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King of Fighters 2002, The
Challenge to Ultimate Battle
Fighting Game by Eolith / SNK
Neo Geo
Playstation 2
ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters 2002 (Switch)
ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters 2002 (Xbox One)
ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters 2002 (PlayStation 4)
ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters 2002 (Android)
ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters 2002 (iOS)

Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Ryo Sakazaki
Neo Geo
Robert Garcia
Neo Geo
Takuma Sakazaki
Neo Geo
Terry Bogard
Neo Geo
Andy Bogard
Neo Geo
Joe Higashi
Neo Geo
Athena Asamiya
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Chin Gentsai
Neo Geo
Kyo Kusanagi
Neo Geo
Benimaru Nikaido
Neo Geo
Goro Daimon
Neo Geo
Mai Shiranui
Neo Geo
Yuri Sakazaki
Neo Geo
May Lee
Neo Geo
Omega Rugal
Neo Geo
Shingo Yabuki
Yashiro Nanakase
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Iori Yagami
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Blue Mary Ryan
Neo Geo
Billy Kane
Neo Geo
Leona Heidern
Neo Geo
Ralf Jones
Neo Geo
Clark Steel
Neo Geo
Kim Kaphwan
Neo Geo
Chang Koehan
Neo Geo
Choi Bounge
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Kula Diamond
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Orochi Yashiro
Neo Geo
Orochi Shermie
Neo Geo
Orochi Chris
Neo Geo
Neo Geo
Orochi Iori
Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Geese Howard
Playstation 2

Throw Moves

Go Go Futen Girl

Starlit Field
Angel slips onto her opponent's shoulders and cuts them.
Command Moves

At the Wasteland
(in air)down+dbtn
Knee drop.

Senseless Chatter
Two-hit forward kick.
Special Moves

Beyond Frames
hcf+anykick [Begin]
Forward run that passes through opponent on contact. If chained into any [Continue] move it becomes a tackle. If used as [End] it can still be further chained back into [Continue].

hcf+anykick [End]
Forward run that passes through opponent on contact. If chained into any [Continue] move it becomes a tackle. If used as [End] it can still be further chained back into [Continue].

Buggy and Coffin
forward+anypunch [Continue]
Two hit overhead punch. Chains into [End] or any unused @term=anykick@ [Continue] of a different direction.

Bye Bye Ryuugu
up+anypunch [Continue]
Uppercut. Chains into [End] or any unused @term=anykick@ [Continue] of a different direction.

Citizen of the World
dforward+dbtn [Begin]
Overhead axe kick.. Chains into [Continue]

Cosmic Futen Swing
qcf+abtn [End]
Jumping head grab.

Crown Under Sky
forwardforward+abtn [End]
Big launching uppercut.

Formalists' Blue
dforward+bbtn [Begin]
Low-hitting forward step kick. Chains into [Continue]

Fullmoon Evening
forwardforward+cbtn [End]
Unblockable haymaker.

Impotent Symptom
down+anykick [Continue]
Forward hop followed by low kick. Chains into [End] or any unused @term=anypunch@ [Continue] of a different direction.

Lost Homeland
qcf+cbtn [End]
Grab into kickoff.

Mad Murder Roulette
Standing back brain kick.

backward/neutral/forward+bbtn+cbtn+dbtn [End]
Evasive spin.

Red Sky of Japonesia
Quick shadow dash forward into leg-twist.

Repun Kamuy
qcb+anypunch [Begin]
Heavy knockdown punch. Chains into any [Continue]

Senseless Fists
backwardforward+anykick [Begin]
Two-hit hooking kick. Chains into [Continue]

Shelter from Storm
up+anykick [Continue]
High kick. Chains into [End] or any unused @term=anypunch@ [Continue] of a different direction.

State of Heat Haze
forwardforward+anykick [End]
Overhead knockdown cartwheel kick.

Train to See Cherry Blossoms
down+anypunch [Continue]
Low punch. Chains into [End] or any unused @term=anykick@ [Continue] of a different direction.

With a Lamp For Pathway
forward+anykick [Continue]
Overhead hop kick. Chains into [End] or any unused @term=anypunch@ [Continue] of a different direction.
Super Moves

Loyalty Test for Liberalists
backwarddp+anypunch [End]
Dashing autocombo.
Super Desperation Moves

Blue Monday Parade
backwarddp+bbtn+dbtn(vs air attack)
Angel counters an air attack with a reverse slam.

Loyalty Test for Liberalists (SDM)
backwarddp+abtn+cbtn [End]
Autocombo ending with a big homerun launch.

Wind's Fairground
backwarddp+bbtn+dbtn(vs ground attack)
Counter against standing attacks. Repeated heavy punches with crowd appeal.
Clark Steel
Clark Still
Throw Moves

Death Lake Drive
(in air)(close)backward/down/forward+cbtn/dbtn
Clark simply snatches his opponent out of the air and tosses them unceremoniously to the ground.

Fisherman Buster
A variant of the brainbuster technique.

Nage-panashi German / 投げっぱなしジャーマン
A partial german suplex in which the opponent is released and thrown backwards. Clark lies on the ground leisurely for a moment, afterwards.
Command Moves

Somewhat exaggerated low kick.
Special Moves

Command throw with an extremely long whiff animation, owing to the elaborate nature of the frankensteiner. If not followed up with Flash Elbow, Clark will spread his arms and exclaim "HEY."

Mount Tackle
A multi-purpose replacement for Clark's multitude of running throws, incorporating various options as follow-ups. Unlike his previous running grabs, the mount tackle can be blocked.

Napalm Stretch
Clark leaps up at a high angle in a cool pose. He locks up with the opponent and spins to the ground, slamming them. This move is in reference to Kinnikuman Soldier's technique of the same name.

Shining Wizard
Clark runs forward and uses the opponent's knee as a step in order to boot them in the head (only works on crouching opponents). A pro-wrestling move created by Keiji Mutoh in 2001.

Super Argentine Backbreaker
Clark tosses the opponent into the air to land on his waiting shoulders. Starting in 1996, could be followed up with an elbow drop.
Desperation Moves

Running Three
Clark poses with his arms in a V-shape, shouts "RUNNING THREEAGHH" and dashes forward. He lifts his opponent on his shoulders and performs a running powerbomb. In the SDM version, they are subjected to a series of three bombs.

Ultra Argentine Backbreaker
Three successive Super Argentine Backbreakers are performed with different finishers over the years. 94-95: After the third drop, Clark ends with a shoulder buster. 96-98: Normally ends with a Death Valley Bomb. SDM version ends with "Clark Spark," Clark's take on Kinnikuman's Muscle Spark finisher.
Super Desperation Moves

Running Pirates
hcfhcf+bbtn+dbtn [HSDM]
A variant of Running Three. Instead of slamming the opponent into the ground, Clark rams them into the left and right stage "walls."

Ultra Argentine Backbreaker
When the SDM Ultra Argentine became a seperate move in 2000, it still ended with the "Clark Spark" hold. The 2003 LDM variation of UAB ends with the Clark Special, a copy of Robin Mask's "Robin Special" finisher from Kinnikuman. On the third toss, clark jumps up and grabs the enemy's head between his legs, crushing it during the handstand landing.
Special Moves

Heat Trigger / Iron Trigger
A small burst of flame flashes from K's hand.
Throw Moves

Disappear! / 消えろぉ!

How long are you going to play around with me?! / いつまで遊んでんだよォ!
Command Moves

Shut up! / うるせぇー!
Special Moves

Break! / 割れろォ!

Crush! / 砕けろォ!

Go away! / あっちへいってろォ!
Super Moves

Get lost!! / てめぇも往っちまえ!!

The moon... / 月...
Super Desperation Moves

My power is... losing control... AHHH!!! / 力が…勝手に…ぅわあああ!!

This is completely...!! / これは,まるで…!!
(in air)forwardbackwardforwardbackwardforwardbackwardforwardbackward [HSDM]
May Lee
Throw Moves

Crow's Wing
(close)forward/backward+cbtn [Normal]

Swan Circle
(close)forward/backward+dbtn [Normal]
Command Moves

Switch between [Normal] and [Hero]. May Lee will return to Normal stance if hit when in Hero stance.

Hero Uke
forward+abtn [Hero]
Strike a pose. Not an attack, but has autoguard and can be cancelled into specials on successful block.

dforward+bbtn [Hero]
Special Moves

Blazing Intercept
hcb+anykick [Normal]
A counter that can be used normally or to end May Lee's special chain.

Full Swing Chop
qcf+anypunch [Hero]
A big double-armed chop.

Lightning Needle
qcf+anykick [Normal]
Two advancing kicks; the beginning of May Lee's attack chains. Can be cancelled into Spinning Edge or directly into any "ender" other than Approaching Beetle, which must follow Spinning Edge.

May Lee Break
(close)hcbforward+anypunch [Hero]

May Lee Cho~p!
qcb+anypunch [Hero]
An elaborate jumping chop. Likely based on Kamen Rider's "Rider Chop."

Shining Thunder Blow
qcf+anykick [Hero]
Fast knuckle dash.
Desperation Moves

Gauze Tail Tinkerbell
qcbqcb+anykick [Normal]
May Lee hooks her opponent with a hopping kick, blasting them away with a second kick.

May Lee Dynamic
(in air)qcfqcf+anypunch [Hero]
An aerial rush to autocombo very similar to Kim Kaphwan's famous super.
Super Desperation Moves

Disposition Frog
abtn+cbtn,bbtn+dbtn,abtn+bbtn+cbtn [Normal]
Attempted launch with vertical kick. If successful, May Lee subjects the opponent to rapid energy blasts (???).

Key of Victory
forwardbbtncbtnforwardcbtn [Hero HSDM]
An initial single strike leading to May Lee and a double executing an aerial "DOUBLE KICK!" followed by Kamen Rider pose. A reference to the Rider Double Kick used by Kamen Rider 1 & 2.

May The End
qcfqcf+abtn+cbtn [Hero]
If May Lee connects with an initial punch, she theatrically somersaults backwards and jumpkicks the opponent, ending with Kamen Rider pose and explosion.
Throw Moves

Bun Nage / ブン投げ
Lift and unceremoniously toss backwards.

Strangle Lift / Shime Age, シメ上げ
Lift and slam.
Command Moves

Bussashi / ブッ刺し
Straight punch downward.
Special Moves

Bomb Bopper / 爆弾パチキ
Yamazaki grabs his foe and gives them an exploding headbutt.

Double Return / 倍返し
Ryuji swipes his arm upward. Hits opponents at close range. Generally the weaker version absorbs projectiles while the stronger version returns a bloody projectile.

Flight of Tempering
Sand kick into heavy stomping axe kick.

Hydra's Judgment / 裁きの匕首
Yamazaki slashes with a concealed knife.

Sadomaso / サドマゾ
Ryuji taunts his opponent, if struck mid or high he counters with an energy fist.

Sand Scattering / 砂かけ
A big kick spraying sand forward. Can be cancelled into Serpent Slash.

Serpent Slash / Snake Arm, Snake Tamer, 蛇使い
Dangles arm while button is held, then slashes out in a given direction. In some games, holding for an extended period of time causes Yama to slash three times rapidly.
Super Moves

A command throw followed by a period where the player can mash. The amount of mashing determine's Yamazaki's action and amount of damage. In many games, continuing to mash after the fact makes Yamazaki laugh hysterically.

A leaping uppercut followed by a downward strike. A successful Yamazaki drags his opponent across the floor before kicking them away.

Nightmare... and Madness / Akumu... soshite kyouki
Yamazaki runs forward a short distance. If he reachers his opponent, he performs an unblockable stab followed by stomping.
Super Desperation Moves

(close)hcbhcb+bbtn+dbtn [HSDM]
Yamazaki unleashes feral fury, slapping down his foe with repeated Serpent Slashes before performing a backwards slam with his teeth.

Fun Facts
Who Am I Saying That To?!
For some reason Yashiro says "Hey, Chris. I've beaten babies stronger than you, pork belly!" to Kula (not Chris) upon defeating her.

Announcers in fighting games normally call out the character names, rounds, winners, and sometimes color commentary.
Eiji Yano
Voice Actor

Keiichi Nanba as Andy Bogard
Mayumi Shintani as Ángel
Haruna Ikezawa as Athena Asamiya
Monster Maezuka as Benimaru Nikaido
Atsushi Yamanishi as Billy Kane
Harumi Ikoma as Blue Mary Ryan
Hiroyuki Arita as Chang Koehan
Monster Maezuka as Choi Bounge
Rio Ogata as Chris
Yoshinori Shima as Clark Steel
Kong Kuwata as Geese Howard
Yoshinori Shima as Goenitz
Masaki Usui as Goro Daimon
Kunihiko Yasui as Iori Yagami
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Joe Higashi
Eiji Yano as Kensou
Satoshi Hashimoto as Kim Kaphwan
Harumi Ikoma as King
Yumi Kakazu as Kula Diamond
Mitsuo Iwata as Kusanagi
Masahiro Nonaka as Kyo Kusanagi
Masae Yumi as Leona Heidern
Akoya Sogi as Mai Shiranui
Katsuyuki Konishi as Maxima
Tomoko Kawakami as May Lee
Norio Wakamoto as Omega Rugal
Rio Ogata as Orochi Chris
Kunihiko Yasui as Orochi Iori
Hazuki Nishikawa as Orochi Shermie
Monster Maezuka as Ralf Jones
Eiji Takemoto as Ramón
Mantarō Koichi as Robert Garcia
Masaki Usui as Ryo Sakazaki
Hazuki Nishikawa as Shermie
Takehito Koyasu as Shingo Yabuki
Eiji Tsuda as Takuma Sakazaki
Satoshi Hashimoto as Terry Bogard
Kaori Minami as Vanessa
Masae Yumi as Vice
Shiho Kikuchi as Whip
Kaori Horie as Yuri Sakazaki