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King of Fighters Fighters
Fighter ID:
June 6
Blood Type
Fighting Style(s)
Hair Color
Otaku, regret
180 cm
68 kg
Sky cruising, cooking
Personal Treasure(s)
Himself, pierce earrings
Japan (but he's half American)
Best sport
Clay pigeon shooting, high diving
Favorite Food(s)
Sashimi (sliced raw fish), pasta, coffee

King of Fighters '94, The
Neo Geo
Member of Japan team
King of Fighters '95, The
Neo Geo
Member of Japan team.
King of Fighters '96, The
Neo Geo
Japan team
King of Fighters '97, The
Neo Geo
Hero Team
King of Fighters '98, The
Neo Geo
Hero Team
King of Fighters '99, The
Neo Geo
Hero Team '99
Capcom vs SNK / Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Battle 2000 (JPN)
Ratio 1
King of Fighters 2000, The
Neo Geo
Capcom vs SNK Pro
Ratio 1Normal and EX mode available
Capcom vs SNK 2 / Capcom vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (JPN)
King of Fighters 2001, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters EX, The
Game Boy Advance
Hero Team member.
King of Fighters 2002, The
Neo Geo
Japan Team
King of Fighters 2003, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters Neowave, The
King of Fighters Mobile, The
King of Fighters Mobile R-2, The
King of Fighters '98, The: Ultimate Match
Heroes Team Member.
King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, The
Playstation 2
Member of the Kyo Team.
King of Fighters 12, The / The King of Fighters XII
King of Fighters 13, The / The King of Fighters XIII
Member of the Japan Team.
King of Fighters '97 OL, The
King of Fighters 11, The / The King of Fighters XI
Xuàn Dǒu Zhī Wáng / Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, 炫斗之王
King of Fighters 14, The / The King of Fighters XIV
King of Fighters 15, The / The King of Fighters XV
Hero Team

King of Fighters 15, The
Benimaru Nikaido
Born into a rich family and raised by his Japanese father and American mother, this shooting star takes fighting to a whole other level. His slender frame provides an excellent medium which enhances his electrostatics, and combining that with his chiseled legs (no doubt from years of shoot boxing experience), his kicks hit like bolts of lightning.
However for this tournament, his friend and rival, Kyo Kusanagi, all but forced him into this position where he has to watch over both Shun’ei and Meitenkun.
King of Fighters II
King of Fighters '94
Just as he hears the scream, Goro Daimon finds himself airborne and BAM! He lands with large thud.
It is Daimon's loss. The boy who wins the preliminary round of Japan's varied fighting forms tournament quickly catches his wind. The fighting style of this delicate young boy, Kyo Kusanagi, seems to combine the art of manipulating fire, passed through his bloodline, with the "Sword of Kusanagi," which protected the Susano-ono-Mikoto of legend, to make up the Fist of Kusanagi martial arts that is said to be as old as humanity. Kyo is a direct descendant of this Kusanagi bloodline.
And Goro Daimon now realizes in this preliminary match the sublime power of the moves Kyo possesses.
"Too bad there. Mr. Former Gold Medalist man."
Daimon looks back to see a superbly coiffed blond boy, his hair shooting up into the sky. He's Benimaru, who moved onto the finals one step ahead of Kyo. His style is flamboyant, and he is a guy who really stands out in a crowd.
"You lose to a punk like this, what a joke. Your reputation as a gold medalist is ruined."
"...Hold on there, sonny, you can't win with a half-hearted attitude like that..."
"What did you say? It's a given that I'll win and be hailed all over Japan!"
"You should show more prudence before issuing challenges..."
And because of his boasting, the conclusion to the battle between Kyo and Benimaru's is fairly predictable. As Kyo keeps a certain degree of distance, Benimaru continues to move in. It's truly a strategy of attrition.
"Nuts! What a clown. Hey-yaah!!!"
Benimaru moves to finish the match with a single blow and jumps in for the kill. Then it happens:
Having kept a certain distance from his foe until now, Kyo releases his super special move, the Serpent Wave.
"What the...? Oooh-wghaaaaaa!!"
The flames that Kyo release swallow up Benimaru and the match ends. Kyo pants something as he tries to recover his breath.
"Heh, heh...Burn, baby, burn...."
The two, who have come to respect each other's strengths, receive their invitations to the King of Fighters one year later.
King of Fighters '95
Benimaru and Daimon, hearing information that Kyo has returned from his training abroad, arrive at the port to greet him.
BENIMARU: "Unbelievable! He's finally coming back!"
DAIMON: "So, just how strong has he got...?"
When the ship on which Kyo is believed to be arrives, a masked figure pounces on the two.
The attack is shrewd and Benimaru and Daimon, in spite of their strength, do their utmost just to avoid the attack.
BENIMARU: "Wh-who is this clown?"
DAIMON: "Hmph. Quite a strangely nimble opponent!"
Then at that moment, a flame out of nowhere glances the mask of the figure who has attacked the two.
ASSAILANT: "Gah...!"
The three look in the direction that the flame came from to see the figure of Kyo blowing out the flames on his fingertips.
KYO: "What are you doing, you two?"
The figure's mask, grazed by Kyo's flame, breaks in two and falls to the ground. The identity of the figure is revealed to be none other than the secretary who led them to Rugal's lair one year ago.
BENIMARU: "Y-you?!"
SECRETARY: "Hoo, hoo,'s just like you three to put me in a pretty pickle. As my duties involve delivering this to you, I'll conclude my duties presently."
Rugal's secretary produces the invitation from her breast pocket.
SECRETARY: "An invitation to King of Fighters '95. We insist you honor us with your presence at this year's tournament...Well, then, I look forward to our next meeting."
Rugal's secretary makes a swift exit.
BENIMARU: "Hey! Get back here!"
KYO: "...For crying out loud what a pain in the patootie. I just get back home and now this! Well, at least I won't be getting bored anytime soon."
BENIMARU: "You got that right. Things are getting downright compelling! Do you think the appearance of that chick could mean Rugal's still alive...?!"
KYO: "Rugal...?! If that's the case...things'll really be getting compelling!"
BENIMARU: "Then...we three are a team again? So what're ya gonna do...!"
DAIMON: "Yeah, it's too bad ŽÐ I was hoping to whoop your backsides this time around."
KYO: "OK...! Well, then, let's start workin' out!"
And thus, their will's resolved, our three heroes once again team up to enter the King of Fighters '95.
King of Fighters '96
A great clash of psychic force takes place in the middle of an overgrown thicket.
One of the men sports a sun pattern on the back of his uniform, and the other has melted into the shadows. It is hard to make out just who or what he is.
The man dressed in the uniform, Kyo Kusanagi that is, is already panting heavily.
KYO: "F-fudge! Then how about trying this one on for size?!!"
Kyo focuses all his energy and unleashes his Serpent Wave move. But his opponent catches and crushes its flames with one hand.
KYO: "What the?!"
SHADOWY FIGURE: "So that is all your capable of, Kyo Kusanagi...?"
Just when he thinks the shadowy figure uttered this, he is sprung into the air.
KYO: "Ooh-whaaa!"
Kyo is slammed to the ground and rendered motionless.
KYO: "Guh, wh-who...are you...?"
SHADOWY FIGURE: "Hmph, someone who grossly overestimated your abilities, I guess..."
And with that, the shadowy figure slips back into the shadows.
Kyo swallows his failure hard as his consciousness slowly fades.

Kyo awakens suddenly. He looks up at the snow-white ceiling above.
KYO: "...Where am I?"
He looks up at two blurry faces. They are Benimaru and Daimon.
BENIMARU: "Hey! Kyo, can you hear us? Kyo!"
DAIMON: "Are you OK? Kyo!"
KYO: "Benimaru...Daimon...."
BENIMARU: "What happened to you? How did you get all banged up like this?!"
KYO: "..."
Kyo tries to lift his arms. He sees that they are wrapped in white bandages. Pain suddenly rushes up and down his limbs.
KYO: "Ooh...mama! That hurts."
BENIMARU: "Hmm... I guess he did more than trip on the street. No! Do you think he met up with Yagami?!"
KYO: "No...."
DAIMON: "Then who the devil was it?!"
KYO: "...I don't know. Nuts!"
Kyo swivels on top of the bed to punch the wall with all his might.
BENIMARU: "But who would have imagined you getting this smashed up."
KYO: "...I was sure I could win. I placed my confidence in these fists of Kusanagi. But I never thought.... The Serpent Wave would prove useless..."
BENIMARU: "Wh-what? Hey, are you kidding?"
KYO: "I'm serious! That's why...guh...."
BENIMARU: "Kyo...."
Kyo suddenly rises from his bed, as if suddenly remembering something.
KYO: "Owwww-oooch...."
BENIMARU: "Hey, what are you doing? You're in no condition to walk!!"
KYO: "I can't just lollygag around here forever. Got it? And don't try to follow me!!!"
Kyo rises from his bed and staggers out the door.
Benimaru and Daimon exchange glances.
DAIMON: "So what do we do now?"
BENIMARU: "Well, if someone tells me not to follow him, I got to follow the guy."
DAIMON: "..."
Having tailed Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon arrive at the overgrown thicket.
Here they find Kyo loitering around.
DAIMON: "Are you sure about this...? If Kyo finds us here...."
BENIMARU: "Bah, dummy up! We came here because we were worried, didn't we? If this is bothering you, you shouldn't have come with me in the first place!"
DAIMON: "U-uh...yeah..."
BENIMARU: "What the crud is that guy doing here anyway?"
Kyo inhales slowly and focuses his energy in his fists. Shortly thereafter a tremendous force begins to reverberate through the thicket.
DAIMON: "Whoa...!"
KYO: "Hah!"
At the release of his scream Kyo becomes absorbed in light and Benimaru and Daimon are smacked to the ground by the shockwave.
When the glow subsides, the thicket is charred black and Kyo stands at its center.
KYO: "Huh, huh...looks like I did it.... Did you see me, Father?!"
Kyo mutters this as he drops to his knees.
Benimaru and Daimon stare in blank amazement, overwhelmed by the power.
BENIMARU: "Aw-awesome..."
DAIMON: "Yeah...that was one amazing move...."
Kyo looks back at the two.
KYO: "Didn't I tell you not to follow me...? Whatever. So, what did you think? That was one of the heavenly moves of the Kusanagi.... I've always wanted to try it at least once but never was able to pull it off. I thought I was strong enough without it, so I never again attempted it, but I felt I could do it.... I gave it a shot, and sure enough..."
BENIMARU: "That was amazing! That should cream the guy who messed you up...."
KYO: "Will it? The only way to find out for sure is to try it."
Saying this, Kyo falls temporarily falls silent, but shortly thereafter he opens his mouth as if remembering something.
KYO: "King of Fighters...."
KYO: "The King of Fighters!"
BENIMARU: "Ah, yeah, if you're talking about the King of Fighters I sent in the application the other day, but what about it? ...Ah, you mean?! The guy who knocked you senseless has something to do with this year's King of Fighters?"
KYO: "No, not that. And I wasn't ever senseless! It's just that I can't stand the fact that that guy is watching me somewhere and snickering at me! I want to show what I, Kyo Kusanagi, am capable of during the King of Fighters.
BENIMARU: "Hey, we planned to enter anyway! We're already on that rail, bud!"
DAIMON: "Yup."
BENIMARU: "OK! Well then."
KYO: "Let's get cracking. King of Fighters, here we come!!!"
King of Fighters '97
Daimon's judo gym. Daimon stand with his arms crossed and looks down at the man kow-towing at his feet.
DAIMON: "Master...would you please stand up?"
MAN: "No, I'm staying here until you agree to my request. If you don't, it will mean the end to the sport of judo in Japan. I beg you. Come back. Save Japanese judo!"
DAIMON: "Master...!"
Daimon frantically tries to bring his master to his feet but the man does not budge. Daimon begins to brood, a desperate crosses his face.
DAIMON: "...All right then."
The man springs to his feet and gazes into Daimon's eyes.
MAN: "Are you serious?"
DAIMON: "It is true that I entered this world of fighting competitions because I realized the limitations to judo's power, but I never once renounced it. Judo made me what I am today. And if judo is in danger, then I can't just stand by and watch. Though I'm not up to the task, Master, please let me help you."
MAN: "Thank you. Thank you so much, Daimon!"
DAIMON: "But I have a favor to ask of you."
MAN: "Huh? What is it?
DAIMON: "Y-you've probably already heard but the King of Fighters begins tomorrow. It's important for me to finish what I began, so I ask you to wait until the King of Fighters is over for me to help you."
MAN: "I knew you'd say that. I understand. Knock 'em dead, Daimon."
DAIMON: "Thank you. You know I will."

The port. Benimaru is lost in thought, looking off into the horizon at nothing in particular. He lights a cigarette. He stares at the glimmering fire of his lighter, lighting and extinguishing it over and over. The flickering of the flame triggers a flashback.
BENIMARU: "Since that fateful day, I've never taken that guy on...."
Memories of Kyo cross dance in his mind's eye. He recalls the last time he and Kyo fought, and Kyo served him up a stinging coup de grace.
BENIMARU: "I almost forgot I lost to that guy..."
Benimaru blows a puff of smoke up at the sky.
BENIMARU: "I can't keep going on being this chummy all the time...Maybe the opportunity to avenge myself has come. Kyo Kusanagi...."

Panting and gasps reverberate through the area. Kyo assumes a fighting position. He fights an unknown opponent.
KYO: "Nuts...!!!"
His opponent moves slightly. Kyo finds an opening.
KYO: "Victory is mine!!"
Flames shoot from his hands.
KYO: "Eat this!!!"
The flames rush forward. The flames engulf his opponent. The flames then suddenly contract and a shadow grows in their place. The shapeless, formless void continues to grow. It threatens to swallow up not just the flames but Kyo as well.
KYO: "Gah! ...Ah!!! ...!!!"
Kyo's body, voice, and breath are all swallowed by the void. All Kyo can see is darkness. In this state, a ringing in his ears gradually increases in volume. He covers his ears but to no avail. He gradually becomes aware of what the noise is.
KYO: "The's...singing?!"
The moment the ringing in his ear reaches its peak, the void suddenly collapses. A stadium becomes visible before him. In the distance he sees the message: "KOF."
KYO: "...!"
Kyo opens his eyes. His body is drenched in sweat.
KYO: "A dream...When did I fall asleep?"
Suddenly his gaze shifts to his desk. An invitation with "KOF" emblazoned on the envelope rests there.
KYO: "The King of Fighters? ...What's going on...?"

In the judo gym. Daimon folds up his judo gear.
At the port. Benimaru crushes out his cigarette.
Kyo stares at the invitation.
KYO, BENIMARU, DAIMON: "So it all begins...tomorrow."
King of Fighters '99
The image expands grows through the camera lens.
First the crowd appears and then, zooming in, the lens focuses on a lone man.
"I've got him in my sights. What do I do?"
A big goon calls to the man next to him.
"Bring those here."
"Put on those goggles over there. They're directly linked with my eyes."
The man lazily puts on his goggles.
He gazes blankly at the man that appears within the goggles.
"Who is this, bozo?"
He lights a cigarette as he asks the question.
"It seems he's...Benimaru Nikaido, the genius shooter who can manipulate lightning. He seems like something out of science fiction, doesn't he?"
There is no reaction to this man's answer, and he asks the next question.
"Isn't this stalking? If this is all there is, I'm going."
"No, soon the trap is about to be sprung."

After bringing an end to his overseas tour, a long-awaited return to Japan.
Benimaru walks through the crowd, feeling the familiarity of being a fish returning to familiar waters.
BENIMARU: "In spite of my trip extended trip overseas, I'm tired of the scent of my fellow countrymen. At least I killed some time before my meeting.... Shingo sure is insensitive, choosing a place like this for us to meet."
Benimaru appears in a small courtyard. Shingo arrives shortly thereafter.
SHINGO: "Long time, no see, Mr. Nikaido!"
BENIMARU: "Yeah, it's been a while. But I wish you'd have chosen a more suitable place to meetÑyou know I hate crowds, don't you?
SHINGO: "Huh?"
BENIMARU: "What do you mean, 'Huh?'"
SHINGO: "Didn't you write me this letter that said you'd be arriving in Japan today so meet me here? See. I got an invitation to KOF with it too, right?"
BENIMARU: "A letter? An invitation? To KOF?"
Shingo points to the invitation and letter.
"You are cordially invited to this year's King of Fighters. We hope you, Benimaru Nikaido and Shingo Yabuki, will honor us with your presence on the Special Team consisting of these appointed members...."
A letter is included with the invitation.
It is just like his, but of course he cannot make out whose hand it's in.
BENIMARU: "Oh, how droll."
SHINGO: "What?"
BENIMARU: "We've been had. But how did they know I'd be returning to Japan today...?!"

Interference causes the notice screen in the square to hiss dissonantly. Snow covers the screen.
In spite of the loud noise, people pass by as if nothing is going on.
BENIMARU: "Do you see that...?! Who is it...?"
He looks around but doesn't understand. Benimaru is befuddled.
Meanwhile, the big man and his partner resume their discussion.
"He plays his part well. They'll make fine additions to our syndicate. They melt right into the rest of the crowd."
"I'm out of here."
"Just hold on a minute. It's almost finished, OK?!"
He pushes the terminal button at his fingertips.
In an instant, letters appear on the screen on the other side of the lens.
Benimaru scrutinizes the letters appearing on the notice screen.

BENIMARU: "S-T-R-I-K-E-R M-A-T-C-H...What's that all about?"
SHINGO: "Huh, that...?"
BENIMARU: "You know about it?!"
Shingo points to the contents of the invitation letter.
SHINGO: "It's all here in the invitation. It says that this is the format for this year's tournament."
BENIMARU: "The format for the tournament? What is it?"
SHINGO: "I don't know. I think we'll catch on once we get there, though. It seems this year's tournament consists of 4-on-4 team battles."
BENIMARU: "Did you say four team members?!"
SHINGO: "Doesn't it say so there?"
BENIMARU: "You, me...and who are the other two clowns?"
SHINGO: "That's written here too."
Benimaru quickly checks over the contents of the invitation.
BENIMARU: "K' and Maxima...?"
Examining the image through the lens, the sound of Benimaru's voice saying his own name synchronizes with the movement of Benimaru's lips.
"Yup. I'm looking forward to it, Benimaru Nikaido."
A giant "Hooo" sound is heard next to him.
When he shifts his glance, the man previously sucking on his cigarette extinguishes the butt in the hand wearing that red glove.

MAXIMA: "You really should stop that, nasty habit."
K' "I'm out of here."
MAXIMA: "OK, see you at the tournament then. That glove's important. Use it sparingly, OK?"
K' "Jeesh...!"
K' gives Maxima a big tut-tut and leaves.
The notice screen resumes its display of announcements, as if nothing had happened.

SHINGO: "So what're you going to do?"
BENIMARU: "All we can do is go, I guess."
SHINGO: "Mr. Kusanagi isn't around and Daimon is busy, it seemsÑI've got a bad feeling about this."
BENIMARU: "Kyo...? We just may meet up with him soon...."
SHINGO: "Why do you say that?"
BENIMARU: "I don't know for sure...I just've got a feeling."
SHINGO: "A say?"
BENIMARU: "OK, let's get going. I'm leaving Japan today."
SHINGO: "Uh, yeah, I'm coming with!"
King of Fighters '00
Airport...A lone man (Seth) boards a plane bound for China...He checks the seat number on his ticket and arrives in first class.
"Thank you for riding JAR today. This is flight 149...."
The "Fasten Your Seatbelts" sign flashes on with the announcement, and the plane takes off for China.
Shortly after, a stewardess comes over and talks to Seth.
"Excuse me. Sir, would you like to watch a video?"
Seth contemplates turning her offer down but takes the video when he notices a picture of his dog, Chinchilla, engraved on the video she holds in her hand.
He thanks the stewardess and immediately pops the video into the player. A man appears on the screen.
The man's face is digitally blurred out.
"Your mission is to take custody of the individual known as ÔRon.' Naturally I want you to lead him here without him catching on. The fighting tournament known as ÔKOF' will soon begin. Since we have learned NESTS is likely to appear in this tournament and is probably involved, we want you to get inside. Two entry tickets have been prepared for you. The envelope is wedged under your seat."
Looking around to check no one is watching, he reaches down under the seat and pulls out a white envelope.
Seth opens the envelope to find two tickets and a wad of bills. He shoves it into the inner pocket of his suit.
"You are completely free to use any measures and methods you see fit. Should you make any mistakes, this agency will take no responsibility for you. This tape will destroy itself automatically."
The screen goes black, the video begins to smoke, and is destroyed.

China. The Hebei province. Two ninjas streak through the forest like a pair of falcons.
"At last...information about the inner sanctum of the Flying Brigands...!! If we strike them now...!"
The ninja in front drips with sweat and runs at full speed. A pig-tailed ninja with a black band around his arm pursues him. The ninja in front then turns back to toss a dirk at his pursuer. He senses that it hit its mark. Something crashes down in the forest behind.
The instant he turns back around he sees the ninja with the black band he thought he had just brought down seconds before standing in front of him.
His black band now covers his hand and glows with a ghostly aura. He lunges but the pursued ninja manages to narrowly avoid the attack. The wound is not lethal, but it leaves a wound on his chest. The ninja tosses down a smoke bomb and flees. The ninja with the black band does not chase him.

Seth walks around asking the locals the way to Hebei province.
But the people turn silent and appear to quake with fear at the mention of Hebei. Seth runs into a kindly old man, and succeeds in learning the way to Hebei. As he follows the road per the old man instructions, he finds himself in a remote area where not a soul stirs.
As he presses further on, he reaches the foot of a large waterfall. Here he finally runs into another human. But the figure totters from side to side. Seth senses something is afoot, and as he closes in while remaining unnoticed, he's able to see that the figure is a ninja. His wound looks shallow, but his face is pallid, drool runs from his mouth, and his eyes stare off into nowhere at nothing in particular.
As Seth looks on behind a boulder, a gush of blood suddenly issues from the ninja's mouth along with a scream.
"!!!...What in going on...?!"
The ninja collapses into an unrecognizable mass. When Seth runs to check out the ninja, he notices him breathing slightly and his mouth is gasping for air.
As he finishes, the ninja heaves up another torrent of blood and expires.
"Flying Brigands! ...I knew it...!!!"
At that instant the man with the pig tail and the black band appears.
"You, too, know the name of the Flying Brigands and thus must die..."
The man, without warning, attacks.
"Hoo, hoo, hoo...You are as fast as they say.... Very well...let's dispense with the pleasantries, eh?"
For a while, the two exchange fierce blows. Seth lets his guard down for a second, looses his balance, and falls flat on his back.
"It's over...."
A magical aura issues from his band and the man aims at Seth's chest.
"It ends here!"
Seth makes a special move of his own and barely manages to evade the attack.
"Hoo, hoo, hoo...So that was the Poison Punch of ÔLin,' one of Four Devas of the Flying Brigands, was it...?"
"...Why? ...Why do you...know my name...?"
"Hoo, hoo. I know of your code, too. All who know anything of the ÔFlying Brigands' must die-that's why no one knows anything of your inner sanctum and the name "Flying Brigands" remains unknown to the rest of the world. You're a real crack band of assassins, you are. It appears that your Four Devas are quite a force to be reckoned with."
Lin is confused by the inquisitive Seth. He cannot fathom how this man knows so many details concerning the inner sanctum of the Flying Brigands.
"...I will not let you live...."
"Just why do you think I know so much about you and your group anyway?"
Lin attacks Seth, ignoring the question, but Seth, unfazed, continues his story.
"Just where is your chief ÔRon' now, anyway?!!!"
Lin's attacking hand stops.
"...How? ...How do you know of Ron, too...?!!! Just who are you...?!!!"
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
"...Enough to wait until I kill you...."
"Very well...You're chief is now missing, isn't he...? I know exactly where your chief Ron is right now."
"...Ah, ah, ah. First I want you to agree to a few conditions of mine."
"...Don't mess with me! ...If you don't tell me quickly, you shall die...very slowly."
"Tut, tut, tut...Kill me, and you'll never find out where Ron is. Can you live with that?"
"...Why, you...."
Lin must resign himself to the fact that the inner sanctum of the Flying Brigands is on the brink of total collapse. Just who is this ÔRon' person anyway...?"
"I want you to enter the fighting tournament called KOF with me. Then if we go on to win, you will find out just who Ron is. You'll be able to see with your own eyes."
"...Impossible. ...I will kill you...!"

A few days later, in an abandoned baseball field...there is no sign of anyone and steel girders are strewn all about.
"He should be arriving soon...."
Benimaru glances at his wristwatch as he mutters this.
"Benimaru! Why did you ask me to meet me in this creepy place? This me the heebie-jeebies!"
"...I've summoned someone for whom a place like this is appropriate."
Benimaru bruskly replies as he lights his cigarette.
"Benimaru...I've been meaning to ask you this, the reason you called me here...could it be?"
Benimaru produces two tickets to KOF and passes one to Shingo.
"So they did come, did they...?!!! But just why are you waiting for K' in a place like this?"
Benimaru exhales a puff of smoke and answers,
"We're not joining up with those clowns this time around...."
"Huh? Then who are the other two members...? Kusanagi still missing, and...."
"This time I'm going to choose the members I want. One of them is an old comrade of mine, and the other is a rather touchy type it seems.... He's the reason why we're meeting here. He seems to prefer...out of the way places."
Benimaru has a bad feeling that something wicked is about to happen.
Crashing scrap metal clatters in the distance. Shingo shrinks back in fear. The figures of two men suddenly appear from behind a steel column.
"Hey, Benimaru...Long time, no see, eh? ...I'm honored to be invited to join your team. Looks like we're going to bust some heads together again!"
Seth extends his right hand, giving Benimaru a firm handshake. Lin stands behind him.
"So this is the guy...?"
Benimaru asks Seth, trying to keep the question out of Lin's earshot.
"...You should keep your distance from him...I told you about him before, but this guy's necessary to find Kyo Kusanagi and crush NESTS...."
"What about Kyo...? Have you come up with any leads?"
"...All I've been able to come up with is that he's probably going to enter KOF as usual...but everything will become apparent once we enter, I guess...."
"I guess so...."
Benimaru shoots a glance at Lin. Just at that moment, Shingo innocently approaches Lin to greet him-he shouldn't have done this.
"Uh...My name's Shingo Yabuki!!! Nice to meet you. What's that band for?"
The moment Shingo tries to touch Lin's band, Lin's eyes begin to glare brightly and he motions to attack Shingo.
"Cut that out...!"
Benimaru quickly snags Lin's attacking hand in the nick of time.
"...Let go...."
u"They call me Benimaru.... Don't be messing with my team. ...Do you got me?"
Seeing Lin all worked up over his interrupted attack, Benimaru senses that he won't be able to avoid a showdown with this clown.
As predicted, a strange aura bursts from his hand and Lin attempts to run Benimaru through.
In an instant, Benimaru zaps Lin with his Electrigger move, rendering him temporarily paralyzed.
"...Never get any strange ideas like that again, got me?"
"That was magnificent, Benimaru!"
Seth is impressed at the speed of Benimaru's lightning swift judgment.
"But...a few ticks later or if my Electrigger move was late, I would have been dead. It seems that he wasn't that serious. To take a full-force Electrigger move and still be alive... You sure brought one tough cookie to our little party, Seth...."
As a matter of fact, this is the first time Lin has tasted defeat outside his band of Flying Brigands.
Along with Lin's animus toward him going up a notch, so too does his respect for Benimaru's moves.
Lin lets out an audacious laugh.
It looks like this year's KOF is going to be another doozy. An it's about to begin.
...Meanwhile, Shingo, the reason fro all this commotion, stands petrified, alone in the middle of the abandoned baseball field.
"Mr. Benimaaaaaaaru! Help me! I'm scared!"
King of Fighters '01
A large man stands out conspicuously in the gym, and he tosses one Olympic athlete after another down on the mat.
"That's enough for today!"
"Thank you very much!"
The giant removes his judo clothes and begins to wipe the sweat dripping from his granite-firm body.
Then, all of a sudden...
"Hey, long time no see, Daimon! This time, more than I care to."
"Well, if it isn't Benimaru!"
"Must be tough being a coach, isn't it...Or are you the manager?"
The two leave the gym, sit on a bench, and begin talking.
"...Benimaru, judging from the circumstances, I don't think you've come to talk about the good old days, have you?"
" a matter of fact, I got one of these."
Benimaru dramatically offers the envelope to Daimon.
"Is invitation to the King of Fighters tournament...?"
"Yup, that's it. I won't beat around the bush, Daimon. I want you to enter with me."
After a considerable silence, Daimon comes to his conclusion.
"I know. It's Kyo, isn't it?"
"That's it...."
"Well, then, what if I told you that Kyo is entering the tournament, too?"
"Kyo, in the tournament?! Have you heard from Kyo, Benimaru?"
"Yup, but we just talked on the phone...It seems that he's in Japan. He told me he's officially entering the tournament."
"Care to be teammates again? Eh, Daimon?"
"...Benimaru. Lead the way."
"That's the old pepper, big guy!"

Shingo sits and fidgets on a park bench, illuminated by the moon's rays.
"Mr. Kusanagi. We didn't have to meet in a place like this..."
There's no trace of another human around. To be honest, Shingo is shivering with fear. He's the only one in this park at midnight....
"Oh wow, it's past twelve o'clock. I wonder if Mr. Kusanagi's really going to show up...."
He mutters this while looking up at the moon. ...Then in that instant, Shingo feels the presence of someone behind him. He quickly swivels around.
"...What? ...Guess it was just my imagination...."
"Hey, Shingo."
Shingo panics and looks back in front of him as his name is called. It turns out to be the person that Shingo has been dying to meet all this time.
"Mr. Kusana-aaaaaaagi!"
Shingo, overcome with sheer joy, tries to embrace him, but Kyo bats him away with a single hand. Shingo, carried by his own inertia, crashes "neatly" into the ground, face first.
"...Jeesh. I see you haven't changed for the better, have you?"
"Ow! That's going to leave a mark. Uh, you too, Mr. Kusanagi! What have you been up to all this time?! I was worried sick!"
"Well, a lot has been on my plate. So, Shingo, just where's Benimaru at?"
"Yeah! Benimaru should be coming along any time now. ...Ah, here he is!"
Benimaru walks toward the two, his blond hair gleaming in the moonlight. The judo giant walks behind him.
Kyo is surprised.
"Kyo, it's been a while. It's not much of a souvenir, but I brought Daimon along with me."
"Long time no see, Kyo. It seems you've been through some tough times."
"I've seen a few...."
"Hey you two, lighten up. More important, I have a message for you, Kyo. You haven't been by Yuki's have you? She's been pretty worried."
"Yuki? Ah...yeah. Once this is over...."
"Jeesh...Why don't you...ah, whatever. So...I've been looking after your self-appointed disciple. I don't know how much my word means, but he seems to have improved a little during your absence."
"A little? That's harsh, Benimaru!"
Everyone lets out a brief laugh, but the mood quickly changes.
" you feel it?"
"Yeah...we're surrounded. ...I'd say three, four, five, probably more."
The three-Kyo, Benimaru, and Daimon-change their mood previously friendly one and they appear poised for combat, their adrenalin increasing. Only one, only Shingo, seems to dither about, not grasping what is about to go down.
"U-Uh...What's the problem, guys?"
As Kyo puts his glove back on, he lets out a scream!
"How about breaking a few heads together, for old times sake?!! Are you up for it, Benimaru?! Daimon?!"
"Sounds like a plan! Team Japan is back in business!"
"All right!"
Kyo, Benimaru, and Daimaru dash into the darkness as one.
"Hey ev-everybody! Don't leave me alone here! Heeeeey!"
King of Fighters '03
"Hello, I am speaking to Goro Daimon, aren't I? This is the police and..."
Hired by his alma mater as a special instructor, Daimon has no choice but to cancel practice with this sudden summons and rush to the police station. He links up with Benimaru Nikaido who happens to be on his way to the station for reasons of his own.
"Hey, Daimon, tell me what the heck's going on here. Or have you only heard the same yadda-yadda that Shingo's been taken into protective custody that I have?"
"Yup. That's right."
"Jeesh.... Just what's that clown done this time?"
Without reaching any definitive answer to Benimaru's question, the two arrive at the police station.
Right away they are led to a room deep in the bowls of the station, and there sits Shingo Yabuki, who, even now, looks as if he is about to burst into tears.
"Daimon, and Benimaru! I haven't done anything! You've gotta believe me!!!"
"Sorry to put you through this hubbub, Mr. Daimon. This guy was screamin' at us to have you come here."
The officer in charge and Daimon seem to have met before. In spite of his aloof disposition, Daimon, who also moonlights as a special judo instructor at the police academy, is well-connected. But the one who lays into Shingo is Benimaru.
"So why did you call for Daimon?! Calling your mommy and daddy would have been more apropos, don't you think?"
"Are you kidding?! If my parents knew about this...they'd ground me for life and no KOF this year!"
"What a putz. ...So, what's this guy in for? Murder? Armed robbery?"
Benimaru continues to rake Shingo over the coals. This joking is due to the very fact that he knows Shingo is innocent, but naturally no one finds his attempts at levity very funny.
"He's in here for attempted arson."
The stern-faced policeman answers Benimaru's question. Any looks of amusement on Benimaru and Daimon's faces subsequently vanish.
"I'm telling you it's all a big misunderstanding!"
"I got you dead to rights, punk! I saw you with my own two eyes in front of a house in the wee hours of the night and heard you say stuff like, "This time I'll make fire for sure." "I got a little flame there." And the coup de grace: 'Burn, baby, burn!'
The police officer slams an open hand on the table; Daimon and Benimaru take a glance at each other then look up at the ceiling as if to say, "Good grief."
(So that's what this is all about.)
The two know Shingo well. They are sure for the most part that he's incapable of a criminal act, and the various bad premonitions they had on the way to the station in spite of this have now faded away. They are assured their fears were groundless, and now they are relieved...and a little bit ticked off.
"Looks like this has all been one big misunderstanding. Daimon and I can vouch for this guy's character. Isn't that right, Daimon?"
"Yup. That's right."
"Well, if Daimon says so..."
The evidently dissatisfied police officer nevertheless promptly releases Shingo in deference to Daimon.

The three exit together from the police station's main entrance. But Shingo takes up the rear, plodding behind them as if trying not to step on their shadows. And after a brief time walking...
"Uh...excuse me you two.... I'm sorry for making such a nuisance of myself!"
Benimaru smacks the back of the head of the deeply bowing Shingo.
"You got that right. I know you were probably giving yourself a crash course in the fighting arts of Kusanagi, but even I would suspect someone ranting about fire and flames in front of houses in the middle of the night of being an arsonist."
"Yup. That's right."
"I'm sorry. I just got carried away.... I just know I made some fire."
"It had to be static electricity or something. If not that, it was a hallucination. A...hal-lu-ci-nation!"
"Hmm...I guess so, huh?.... No, I know I..."
Benimaru and Daimon ignore Shingo's babbling and head back to the university.
The two turn to the topic of joining the next KOF tournament.
Yes, the two intend to join the competition once again this year.
As Shingo catches scraps of the conversation, Daimon discusses how he wants to see the results of his training. Benimaru speaks of wanting to see what he's made of...And another reason is it seems one of the new contestants has caught their attention. When it comes to the crucial reason, the level of Benimaru's voice drops, but Shingo can make out fragmentary words like Lin, flying brigands, and Seth.
With his head drooping down, Shingo continues to follow behind the two. Shingo's house, mind you, is in the opposite direction.
"...Hey, uh, Shingo."
Benimaru turns to look behind him.
"It doesn't seem like you to be moping around like that, don't you think?"
"Yup. That's right."
"Yeah. You endure Kyo's ribbings with laughter, cheerfully suffer his bullying, and happily obey his commands. You're a guy who rushes in where angels fear to tread with spunk and stamina. That's you to a tee, isn't it?"
"Yup. That's right."
"Is that supposed to be a compliment?"
"Whatever. Snap out of it because for the next KOF, Daimon, me and you are going to be a team."
"Yeah, telling me to meekly resign myself to my just deserts...are you?! You're going to let me join your team?"
"Why? You got a problem with that?"
"But what about Kusanagi? I thought for sure...."
"That bozo Kyo is traveling abroad. I can't get in touch with him."
"Yup. That's right."
Certainly this seems to be the case.
After the end of the previous tournament, Shingo periodically trained under the guidance of Kyo's father - Saisyu Kusanagi.
The training took place in a corner of the Kusanagi house, but during that time the figure of Kyo was nowhere to be seen.
"Well, with a guy like that, he just may be planning to storm in at the last minute, but we can't afford to wait for that."
With a swish, Benimaru's body turns and his fist suddenly stop short of Shingo's face. Shingo moves his body a few centimeters to narrowly avoid the blow.
A small flash of lightning emanates from Benimaru's left hand, and he momentarily flashes a fearless expression from below. Though eclipsed by Kyo and Iori, Benimaru Nikaido is one of the world's preeminent fighters.
"Well now, you have improved, haven't you? Am I hearing right? You've been getting special training under a true slave-driver coach, haven't you?"
"U-Uh, yeah, well..."
"Cheer up there, pal. When you get all gloomy, it puts me down in the dumps. To add insult to injury, teaming up with Daimon here, our team image will be pretty off-putting, so I'm begging you."
"Yup. You got...hey, wait a minute!"
"Very well. I'll do anything you want today and today only. Just tell me what you'd like."
"I'm sick of seeing you get knocked around all the time. So, any request - just to psyche you up before the tournament."
"Yeah. Whatever you want. How about something you've always wanted to eat?"
When it seems apparent that Benimaru is sincere, Shingo thinks over all sorts of possibilities with a glint in his eyes.
"Well, then.... Ah, that's it! There is something I've always wanted to do! Benimaru!"
"What is it?"
"Bring me some tiramisu! And make it snappy!"

Daimon and Benimaru cringe for a moment that seems like an eternity.

"Oh, yeah?! Eat this: Heaven Blast Flash!!!"
Suffering a massive electric shock, Shingo, burnt to a crisp, rolls to the ground and moans.
"Ow-oooch...I knew it was a bad idea not to have said, please."
"Uh, but just now...I'm sure I thought I saw bursting flames. ...From my eyes, that is."

And from that moment on the participation of these three in KOF was written in stone.
King of Fighters XI
"Hands up!"
In a small bank, a man holding a gun called out to those around him.
Most of the people did as commanded, except for a blond-haired Japanese man, and a black-haired young man, who gave each other a knowing glance, then followed suit.
(You sure about this, Nikaido?)
(It should be fairly simple... wait for an opening, then deal with the shotgun.)

In southern France, in a small town with a population of only a few thousand.
Benimaru Nikaido and Duo Lon came here to meet someone, and in order to keep a low profile, they lifted their hands above their heads.
Normally, Benimaru would have made a bigger show of the robbers, but there were no women below the age of 50 anywhere in sight.

It was a textbook small French farming town, with a church in the center and small shops around it.
Herd farming was common, here, and cows and horses could be seen everywhere downtown.
The bank itself had only four tellers, and was in an old building, so it was anything but imposing.
Only the customers, including Benimaru and Duo Lon, and perhaps the robber himself, were foreign. Everything else was local.
If they hadn't received an invitation from someone claiming to have close ties to Ash Crimson, it's likely that they would never have come anywhere near this place.
Even though their timing in stopping by the bank to ask for directions had happened to coincide with the robbery, they were not overly concerned.

"P-put your hands behind your heads and lay f-face down! Now!"
The robber was obviously nervous. One could tell that his lips were trembling beneath his cap, and the barrel of his gun wavered unsteadily. No one in the bank had screamed, and the situation continued in an eerie calm.
If one were to look out the window of this surprisingly homey bank, one would see a truck loaded with bales of hay, as well as multiple cows walking by. In the muted winter sunlight, the view from the window almost looked like a painting.
(So, now what...?)
As he lay on the floor in an undignified posture with Duo Lon, Benimaru was calm and collected, and rather enjoyed the atmosphere. Even so, there wasn't a man alive who could properly enjoy the idyllic setting with a bank robber trying to take hostages not twenty feet away.

(What is it, Nikaido?)
(...A horse.)
(What horse?)

A white horse was walking in front of the window.

(...That horse?)
(...That horse.)

Astride the white horse, there sat a woman.
Though she would normally have been out of view, Benimaru and Duo Lon could easily see her face from their vantage point on the floor. She stretched and took the reins and a riding crop in hand.
With her short hair and the firm set of her mouth, she gave off an air of nobility.
As beautiful as she was, Benimaru felt reluctant to pursue her. Not to mention, anything he could say while lying on the floor, under the direction of a robber's gun, was unlikely to be particularly impressive.
Since this was more or less the worst possible first impression one could make on a woman, he decided to make things a bit more impressive.
Just as he had made this decision, however, the woman came through the front door, horse and all. She pointed the riding crop at the robber and shouted.
"Drop your weapons and surrender! That is an order!"
Her voice rang out clearly in the still air.
It appeared she was not speaking solely to the robbers, though.
After several moments, the villagers-turned-hostages began to speak.
"Mademoiselle Blanctorche!"
"Lady Elisabeth!"
Though her voice gave off a palpable feeling of comfort, it was also plainly evident that she held absolutely no compassion for the robbers.
"Y-you bitch! You want this gun right in your eye?"


"Gah, still can barely see. Are you okay, Duo Lon?"

And just like that, the robbery was over.
Through some unknown ability, the woman called Elisabeth had summoned some intense light, leaving robber and patron alike stunned and trying to clear their vision.
Once one could see again, the robbers were already tied up on the floor. The police were there shortly thereafter, and they took the robbers away while seeing to the hostages.
In the course of all of the police interviews and the like, the whole ordeal went on for quite some time, though the event itself had been fairly straightforward.

Some time earlier, the woman called Elisabeth stood before Benimaru.
As before, she stood regal and proud.
Benimaru introduced himself and Duo Lon, then proceeded in his usual fashion to try to win her over with lighthearted conversation.
"Well, I know you were a bit busy with stopping those robbers, but I had hoped to get to have a word with you."
"Is there a problem?"
Elisabeth flatly and fearlessly declared that if he had any strength, he should've taken a stand back there, rather than groveling like a dog on the ground.
"Hey, that's a bit much, don't you think? We had to consider the hostages' safety."
"Big words for someone who was just on the ground."
As effectively as a slap, Elisabeth had effectively muzzled Benimaru.
"Well, it's nice to meet you, Duo Lon and Benimaru Nikaido. I appreciate your taking such pains to see me, but I'm afraid the house of Blanctorche does not associate with cowards. I bid you good day."

As the words were leaving her lips, she was already turning and walking away.
Benimaru gave a small whistle.
"I always knew the French were proud, but that was just snotty... No denying her looks, though."
"Shouldn't we get her to wait?"
Duo Lon called out to Elisabeth's retreating back.
It was exceptionally rare for him to do anything of the sort.
"Ash Crimson has obtained the power of Chizuru Kagura... the Yata's power..."
Elisabeth stopped in her tracks.
"So, you know about that."
"And you've done your homework. Just as one would expect... for a former member of the Flying Brigands."
"Ron (Long) says that their village was destroyed, but even so..."
Then Benimaru cut in.
"I have a question. You've learned the proper names of Kusanagi, Yagami, Mukai and Orochi, correct? We were part of last year's KOF. We know some things you don't."
"...Very well. Let us discuss this."
"In spite of our previous dialogue, I wanted to talk to you about joining our KOF team."
"Make your offer and I'll make my decision. Old man!"
An old man, who had previously been holding the reins of the horse just outside the bank, respectfully came over.
"Since you'll be returning first, please show these two the way to the mansion."
"As you wish, milady."
"Later, then. Hah!"
As she said this, she mounted the horse and took off like the wind.
The scenery seemed an ill fit to the 21st century.

"She has always been a rather stern type. I do hope you weren't too offended."
The old man bowed his head in assent.
Both of his hands held the reins. Just ahead, two horses stood tied.
"Once through this pass, you'll find the mansion. The horses know the way. Now, if you would..."
He led their gaze to the cart, led by two horses in fine condition.


The two walked with the horses back to the house of Blanctorche, and finally made it there as the day reached its end.
King of Fighters III
Benimaru Nikaido
Born of American and Japanese parents, Benimaru is a young son of a multi-millionaire family. This genius fighter specializes in shooting and electricity-based techniques. Benimaru is also Kyo's best friend and friendly rival.
Capcom vs SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2 Endings
Benimaru enters the room. "Did you enjoy my victory?" A girl in a wheelchair smiles. "I did. You were so cool!" Benimaru smiles. "Please, get well soon. Cheer for me!"

Fun Facts
Beni's Bizarre Connection(s)
KOF's Benimaru is based on two seperate manga characters from the late '80s, Polnareff (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and Senkuu (Sakigake!! Otokojuku)

While both characters are tall-haired blondes, Benimaru's first outfit is nearly an exact copy of Polnareff's. Beni's "Shinkuu Kakategoma" spinning kick is based on Senkuu's "Rikuke Shoujin Senpuu Kyaku."

Further confusing things is the fact that many of Beni's technique names (but not the techniques themselves) are straight up stolen from Tatsunoko's Hurricane Polymar.