...

Mary grabs XiangFei's hand the second before she hits Kasumi.
"OK. That's enough. I'll pay the bill, XiangFei. More important, we've come to recruit you for our team. How about it?"
"Huh? Do you mean the King of Fighters?"
XiangFei shoots a surprised look at Mary.
"Yup, that's what I'm talking about. You should have gotten an invitation delivered to your place."
"Yeah, but Grandfather Pai stopped me from entering."
"I'll talk to your grandfather. How about it? Will you enter with me?"
"Uh, sure! Yeah, I'll do it! I love a good fight!"
"OK! Then it's decided., too, Kasumi. You got one, didn't you? An invitation."
"Huh? You'll let me join your team? I-I have just happened to be looking for some fellow fighters who would allow me to join their team in the tournament! I'm so happy!"
"Of course! How could we ignore such experienced talent if we plan to enter the tournament?"
"Huh...? You mean this eat-and-run deadbeat, too...?"
XiangFei purses her lips as she makes her chiding comment.
"Look, I told you I'm not a deadbeat!"
"Ah, I've got a bad feeling about this...!"

Just thinking about what's about to unfold is beginning to give King a migraine.
King of Fighters '00
TAKUMA: "Hey! Yuri, can't you wait?"
YURI: "Ab-so-lute-ly not! Joining up with you guys again is something that I absolutely won't do."

The usual parent-child fight takes place in the Kyokugen Karate gym.
YURI: "How long do I have to be a Kyokugen Karate slave?! It was the same last time! And the time before that! And before that, and that, and that! And even before that!!! I've entered the KOF tournament with you before, so this time, absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely! No!"
This time the quarrel is more fierce than usual.
YURI: "Why don't you just back off! You and Ryo are more than enough to advertise the greatness of the Way of Kyokugen."
Yuri pick up her luggage with this and rushes quickly into the hallway.
Just as she puts her shoes on at the entryway, Ryo shows up.
RYO: "Yuri, are you okay? I know that you're strong enough to go your own way. That's exactly why Pop thinks it would devastate us if you don't enter on our team."
YURI: "I know, Ryo. But I'm not a kid that needs you, Robert, and Pop to watch over me anymore. I want to strike out on my own as an independent fighter!"
RYO: "I know that, but...."
YURI: "What's more, you don't have to worry about the void I create. I've asked a powerful substitute to take my place!"
RYO: "What? A substitute? Who could that be?"
YURI: "That's for me to know and you to find out. Well, see you, big bro'!"
RYO: "Hey, Hey, Yuri...Oh, that little twerp...And just what does she mean by arranging for a substitute?"

Meanwhile, here at Southtown's "Bar-Illusion" owned by the famous woman fighter King...
KING: "H-Hey, hold on there. Why won't everything work out if I don't join the Kyokugen Karate team?!"
YURI: "Please! You're the only one I can ask, King!"
KING: "Just what is going on with your team, anyway, Yuri? Have you got all your team members?"
YURI: "Yeah. Three of them are certain. One space remains undecided, and I wanted you to be that person, but...If I'm to succeed in getting out of the Kyokugen team, I can't think of a better substitute than you, King! Not only that, King, I know you're hot for my brother...."
KING: "Uh, I don't think he's exactly hot for me...not in that way, at least...."
YURI: "King! I'm begging you! I'll be indebted for you for life!"
Yuri bows deeply for her acceptance.
KING: "Hey there, stop it. Ah...Well, what can I do? ...Well, okay. I guess I'll join the Kyokugen Karate team this year!"
YURI: "R-Really? Thank you so much, King!"
KING: "However, your Yuri Team must win its way to the finals!"
YURI: "OK, King! Let's all give it our best shot! Well, see you!"
KING: "Huh?! You're leaving already?"
YURI: "Yup! I got to find my fourth member! I'm outta here!"
Yuri pops the door open and skips out of sight.

KING: "H-Hey! Yuri! In and out like a gale, that girl is."
The time flies by in an instant and only a few weeks remain until the tournament.

ROBERT: "Hey, Ryo! Just what's the word?"
RYO: "Oh, Robert. What's with the red face?"
ROBERT: "It's Yuri. It looks like she's up and joined another team this time around! Just what's going on?!"
RYO: "And that's why you flew here all the way from Italy. You really do have a lot of free time!"
ROBERT: "Just what do you mean by that?! You know how I feel about Yuri!"
RYO: "It's not that! I'm not trying to tear you two apart. It's just that Yuri decided on her own to join another team."
ROBERT: "Oh? Then what's this all about?"
The newspaper lists the major entrants of this year's tournament.
RYO: "What's up? It mentions the change in members for the Kyokugen Karate team and the leading member of the Woman Fighters team King will substitute for Yuri Sakazaki...Hmm. ...What?! King?!"
ROBERT: "Yup! It's obvious that you finagled this to get closer to King and eighty-sixed my sweet little Yuri!"
RYO: "Hey, lighten up, Robert! I just learned about this this very moment!"
ROBERT: "You better tell me the truth! Dragon Blast Punch!!"

Ryo barely manages to evade this attack.

RYO: "Hey! Are you really cruising for a bruising?"
ROBERT: "Hey! I'm about to lose it!"
TAKUMA: "Would you two cut it ou-uuuuuuuut!"
At that instant, a clap of thunder rumbles through the gym.
TAKUMA: "You two fools! Just what is going on here?!"
RYO: "Pop..."
ROBERT: "Master..."
TAKUMA: "Rancid rice balls! You two just never grow up, do you? You two! Hey, by the way, Ryo, you have a visitor!"
RYO: "For me?"
KING: "Hi, Ryo, Robert! You both are looking good."

The person that appears from behind Takuma is none other than King.
RYO: "King!?"

ROBERT: "Oh, Oh! Kissy, kissy. It's getting kind of hot in here!"
Robert apparently has lost it as his little hissy-fit shows.
KING: "Oh, Robert, Ryo's telling you the truth when he says he didn't know about this. I didn't call on him until the members were listed in the paper. Not only that, Yuri was the one who decided to remove herself from the Kyokugen Karate team. And then she asked me to take her place in your little group."
RYO: "I'm sorry, King. What with you having to leave your own team for Yuri's sake...."
KING: "No, problem. It looks like this may turn out to be a good experience. I've never been able to join another team until now. You just might be able to teach me a thing or two."
RYO: "King...."
ROBERT: "Hold on there! I can't consent to this! In order for her to join the Kyokugen Karate team, she's going to need the necessary ability! She's going to have to show us what she's got."
RYO: "Robert! You know well and good she's got more than enough..."
King cuts off Ryo.
KING: "Well, that suits me just fine, Ponytail Boy. I'm sure your willing to indulge me. I guess you'll do as a test of my abilities."
TAKUMA: "Very well! Let's have a little match in the gym!

Robert and King pile on the kicks. And each time for countless times the match ends in a stalemate. The two breathe heavily, and it's clear they've taken this as far as it can go.

ROBERT: "Pant, pant...You live up to your legend...You weren't a bodyguard just for show, I see."
KING: "You're no slouch yourself...You certainly are...the Mighty Tiger of the Way of Kyokugen..."
The two both look like as if one more kick would send them both to the floor.
ROBERT: "Okay, King! Breaks over. Gyah!"
KING: "Aaah!"

Once again the two pile heavy kick upon heavy kick on each other. It's impossible for either of them to try to attack any more.

TAKUMA: "OK, boy and girl, show's over."
RYO: "Are you guys okay? King! Robert!"
KING: "Ah, I'm okay.... But I'm a little drained from going at it with such a worthy opponent. What a kickfest that was!"
ROBERT: "I...was just going to say that...."
TAKUMA: "So, Robert?! Any more complaints about allowing King to join our Kyokugen team?"
ROBERT: "No, I have no complaints...Master...?"
TAKUMA: "Well, King, I think you get the message. We'd be honored to have you join us...."
KING: "I got it. Takuma...I won't disgrace the Kyokugen name."

TAKUMA: "Well, then we join the KOF tournament with these members! We'll be invincible, of course! We're going all the way!"
King of Fighters '01
"Yes! This year I'm entering for sure!"
A lone girl mutters this with a touch of excitement as she squeezes the KOF invitation in her hand.
Her expression brims with her enthusiasm towards entering the tournament.
Now we're in Southtown's Chinatown. The young woman works here part-time in her Grandfather Bai's Chinese restaurant.
Her name is Li Xiang Fei. Ever since she can remember she has loved a good fight and works as this shop's bodyguard as well as one of its waitresses.
"Last year was a real letdown. Even though I got an invitation, Mary and King ended up entering on other teams, and Mai's team was already decided...."
Xiang Fei still stings with the regrets of being unable to find team members for the previous tournament, but this time, for sure, she's determined to enter KOF.
"OK! This year for sure I'm absolutely going to gather together some teammates and quickly form my team!!!"
Once she makes up her mind, Xiang Fei's quick to act. She bursts out of the early morning mist that shrouds Chinatown.

Meanwhile, inside Andy's gym in the middle of Southtown, Mai's voice echoes through the structure to no avail.
"That Andy. I'll never forgive him! This is the second time in a row he's left me in the lurch, and I won't forget it! Come on! Show yourself, Andy, you bleach-blond girlie-man!!!"
With almost perfect timing and no prior notification, in pops Xiang Fei, right in front of a truly peeved Mai.
"Hey, Mai! I thought you'd be here!"
"Say what?! You're Xiang Fei, right?! What're you doing here?!"
"Eh, heh, heh. I heard Andy had opened a gym, so I came to check it out. And just as I expected, here you are Mai!"
"Well, yeah. I don't mind about Andy opening a gym here, but...Nuts! The loser's not here! It's just getting to be more and more of a chore trying to find out where that pretty-boy is! Uh, you have something you want to ask me?"
"Yeah! I thought I could convince you to be on a team with me this year!"
Xiang Fei tells Mai relates her experience with last year's tournament.
"Hmm...the dickens you say...Well, all right! I understand. Let's kick some but, Xiang Fei! And I want to make Andy scream ÔUncle.'!"
"...Y-Yeah, that sounds nice. So let's do it together! (It's not the way I pictured it, but it'll have to do...)."

"Hmm, looks like the whole world's on the skids these days...."
A solitary woman sits inside a bar that boasts a reserved atmosphere.
She looks over the newspaper spread out on the table and sighs.
Meet King. Along with being the owner of the bar "Illusion," she is an figure well-known among fight fans.
There is still a while before she's set to open her shop. King takes her eyes off the newspaper and shoots a glance at the envelope placed casually atop the thick oak counter. It's an invitation to King of Fighters.
"...It's come uninvited once again this year...ah, whatever...."
And just at that instant, "bing, bong" rings the doorbell.
"I'm sorry, we're not open yet."
King answers melancholically with her back to the door.
"Is that...King? Long time no see!"
"!! Xiang Fei?! And Mai, too. Hmph...."
The instant King saw their two faces, she knew it was another invitation to enter KOF. But this year she has not intention in the least of entering the tournament. So that's why she would tell the two the real reason and get them to leave. But as a result of Xiang Fei and Mai's persistent pleadings, King's chance to give these two the boot never arises. King eventually gives in.
"All right. All right already! I'll enter on your team, so enough of this whining!"
"Really?! All right!!!"
The two go wild with joy.
"But what are you going to do about the fourth team member? You can't join with a team of three members."
"Uh, I forgot about that...What'll we do? ...Kasumi said she saw her father in the last tournament so she set out to find him and can't be reached...and Yuri has already joined up with the Kyokugen Karate team...."
"Mai, uh, what about that sumo chick that entered last year. Won't she do?"
"Ah, you mean Hinako? She has school to worry about now...."
"That's not a problem. I'll convince here!"
Xiang Fei confidently comes to a credible conclusion.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Hinako Shijo."
It didn't take especially long for Hinako to show up at the bar "Illusion." What a coincidence that she shows up on a trip to Southtown at this very moment! It looks like the final pieces have fallen into place, so Mai's beside herself.
"So you're that sumo fanatic, Hinako, are you? Well, today everything's on the house so eat up!"
King stops wiping the glasses momentarily and takes a deep breath. She resigns herself that there's nothing she can do, today's just not her day. Not her day, and not her month: accounts this month will surely register in the red.
"Oh really? Thank you very much. I oblige myself of your kind hospitality."
"...So, Hinako, won't you enter KOF with us? With you on our team, I know we can win for sure."
"Oh, really-eeee? I'm truly honored to hear that. And if you provide me with another opportunity to enter...I'll be able to get more sumo club members, and...yeah, can I bring my sumo club teammates to the event?"
"Uh, yeah, the more the merrier, right?! It would be nice to have our own cheering section!"
"U-Uh, that's fine with me. Well, anyway, we have all of our members lined up, eh? Oh, good grief...."
"And in the event of our victory, I'll be happy to treat you and all your friends to a dinner party here at my place."
"Huh?!!! Really?! All right! Now I feel more psyched than ever. We're really going to bust some heads!"
And so, with Xiang Fei's passion, Mai's rage, and King's tolerance (?), the new Women Fighters team came into being.
King of Fighters '03
"Mai, King, sorry to have kept you waiting. So let's have some fun."
A baseball field on the outskirts of Southtown.
Although the baseball season has already ended, the double "A" league is playing a tournament to appeal to the local baseball fanatics.
The one who has asked Mai Shiranui and King here is none other than Mary Ryan. She's a female agent who's known for her considerable talent in the field.
"Both of you have no objections to a dog and some suds, do you? The hot dogs here are legendary."
"You sure are all worked up today, Mary."
"So what's with those clothes? Are you planning to play catch in the stands or something?"
King and Mai are mutually impressed. Looking around the stadium, it's questionable whether there are even a thousand or so fans in attendance. So it's close to a miracle that a hot dog stand is open for business.
And Mary is no slacker either, decked out in her usual leather jacket, baseball cap, and even a broken-in glove in her left hand.
"Oh, this thing? It's to snag those home runs. Hey, some hot dogs over here please."
There are no seats in the outfield of the ballpark but a well groomed lawn instead. The fans sit her on sheets laid out to their liking. Among them are some who have removed their shirts, enjoying a bronzing session along with the ballgame. It's well into autumn, but today is a paragon of an Indian summer day.
Mai loses no time sinking her teeth into her hot dog.
"Wow, this is really good - just the right amount of onions."
"I told you so. These are the perfect accompaniment to a tall glass of beer."
"By the way, Mary, although I do know my pool, baseball's all Greek to me."
"Don't worry about it. It's fun enough just watching the players throw, hit, and run the bases."
"Hmm, I guess so. How many points do you get for a homerun?"
"All I know is battledore and shuttlecock, myself, so, come on, teach us the rules. How many points for an out?"
"Uh...Oh, don't sweat the details now. Watch and learn"

The batter smacks a fly ball, high and deep.
The white sphere shoots into the serenely blue Southtown sky, but the centerfielder snags it with barely a move. It's the third out and the sides change. King tries to strike up another conversation once the play comes to a halt.
"By the way, Mary."
"That was an out. You don't get points for that."
"That's not what I was trying to say..."
"We're surrounded."
Mai seems to be aware of the situation too. There aren't too many of them.
But some clearly well-conditioned individuals around the stairs to the seats, in the shadows of the billboards, and behind the light posts have them encircled and are gradually closing in.
"Five, no I'd say six. Mai?"
"At least in the immediate area I'd say so. There may be more waiting in the wings."
"I'm sorry, looks like I got caught with my pants down here."
With that remark, Mary shoves the last bite of her hot dog into her mouth, washes it down with a swig of beer, and then licks the ketchup off her fingers.
The eyes of the three remain on the action on the field.
"They don't seem too anxious to use guns. I say we let them move closer into range, sound good to you?"
"It's your call, Mary."
With the previous change-up the match completes the top of the third and the visiting team is now looking at a man on first with no outs. The clean-up batter is at the plate.
Along with the short bang of the dry bat smacking the ball, Mai backhands the nose of the man who has approached her from behind. She takes his right hand and it no more than a couple of seconds she twists it up behind him.
In a flash King swings her feet along the ground to trip up the feet of another man coming to the aid of Mai's assailant. The man falls flat on his back onto the grass. King's heel then lands in a flowing motion down on his unguarded solar plexus.
The baseball meanwhile bounces into left center and the runner makes a beeline towards home.
The small crowd erupts in cheers and applause for the runner.
Still another man witnesses the unfavorable series of events unfolding before his eyes and tut-tuts his accomplices in spite of himself, then glances backward.
"What are you doing? Malin!"
"You're busted!"
The moment he lets his guard down, Mary seizes his arms.
It's a brief and speedy action that appears as if she shook her arms up and down just a few times. And with that, there is a disagreeably dull snap accompanying the dislocation of his shoulder.
The final brawl is drowned out by the cheers for the batter just making the slide into third base. The home (visiting?) team has just taken the lead with a three-base hit. A flashy display appears on the scoreboard and the screaming color commentary of the announcer from a radio of one of the fans echoes in the area. No one appears to be aware of the action taking place in the stands.

"I suppose this is a warning for me. They're telling me to go home. But Blue Mary doesn't give in to threats."
"Damn, no one told me something like this would happen. So it wasn't just him?"
"You're not very up on your intel for someone in your line of work. Just try pulling something like this with my pals here. You'll have to answer to me, Mai Shiranui!"
"And your friendly neighborhood bouncer, who wishes to remain anonymous."
"?! ...Y-you're those fighter chicks from KOF, aren't you? Tch, I'm out of here!"
In spite of the shape of their bodies, the men retreat in a right quick and orderly fashion.

"My precious hot dog is ruined!"
Unlike Mary who managed to gulp hers down in the knick of time, King and Mai's superlative sausages rest on the lawn, splotches of ketchup and mustard color the grass.
The three are not at all fazed by their predicament, nor are they in the least afraid or jittery. They are seasoned fighters, pros who have survived scuffles more severe than this.
"I'll go get us some new ones."
Mai gets up and makes her way to the singular stand that served them before.
"I'll take two hot dogs (Hmm, Mary could probably use one more too). No, make that three."
"Hey, you were just here, weren't you? You don't need to pay."
"Huh? But why?"
"It's already been covered. Here you go, three hot dogs."
"Covered? By who?"
"What? Don't you know her? She's a petite, cute little thing. Her name was, uh, was Maria, or, something like Marie, maybe? Nah, I think it was Mariko?"
"Do you mean, 'Malin?'"
"Yeah, yeah. That's it! It was 'Malin.' She left me a message for you, too."

Mary and King immediately sense that things aren't right with Mai.
"What's up, Mai?"
"It looks like someone already knows of our plans to enter this year's KOF."
"So what's the big deal, we're in it every year? Was she scrounging for an autograph or something?"
"No, just the opposite. She sprang for our hot dogs."
"What's all that about!"
"And she left us a message. It reads, 'This competition looks like it's going to be a blast, so you'll be seeing more of me later. Your pal, Malin.'"
"Malin? ...Didn't that bunch of thugs mention that name?"
"Oh, whatever. We'll find out all the details once the tourney starts. Look, another hit!"
The dull roar of the crowd emanates from the baseball stadium on the town's outskirts.
And the sun has begun its westward descent.
King of Fighters XI
"I'm sorry, Yuri... if only I were in better health...," said Takuma Sakazaki.
"You don't need to worry about that, Dad," replied his daughter.
"I have only one regret... that I never got to see the third generation of the Kyokugen School's family..." He broke into a fit of coughing.
"Master, you really should take it easy," said Robert.

It had been some time since the attack on Takuma's at the end of the last KOF tournament. To further compound the problem, the Garcia Foundation was in the middle of a major project, which meant that Robert Garcia would be unable to compete this year. That left just Ryo and Yuri, and they couldn't join without a third member.

"Per... perhaps King could help us out," said Takuma between his coughs.

His voice had been so weak on the phone that King rushed to the hospital in a panic, a bouquet of flowers under one arm. When she got there, however, she thought there was something strange about how he looked. For a man who'd been hospitalized for about a year, his complexion was pretty darn rosy, and his muscles had shown no signs of atrophy. Yuri, on the other hand, looked like she was exhausted from having to tend to him.

"A-anyway, look. I've brought you some flowers for your room," said King.
Takuma looked at her kindly and said, "You're too good to me, King... but once those flowers die, my time will be up as well."
Yuri responded immediately. "Dad, you shouldn't talk like that!"
"Oh, it looks as though I'll never make it long enough to see the third generation of Kyokugenryu..."

At that moment, a passing nurse peeked in and said, "Mr. Sakazaki, was there something you needed today?
"Huh?" replied Takuma. "Uh, no, nothing right now..."
"Well," the nurse said, "you always seem to be in such high spirits... it's a little strange, don't you think?"
Takuma stammered. "Th-that's not true!"
"Right!" affirmed Yuri. "This is... uh... just the like when a candle burns brightest just before it burns out!"
Robert piped in at this point, adding, "That's right! Our master isn't long for this world!"

Before the nurse could reply, Robert and Yuri shooed her out of the room.

"You've got to be kidding...," King muttered under her breath, trying very hard not to let her expression betray her thoughts.

"Mr. Sakazaki, it's time for your examination," said another nurse.
"Dammit, why do the nurses keep showing up one after another?" muttered Robert.
"Probably because it's a hospital," replied Yuri with a smirk.
The nurse ignored Robert's comments and primly stuck a thermometer in Takuma's mouth. "By the way, Mr. Sakazaki," she said.
"Wh-what?" mumbled the elder Sakazaki around the thermometer, and coughed.
"Lately, one of the patients has been sneaking off to the drugstore nearby at night to get food... apparently, the hospital food isn't enough for him. I don't suppose you'd happen to know who he is, would you?"
"I have no idea," Takuma said, then broke into another mild coughing fit.
The nurse's gaze didn't waver from her patient. "Witnesses have said he wears a Tengu mask on his face... long nose and all. Are you sure you don't know who it is?"
"I-I don't know."
The nurse went on to further state that the man in the Tengu mask appeared to be in remarkably good health for a hospital patient, displaying strength and agility enough to easily leap over a two-meter-tall gate, and always seemed to get Japanese soba noodles from the nearby drugstore.
The thermometer showed a reading of 36.5 degrees Celsius (97.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Hardly a "fever," by any definition.


"So that's the story of when I went to pay my respects," said King.
Ryo sighed. "I'm really sorry, King. Stupid old man... stupid little girl... and that moronic tiger-boy."
Having chastened his entire family equally, Ryo bowed his head to King.
"Don't worry about it," she replied. "So what about you? Still stuck on trying to improve your technique?"
"Huh? ...Oh, yeah. My students are all away, so right now it's just me."

The dojo was almost eerily quiet, and gave off a slight air of divine majesty. It was covered from wall to wall in immaculately-kept tatami mats, and the Shinto shrine had a young and healthy sakaki tree. It was precisely maintained, and almost perfectly silent.

"So how's he doing, anyway? There must be something wrong if he's still in the hospital."
"What, you mean his injuries from when he was attacked after the last tournament?" Ryo replied. "The main problem there was that it aggravated his old chest wound. It healed a lot faster than we expected, though. Right now, he's just in for a check-up."
King looked doubtful. "A check-up?"
Ryo nodded. "Well, he is getting older. I sent him in for a one-week observation, and they found some issues with his blood pressure and his liver, and so on. Thanks to that, things have been pretty quiet around here."
"Well, he must be pretty bored, if he wanted to try calling me there like he did today," said King.
"Yeah, most likely..."

The conversation had ground to a halt, and now there was uncomfortable silence. Ryo looked about, trying to think of something to talk about.

Finally he settled on something and said, "W-well, with dad's condition being what it is, coupled with the fact that Robert's got his plate full with business matters, Yuri and I are kind of stuck. We can't join this year's KOF with just the two of us, and I'm not sure any of my students are ready for that kind of challenge yet."
"So what are you going to do?"
"I guess we sit this one out. It probably wouldn't be such a bad idea to focus more on the administrative duties of the dojo, anyway."
King gave a thoughtful "hmmm" in reply, as a gentle breeze wafted in through all the open windows. "You know, Ryo, you've probably already reached the point where you're a true master."
"Huh?" replied Ryo quizzically.
She smiled. "This is the ‘Kyokugen' school, right? ‘Utmost limits.' I'm saying I think you've already reached the highest point."
"Not even close, King," said Ryo. "This road is a very long one, and I'm still barely a beginner. I've got mountains' worth of things I haven't learned yet."
"So then fight. This isn't like you. You don't get many opportunities to hone your skills like KOF gives you."
Ryo frowned. "But we don't have enough members--"
King cut him off. "Would it kill you just to ask for help?"
He smiled slightly. "...Yeah, you're right. Will you help us out?"


"That's our King," said Yuri. "With my planning and acting skills, it was no sweat."
Takuma sighed. "At the rate I'm going, I really will never see the third generation of the Kyokugen school..."
"Don't worry, master!" said Robert. "Yuri and I can get to work on that for you!"
"Mr. Sakazaki!" shouted the nurse as she suddenly had to restrain him. "A hospital is no place for a fight!"
After he calmed down a bit, Takuma spoke again. "All right, on to our next plan. Listen carefully, both of you."
King of Fighters III
King is a female fighter dressed brilliantly in men's clothing. She fights with her own style of Muay Thai kickboxing. Taking advantage of her tall physique, she specializes in a variety of kicks. She is recognized as a leader among the female fighters. She is also the owner of the "Illusion" bar.
Capcom vs SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 Endings
King returns to England with her little brother Jan. Jan says, "I want to be the strongest like you!" King smiles and knows that there is nothing to fear now.

Fun Facts
Must Drink Less Milk
Shingo's dislike of milk is hinted at in his ending with Mature and King (in which he cries after being given a bottle of milk) in King of Fighters '98, as well as Tizoc's win quote against him in King of Fighters XI.
Reduced Roster
According to some leftover data on the home version discs, The King of Fighters XII originally would have had Mai, Yuri, King, Vice, Takuma, Hwa Jai, "Billy", a "Dark" Ash, and a KoF '98 version of Iori, as well as a boss of unknown identity. KoF XII was well-known to have been rushed through development, so these characters all obviously got the axe due to budget and time constraints. Further supporting this is the fact that all of these characters made it info KoF XIII eventually (counting the home version).
Decent Exposure
Plotwise, King's true gender was revealed during when Ryo split her shirt open with a Koh Oh Ken, a feat that could be replicated if it was used as the final blow in AoF1. This could also be performed on Yuri in AoF2, and even followed them both to the first few editions of KoF.