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Art of Fighting Fighters
Fighter ID:
December 25
Blood Type
Fighting Style(s)
Kyokugen Karate
Collecting cars
Special Skill(s)
Motor sports
24 (as of KoF '94)
Personal Treasure(s)
His car collection
Favorite Food(s)
Yakisoba (fried noodles) and sushi
When the Tiger Howls, the Supreme Fight Starts

Art of Fighting / Ryūko no Ken (JPN)
Neo Geo
Art of Fighting 2 / Ryūko no Ken 2 (JPN)
Neo Geo
King of Fighters '94, The
Neo Geo
Member of Mexico team
King of Fighters '95, The
Neo Geo
Member of Mexico team.
Art of Fighting 3 / Art of Fighting: Ryūko no Ken Gaiden (JPN)
Neo Geo
King of Fighters '96, The
Neo Geo
Kyokugenryu team
King of Fighters '97, The
Neo Geo
Art of Fighting Team
King of Fighters '98, The
Neo Geo
Art of Fighting Team
Available in KoF '94 style by holding Start during selection.
King of Fighters '99, The
Neo Geo
Art of Fighting Team
King of Fighters 2000, The
Neo Geo
Member of Art of Fighting Team
King of Fighters 2001, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters EX, The
Game Boy Advance
Kyoukugen Team member.
King of Fighters 2002, The
Neo Geo
Art of Fighting Team
King of Fighters 2003, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters Neowave, The
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
King of Fighters 11, The / The King of Fighters XI
Playstation 2
King of Fighters '98, The: Ultimate Match
Art of Fighting Team Member.
King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, The
Playstation 2
Member of the Art of Fighting Team. Unlockable EX version also available.
King of Fighters 12, The / The King of Fighters XII
King of Fighters 13, The / The King of Fighters XIII
Member of the Art of Fighting Team.
King of Fighters 14, The / The King of Fighters XIV
King of Fighters 15, The / The King of Fighters XV
Art of Fighting Team

King of Fighters 15, The
Mightiest Tiger
Robert is the assistant instructor at Ryo's dojo.
Legitimate heir of the Garcia Foundation in Italy, Robert joined the Kyokugenryu dojo against the wishes of his father and quickly became Ryo's best friend and training partner. Robert excels at kick attacks with his long legs. Robert also has not-so-secret feelings for Ryo's sister, Yuri.
Takuma Sakazaki
Has imparted some or all of their fighting prowess upon another.
King of Fighters I
South Town Street Fight
Son of the multimillionaire Albert Garcia. Sent to the world-famous Imperial Academy to study the mysteries of Kyokugenryu karate under the tutelege of Albert's lifelong friend, @char=takuma_aof@. After the death of @char=ryo_aof@'s mother, Robert watched over the young boy, providing him with friendship. Robert remains, however, Ryo's ultimate rival.

He is just as concerned about Yuri's safety as Ryo is. He prides himself on being Ryo's equal in combat.
King of Fighters II
King of Fighters '94
"But, for crying out loud, why Mexico...?"
Robert mutters this complaint-laced question.
"Huh? You say something, Robert?"
Takuma is here to establish the Mexican chapter of his Kyokugen Karate gym franchise, and oversee Ryo and Robert's training while instructing his Mexican disciples. He doesn't fail to register Robert's muttering.
"No, not me. Not a thing."
Ryo, a glum look across his face, approaches the flustered Robert. Robert, unable to ignore his expression, talks to Ryo to break the tense mood.
"What's up, Ryo? Chicks don't dig a frowner, you know?"
"None of your beeswax! That *@#! Yuri...."
"What? Has something happened to Yuri?"
"Yuri told me she's going to enter this year's King of Fighters!"
"Say what? She can't do that. She shouldn't be doing dangerous stuff like that, Ryo!"
Takuma abruptly cuts in abruptly.
"If you're talking about that invitation, I've got one, too. Look, three of them! A perfect chance to put our training here in Mexico to the test. You need three on a team, so what do you say we all enter together!"
"That is a great idea! Don't you think so, Robert?!"
Ryo seems to have embarked on his "enter fast and keep Yuri out of the picture" plan.
"Yeah, it's too bad that Yuri's not here, but whaddya gonna do?"
"Yes! We'll show the world the awesome power of Kyokugen Karate!"
Robert is overwhelmed, and a little freaked, by the extent of the Sakazakis' fervor.
King of Fighters '95
At the Southtown dojo of Kyokugen Karate, we find a panicking Robert rushing toward Ryo, who is focused on his daily workout.
ROBERT: "Hey, Ryo! I just got this at my place. Have you seen it yet?!"
Babbling away, he sticks an invitation to the King of Fighters tournament in Ryo's face.
RYO: "Huh? What's the...? Oh, that? Yeah, I got one, too."
ROBERT: "Aw, man. Really...? So you and Yuri already know about it?"
RYO: "Nah, I haven't said anything to Yuri yet, so she probably doesn't know about it. That reminds me: she's off on some trip overseas today. Nice timing, eh, Robert? Don't utter a peep about this to Yuri, got it?"
ROBERT: "Yeah, I got it. But I think you really should stop being so overprotective of her. She can take care of herself now."
RYO: "You nub! This KOF may be just as perilous as the last one! And Yuri is still way too inexperienced as a fighter to face anything like that again!"
ROBERT: "All right...I got ya. No skin off my nose."
Yuri, lugging a big travel trunk, walks through the airport. She walks a little farther and then comes to an abrupt stop.
YURI: "Hee, hee. Ryo thinks I'm totally clueless about this year's KOF, but I know we've already got the invite. I hope you're Mai and King are waiting for me."
Yuri heads for her destination. Segue back to the dojo.
RYO: "By the way, Robert. What are we going to do about our team?"
ROBERT: "Hmm. I guess the Master's in no shape to team up with us."
TAKUMA: "Hey! You're writing me off a bit quick there, aren't you Robert?!"
Takuma emerges from the backroom of the dojo.
RYO: "P-Pop!" ROBERT: "M-Master!"
TAKUMA: "I'm the founder of Kyokugen Karate! Even if I'm a little long in the tooth, I still can show you clowns a thing or two. Care to give me your best shot, Robert?"
ROBERT: "N-no way. I know you're still a force to be reckoned with. So, it looks like we three are going to be a team again. Eh?"
RYO: "Uh, yeah. That sounds copasetic with me!"
ROBERT: "Well, there it is. OK, let's rock!"
Takuma, however, feels something in his gut: Rugal lives. And Takuma knows, too, this may be his final battle. He ponders their prospects.
TAKUMA: "This is going to be one tough battle, Ryo and Robert. This may be the end to my life as a fighter. But I know you will be magnificent successors to my Kyokugen Karate legacy...."
King of Fighters '96
The Kyokugen Karate gym. Ryo and Robert face each other in the center of the room.
ROBERT: "So...why did the Master call us here today? I though I was being summoned here and then I find you here, too. Just what gives, today?"
RYO: "Beats me. All Pops said was, 'Get it in gear' so hear I am."
ROBERT: "You're his son, aren't you? Shouldn't he give you at least a clue...?"
RYO: "Guess not."
Shortly thereafter Takuma saunters into the gym.
TAKUMA: "So, you're both here, eh?"
RYO: "Is there some kind of emergency or something?"
TAKUMA: "Uhm. Yuri should be here any moment, too. I'll fill you in then."
Ryo and Robert assent in unison, "Osu!"
Yuri pops in with a curious expression on her face.
YURI: "What's the deal, Pop? Wow, Ryo and Robert are here too?"
TAKUMA: "So everybody's here. Anyway, take a seat there, Yuri."
Takuma straightens up his collar and whips out an envelope in front of the three.
TAKUMA: "Open it, Ryo!"
Ryo opens the envelope. Robert and Yuri draw closer to look at the contents. !!!
Ignoring the reactions of the three, Takuma begins his monologue.
TAKUMA: "It's all written there in black and white. The King of Fighters is going to be held again this year. That's what that invitation's for. I've already signed us up. And the entry of our Kyokugen team has already been decided."
ROBERT: "So, if you've signed us up, then who's going to be on the team? Even if Ryo and I are in, didn't you announce your retirement at last year's KOF?"
RYO: "Yeah. After all those histrionics, you're not considering to enter again, are you?"
TAKUMA: "Uh, well.... Hey, young lady! And just where are you going?"
YURI: "Where? I've got a call to make. I know King must have gotten an invitation. Strike your iron along the longest path around, as they say."
TAKUMA: "You mean, Strike while the iron is hot. And I'm not finished talking. Sit down."
YURI: "What's the deal? Well, then, make it snappy, will you? I've got things to do!"
TAKUMA: "I don't know what you've got cooking, but you're sure as not teaming up with King, young lady!"
YURI: "Wow, talk about getting zapped out of the blue!"
TAKUMA: "Let me go on. This all came out of nowhere-the delivery of this invitation, that is. The invitation was addressed to Ryo, Robert, and me naturally."
ROBERT: "Makes sense, it being delivered to the gym and all."
TAKUMA: "But as you all know, I used the previous competition to announce my retirement from fighting competitions to the world. I then inquired with the KOF admissions commission and they told me I could appoint a substitute if I tendered a notarized letter of attorney."
ROBERT: "Substitute...? You mean, Yuri?"
TAKUMA: "Perceptive as ever, Robby-boy."
YURI: "Aw, that biteskees! How could you be so selfish?! Even for a parent there are things that you should know you shouldn't do!"
TAKUMA: "Silence! Not only do you repeat your deceit of me and enter the competition, but you disgrace the dignity of Kyokugen Karate with your unorthodox methods! It won't be that way again, tootsie! It's back to the basics with you and you're going to join KOF as a disciple of Kyokugen. Ryo, Robert? Do you have any objections?"
ROBERT: "If I get to team up with Yuri, I've got no complaints."
ƒŠƒˆƒE "I agree that she needs a little more supervision in her life."
YURI: "Aw, man. Do you and Robert have to get on my case, too?! I am totally not doing this! I'm going to team up with King and Mai and win with our Heroine Team!"
TAKUMA: "No, you won't!"
YURI: "No way! That's N-O-SPACE-W-A-Y! I will definitely not join KOF on this gym's team!"
TAKUMA: "Why you little ingrate! No matter what you say, I'm telling you that you will not join up with King and that ninja minx. Do you hear me?"
YURI: "Huh? Huh? What did you say?!"
TAKUMA: "You can't wrap me around your finger. I can't withdraw my letter of attorney once I've submitted it. If you think I'm lying, why don't you check in with admissions commission? Got it? I'm not telling you can't join KOF, but I am saying that if you want to enter, you'll do it as a Kyokugen disciple. So stop your pouting and get training!"
RYO: "Yeah, cut him some slack, Yuri."
YURI: "Why do you always have to be so reasonable at times like these?! I wish I could be as easygoing as you. You always play the devoted karate-crazed son!"
RYO: "What did you say?!"
ROBERT: "Yuri, calm down. Sure Ryo's karate-crazed, but you shouldn't be so mouthy to your brother."
RYO: "Hey, Robert! Who do you think you're calling karate-crazed?"
ROBERT: "Are you calling me a liar? Just look at you!"
RYO: "All I'm saying is that you've got some stones for calling me karate-crazed! Yuri! Don't act like you're not a part of this when you were the one who lit the fuse!"
YURI: "Leave me out of this!"
TAKUMA: "All right that's eeeeeee-nough!"
Takuma slams his fist down on the floor. They tense up and look at their furious Master.
TAKUMA: "It has all been decided. I won't permit you to oppose me on this. If you still have got a problem with that, you better be ready to leave this house for good!"
ROBERT: "What a mess.... So what's it going to be, Yuri? It's a bit extreme to get tossed out of here just because you and your father don't see eye-to-eye this time; so why don't you just swallow your pride and enter on the Kyokugen team. Isn't that right, Ryo?!"
RYO: "Yeah, Yuri, the ball's in your court. Think it over again hard. Once a notarized letter of attorney's submitted, it's all over. So if you want to enter, we're your only option, aren't we? Are you still telling me you'll only enter as a member of their team?"
YURI: "'s not that I don't want to enter..."
ROBERT: "Then that's that! I see where you're coming from, but you can still win even if you don't join up with King and Mai, so why don't we win for Kyokugen!"
YURI: "Uh...unfortunately it looks like that's my only choice. OK! I'm with you!"
ROBERT: "Yeah, that's the spirit!"
YURI: "If that's the way it's going to be, we better start working out right away. We can't just dick around here. Later!"
TAKUMA: "H-hey! Watch your language, and where're you going?"
YURI: "Hey, I'm a girl, aren't I? Unlike you guys, I've got other things to prepare for! You guys just don't get it!"
TAKUMA: "We start working out today! You do GET that, don't you?"
YURI: "I GOT IT! If I start working out now, victory will be ÔNo worry-skees!' See you later!"
TAKUMA: "Stop that Ôee-ee' nonsense! Jeesh...Did I really make the right decision?"
ROBERT: "You chose this, so it's too late to start worrying."
RYO: "That's just like you, Pop. Just ram things through, and once you get your way you start worrying about everything."
TAKUMA: "Did I ask for your opinions?"
RYO, ROBERT: "No, sir..."
TAKUMA: "It's been bugging me-recently, I've gotten in the habit of spouting off before I think things over...At my age, was that little spat about, arguing with pups half my age? ...Well, let's make the most of this opportunity. You'll go back to the basics and I'll put you through special training. Got it?"
RYO, ROBERT: "Oh, man! Here we go again...."
King of Fighters '97

Southtown. Takuma walks back to his gym.
TAKUMA: "Boy, sure is crowded today. I think I'll take a little shortcut...!"
Off the beaten path, Takuma becomes aware of a suspicious presence.
TAKUMA: "What the...? This is...without doubt, one evil individual!"
Noting his surroundings as he presses on, he cannot discern from where this presence emanates. The sensation gradually fades.
TAKUMA: "It's leaving..."
The instant he lets his guard down, the menacing presence returns along with the pungent scent of blood to pounce on Takuma.
TAKUMA: "Ooogh!!"
Takuma involuntarily assumes a fighting stance. A man from which the murderous sensation appears to be emanating quickly rushes past Takuma's side.
TAKUMA: "!!"
Takuma is temporarily rendered immobile. Returning to his normal self, he looks around and realizes that the man has disappeared into the crowd.
TAKUMA: "So, I lost him, did I...? Who was he? It's been a long time since I've seen a man with such murderous rage as he seemed to have...."

The Kyokugen Karate gym. Robert gets out of his car and makes his way inside.
ROBERT: "So, I guess I have to supervise the training of the disciples today. Huh? It sure sounds pretty quiet. Is anybody here?"
An eerie silence permeates the usually clamorous gym. The moment he opens up the front door, a sign set on its side begins to creak.
ROBERT: "Huh? What's going on?"
The moment Robert's gaze shifts to the sign, it splits into hundreds of shards.
ROBERT: "!!"
Robert rushes inside the gym. As he enters the gym, he smells the scent of blood permeating the air. Looking around he sees the disciples scattered all about.
ROBERT: "What the? What is going on here?"
He picks up one of the disciples and speaks to him. He's not dead, but the disciple does not respond. It's then that Takuma returns.
TAKUMA: "!! Robert! What happened?!"
ROBERT: "Master! That...I don't have a clue... It was like this when I got here."
TAKUMA: "Who...! That smell!"
As he heads for the gym, the figure of the man that rushed by him crosses his mind.
TAKUMA: "It's him!"
ROBERT: "Him. Master, who are you talking about?"
Takuma stands there motionless and doesn't answer Robert's question.

A few days later at the Kyokugen Karate gym. Ryo is kneeling down facing Robert and Yuri.
YURI: "Ryo, what's going on with Pop?"
Ryo answers gently, keeping his eyes closed.
RYO: "He left the gym. Early this morning."
ROBERT: "Left the gym? Where did he go?"
RYO: "I don't know. It seems he's going to challenge the members of another gym to a duel, all by himself."
ROBERT: "Did you say, Ôit seems...?' He told you that and you didn't lift a finger to stop him or help him?"
YURI: "Yeah, Robert's right. Not telling us about it is just wicked!"
Ryo slowly opens his eyes.
RYO: "I didn't just let him go. He told me what we're supposed to do for him."
ROBERT: "What we're supposed to do?"
RYO: "Yup."
He takes out an envelope from his breast pocket and presents it to the two.
YURI: "What's this...?"
ROBERT: "It's an invitation to the King of Fighters!"
RYO: "Yup. It's up to us to enter the King of Fighters. And we're supposed to win the tournament and restore the prestige of the Kyokugen style of karate! This is what father instructed us to do."
YURI: "Restore the prestige of Kyokugen karate...."
ROBERT: "So that's it, is it...? But is it okay? The Master is looking for someone we've never heard of nor do we know where he is.... Do you have any clues?"
RYO: "He didn't go into details, but he saw someone briefly who could be the assailant. He probably will go downtown to smoke him out."
YURI: "I hope everything goes all right...."
RYO: "It'll be all right. Pop will see to that. We should stop worrying about him and start thinking about us. What'll we do? What about our entry?"
YURI: "I don't mind."
ROBERT: "Yeah, me either. If the Master requested it, then his will be done."
RYO: "OK, then I'll let's confirm our resolve. We three, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki, under the auspices of Takuma Sakazaki, head of the Kyokugen Karate Hall, swear to enter the King of Fighters, win the tournament, and restore the prestige of the Kyokugen style of karate. Moreover, during the absence of the head of our hall, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia both agree to assume the position of substitute head and manage the operations of this gym. Agreed?"
YURI, ROBERT: "Agreed!!!"
King of Fighters '99

Yuri is having a nightmare.

She doesn't know where she is.
Her father Takuma is buried under the falling debris. She can do nothing to save him.


Yuri bolts up and awakens with a "Gah!"

"Ah! What a dream...."

Yuri, who until now has always thought working out with her father was nothing but a major pain, is shaken by the vividness of the dream and thinks that maybe her father really is going to die.

"No, no, I've got to forget that weird dream and concentrate on my training today!"

Trying to shake off the nightmare, Yuri quickly changes into her training clothes and bounces down the stairs.

Bam! Bang!

From early in the morning, she can hear the sound of someone kneading soba noodles.
The person busy making noodles is of course Takuma Sakazaki. He is well known as the creator of Kyokugen Karate...and a mighty fine bowl of noodles.

"Y-Yuri, you're up. It looks like I've created some delicious noodles again today. How about it? Care for some?"
"Uh, no thanks. I'm good...."

With her father like this...she feels she's wasted time worrying about him.

While reassuring herself that she could not have possibly foreseen the death of her father who is indestructible in her eyes, Yuri begins her morning run, letting the gentle morning breeze guide her course.

A man awaits the arrival of a sweaty Yuri at the doorway as the city begins to comes alive with the freshly risen sun,.

The man wears red training gear. He is the acting master of Kyokugen Karate. He is Ryo Sakazaki.

"Oh, man! Ryo! Why don't you wash your workout clothes! Those are some awfully stinky duds!!!"
"What?! This is the smell of the guys I was working out with. No, I mean, ah, whatever. Be that as it may, Yuri, Pop says he wants to talk to you."
"Oh, come on, Yuri. It won't kill you to hear him out, will it?"

A familiar face appears over Ryo's shoulder.
"Oh, Robert!"
This is Robert Garcia. He's the son of the Garcia conglomerate. He is also Ryo's good-natured rival and friend.
"You went to the trouble of calling Robert...? Could this mean...?!"
"Yup. It looks like there might be another King of Fighters this year, I guess."
"OK! If that's what it's all about, it just may be worth listening to. So, where's Pop?"
"He's in the gym now."
"Well, let's go."
The instant she hears this, Yuri makes a beeline to the gym.
"Oh, Yuri. Wait up. You don't have to rush. The Master's not going anywhere."

While Yuri walks toward the gym at a brisk clip, she thinks it's already the season for the King of Fighters.

As the three arrive in the gym, they see that Takuma is already waiting for them, sitting in the center.
"Oh, so you've all come at once. Well, take a seat."
"What's your story, Pop?"
Ryo asks his father, kneeling down before him in the "seiza" position.
"Unh. As a matter of fact, this was delivered to our gym."

The thing that Takuma sticks out in front of them is what they expected. It is none other than the invitation to the King of Fighters.

"Well it looks like the King of Fighters tournament is going to be held again this year, huh?"
Ryo answers with a solemn expression.
"In spite of that, I haven't seen any TV ads this year, and the scale seems a lot smaller and kind of subdued. Well, since there are so many happenings that accompany the KOF tournament, I guess it's no coincidence that the big sponsors have pulled out."
"And I'm going to enter this year, but this time I want to enter with somebody else."
"No, Yuri. You'll enter as a member of our Kyokugen Karate team!"
Takuma answers promptly.
"Hey, why? I mean there's Ryo, right? Robert, right? And if you enter, Pop, that's all three, isn't it? If I enter, too, that's one too many!"
"Ah, my little cicada, it seems that this year the necessary members for each team is four."
"Gag! So I can't enter as a member of the Woman Fighters Team again?"
"Yuri! Don't forget that you're a member of the Kyokugen Karate team! And that's...."
"All right, all right. I don't need another lecture from you! Oh, fudgeskies! But this time I really wanted to team up with some fighters other than my smelly brother...."
"Come on, Yuri. You don't mean that. This time all of us can represent Kyokugen Karate, right? You may not get a chance like this again."
"Yeah, I guess you're right...."
"Yuri! That's enough of your griping! You're always...."
"All right, all right! I got ya! I'll enter on your team, Pop! Well, I got to get to my training."
"Hold on there, Yuri. Pop's story isn't over yet...."

Yuri exits the gym without batting an ear at Ryo's entreaties to stop.

Yuri sits under a pine tree behind the gym.
"Man, It's really a pain having to do what Ryo and everyone tells me to do, but at least I'll be able to enter the tournament...."
And even more...
It seems she's still worried about something. It's the dream she had this morning.
I wonder if my father and this year's King of Fighters tournament have something to do with each other? Or maybe they aren't related? Well I guess I'll know for sure once the tournament begins!"
Yuri keeps her strange unease and her equally high hopes to herself as she enters the tournament.
It looks like this year's summer, for a variety of reasons, is going to be another hot one.
King of Fighters '00
TAKUMA: "Hey! Yuri, can't you wait?"
YURI: "Ab-so-lute-ly not! Joining up with you guys again is something that I absolutely won't do."

The usual parent-child fight takes place in the Kyokugen Karate gym.
YURI: "How long do I have to be a Kyokugen Karate slave?! It was the same last time! And the time before that! And before that, and that, and that! And even before that!!! I've entered the KOF tournament with you before, so this time, absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely! No!"
This time the quarrel is more fierce than usual.
YURI: "Why don't you just back off! You and Ryo are more than enough to advertise the greatness of the Way of Kyokugen."
Yuri pick up her luggage with this and rushes quickly into the hallway.
Just as she puts her shoes on at the entryway, Ryo shows up.
RYO: "Yuri, are you okay? I know that you're strong enough to go your own way. That's exactly why Pop thinks it would devastate us if you don't enter on our team."
YURI: "I know, Ryo. But I'm not a kid that needs you, Robert, and Pop to watch over me anymore. I want to strike out on my own as an independent fighter!"
RYO: "I know that, but...."
YURI: "What's more, you don't have to worry about the void I create. I've asked a powerful substitute to take my place!"
RYO: "What? A substitute? Who could that be?"
YURI: "That's for me to know and you to find out. Well, see you, big bro'!"
RYO: "Hey, Hey, Yuri...Oh, that little twerp...And just what does she mean by arranging for a substitute?"

Meanwhile, here at Southtown's "Bar-Illusion" owned by the famous woman fighter King...
KING: "H-Hey, hold on there. Why won't everything work out if I don't join the Kyokugen Karate team?!"
YURI: "Please! You're the only one I can ask, King!"
KING: "Just what is going on with your team, anyway, Yuri? Have you got all your team members?"
YURI: "Yeah. Three of them are certain. One space remains undecided, and I wanted you to be that person, but...If I'm to succeed in getting out of the Kyokugen team, I can't think of a better substitute than you, King! Not only that, King, I know you're hot for my brother...."
KING: "Uh, I don't think he's exactly hot for me...not in that way, at least...."
YURI: "King! I'm begging you! I'll be indebted for you for life!"
Yuri bows deeply for her acceptance.
KING: "Hey there, stop it. Ah...Well, what can I do? ...Well, okay. I guess I'll join the Kyokugen Karate team this year!"
YURI: "R-Really? Thank you so much, King!"
KING: "However, your Yuri Team must win its way to the finals!"
YURI: "OK, King! Let's all give it our best shot! Well, see you!"
KING: "Huh?! You're leaving already?"
YURI: "Yup! I got to find my fourth member! I'm outta here!"
Yuri pops the door open and skips out of sight.

KING: "H-Hey! Yuri! In and out like a gale, that girl is."
The time flies by in an instant and only a few weeks remain until the tournament.

ROBERT: "Hey, Ryo! Just what's the word?"
RYO: "Oh, Robert. What's with the red face?"
ROBERT: "It's Yuri. It looks like she's up and joined another team this time around! Just what's going on?!"
RYO: "And that's why you flew here all the way from Italy. You really do have a lot of free time!"
ROBERT: "Just what do you mean by that?! You know how I feel about Yuri!"
RYO: "It's not that! I'm not trying to tear you two apart. It's just that Yuri decided on her own to join another team."
ROBERT: "Oh? Then what's this all about?"
The newspaper lists the major entrants of this year's tournament.
RYO: "What's up? It mentions the change in members for the Kyokugen Karate team and the leading member of the Woman Fighters team King will substitute for Yuri Sakazaki...Hmm. ...What?! King?!"
ROBERT: "Yup! It's obvious that you finagled this to get closer to King and eighty-sixed my sweet little Yuri!"
RYO: "Hey, lighten up, Robert! I just learned about this this very moment!"
ROBERT: "You better tell me the truth! Dragon Blast Punch!!"

Ryo barely manages to evade this attack.

RYO: "Hey! Are you really cruising for a bruising?"
ROBERT: "Hey! I'm about to lose it!"
TAKUMA: "Would you two cut it ou-uuuuuuuut!"
At that instant, a clap of thunder rumbles through the gym.
TAKUMA: "You two fools! Just what is going on here?!"
RYO: "Pop..."
ROBERT: "Master..."
TAKUMA: "Rancid rice balls! You two just never grow up, do you? You two! Hey, by the way, Ryo, you have a visitor!"
RYO: "For me?"
KING: "Hi, Ryo, Robert! You both are looking good."

The person that appears from behind Takuma is none other than King.
RYO: "King!?"

ROBERT: "Oh, Oh! Kissy, kissy. It's getting kind of hot in here!"
Robert apparently has lost it as his little hissy-fit shows.
KING: "Oh, Robert, Ryo's telling you the truth when he says he didn't know about this. I didn't call on him until the members were listed in the paper. Not only that, Yuri was the one who decided to remove herself from the Kyokugen Karate team. And then she asked me to take her place in your little group."
RYO: "I'm sorry, King. What with you having to leave your own team for Yuri's sake...."
KING: "No, problem. It looks like this may turn out to be a good experience. I've never been able to join another team until now. You just might be able to teach me a thing or two."
RYO: "King...."
ROBERT: "Hold on there! I can't consent to this! In order for her to join the Kyokugen Karate team, she's going to need the necessary ability! She's going to have to show us what she's got."
RYO: "Robert! You know well and good she's got more than enough..."
King cuts off Ryo.
KING: "Well, that suits me just fine, Ponytail Boy. I'm sure your willing to indulge me. I guess you'll do as a test of my abilities."
TAKUMA: "Very well! Let's have a little match in the gym!

Robert and King pile on the kicks. And each time for countless times the match ends in a stalemate. The two breathe heavily, and it's clear they've taken this as far as it can go.

ROBERT: "Pant, pant...You live up to your legend...You weren't a bodyguard just for show, I see."
KING: "You're no slouch yourself...You certainly are...the Mighty Tiger of the Way of Kyokugen..."
The two both look like as if one more kick would send them both to the floor.
ROBERT: "Okay, King! Breaks over. Gyah!"
KING: "Aaah!"

Once again the two pile heavy kick upon heavy kick on each other. It's impossible for either of them to try to attack any more.

TAKUMA: "OK, boy and girl, show's over."
RYO: "Are you guys okay? King! Robert!"
KING: "Ah, I'm okay.... But I'm a little drained from going at it with such a worthy opponent. What a kickfest that was!"
ROBERT: "I...was just going to say that...."
TAKUMA: "So, Robert?! Any more complaints about allowing King to join our Kyokugen team?"
ROBERT: "No, I have no complaints...Master...?"
TAKUMA: "Well, King, I think you get the message. We'd be honored to have you join us...."
KING: "I got it. Takuma...I won't disgrace the Kyokugen name."

TAKUMA: "Well, then we join the KOF tournament with these members! We'll be invincible, of course! We're going all the way!"
King of Fighters '01
A shout like a woman's wail cleaves the air and reverberates throughout the gym. Ryo Sakazaki and his kid sister Yuri are in the midst of morning practice. Ryo's fists whoosh through the air, and Yuri's high kicks snarl with ferocity.
The furious match finally draws to an end, the two separate, and bow.
"You've improved, Yuri."
"Of course I have! Just how many times do you think I've entered KOF anyway?!"
"Yeah, you're right. ...Well, how about we get some grub?"
"Yeah. ...Oh? Robert?"
Robert Garcia, who's never appeared at the gym at this hour before, unexpectedly stumbles into the gym.
"What's up, Robert? What's with the hang-dog look?"
"...We're ruined. We are so ruined...."
Robert mutters on as he crumples down to the ground where he stands.
"Yuri, water! Bring him some water! Robert, snap out of it! What's going on? What happened?"
Ryo brings his ears to the hear the mumbling emanating from Robert's mouth.
"Ryo! Just what's all the commotion early in the morning? Huh? ...Robert? What's going on?"
Takuma, appears from the gym and kneels down alongside Robert next to Ryo.
"...I-It's a takeover, Master..."
Robert answers with a barely audible voice.

A tense mood settles into the gym. The three, having put Robert to sleep for the time being, gather together and begin a hushed conversation.
"Robert's really been knocked for a loop by this."
"I didn't understand all of it but he said something about cornering the public offerings of the foundation, or the rights to development, something like that."
"Be that as it may...!
"Sssh! Pop, take the volume down! You'll wake up Robert!"
Takuma, warned by Yuri, lowers the tone of his voice slightly.
"...Be that as it may, Robert's peril is our peril. That is to say, it's the peril of Kyokugen Karate its very self."
Ryo, not well-versed in the ways of the world, does not point out the jump in logic to Takuma's reasoning. Takuma pays him no mind and continues.
"And to get over this crisis, we'll need money, won't we."
"...But Pop, we don't have that kind of money on us!"
"That's what this is for!"
Takuma grins, then lets out a laugh as he dramatically produces four envelopes from his practice tog.
"We'll enter this year's KOF and win!"
"KOF? What do you mean, Pop?"
"Have you forgotten, Ryo? The team that wins KOF receives a massive amount of prize money! Not only that, this year's KOF is an international tournament, I hear. So the amount of prize money should be quite more than usual!"
"Now I got it! I see where you're going with this, Pop! So if we win, Robert and this gym will both be saved, right?!"
"That's my boy!"
"...But if Robert can't snap out of his current state, I don't see us winning... Huh? Robert!"
There, standing tall, is none other than Robert with a flush expression, perhaps the result of excitement.
Robert sits before Takuma and grasps his hand silently, ignoring Yuri's question.
"I knew my Master was the only one I could count on! Let's go everyone! We've got a KOF to win!"
"Ah, Robert! That's poetry to my ears! If that's what you've decided then we must strike while the iron's hot. Everyone, get your stuff together!"
Takuma, Ryo, and Robert work themselves up to a froth and whip into action.
But Yuri takes time to reflect.
It's probably going to be Robert who'll be picking up the tab for the transportation costs and accommodation fees again this year....
King of Fighters '03
"Pop, we've got no money."
"I'm well aware of that."
"And we're all out of rice."
"I know! So just eat your food!"
The family sits around the low dining table in the center of the living room...

Atop the table is a single bowl with a heaping helping of buckwheat noodles.
It will serve as a meal for the three. The drafts blowing through the dojo are chilly.
"Aw, just once in a while I'd like a little egg in our noodles..."
"Don't demand so much, Yuri. Eggs are only for the Festival of the Dead and New Year's!"
"Boo hoo, whimper, whimper..."
"Well, when we finish let's canvass for disciples. Yuri, you'll be passing out these promotional tissues in front of the train station."
"Boo hoo, whimper, whimper..."
"That reminds me, the gas has been cut too. Ryo, go to the mountains and cut us some firewood."
"Boo hoo, whimper, whimper..."
"Pop, the water's been shut off, as well."
"Yuri, when you finish passing out these tissues, head to the river and do the wash."
"Boo hoo, whimper, whimper..."

Yuri awakens. She was just about to pick up a large peach that had come flowing down the river.
She finds herself in the dojo of Kyokugen Karate. A handsome Italian gentleman is now peering into her eyes.
"Boo hoo, whimper, whimper...Ah, Robert...was I sleeping?"
"Like a baby. You must have become quite the fighter to be doing head dives while the Master and Ryo are going through the moves. This dojo does have a rep in this neighborhood for putting its disciples through rigorous training."
"I guess I got a little sleepy because things are so dead around here."
"Dead? Why? ...Hmm, on second thought you do seem to have fewer disciples."
You could hear a pin drop in the dojo.
As far as anyone could remember, the dojo was always a little quiet, but now it seemed more so than ever.
"My father and Ryo's training is way too hard."
"I know, but they take part in KOF every year and get a lot of TV coverage; so they always get a huge influx of students at those times."
"And then by the time the next month rolls around ninety percent of them drop out. The other day we dragged in our first new disciple in ages, literally, right off the street...."
"Dragged right off the street?"
"And he just disappeared. He never came back. Having steel clogs slapped on you and being made to run 10 miles, even a horse would run away treated like that."
"Hey, Robert. When did you get in?"
The two greatest authorities of Kyokugen Karate, the invincible dragon and the mighty tiger - namely, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia - come face to face again. Along with the napping Yuri Sakazaki, it's quite a sight to behold when you consider these are the renowned experts of Kyokugen now.
"I've heard all about it, Ryo. Driven out all your disciples, have you?"
"It's not like I drove them out."
"Haven't you considered letting up a little? For the general public, you Sakazakis have physical capabilities like super-humans from another universe, you know?"
Treating this family as aliens from another planet, Robert takes on the mantle of the singular man of common sense.
"Don't talk about us as if we were a family of Martians. Pop's the only one with freakish ability. We children are just normal citizens of considerable looks and purity."
"I second that opinion."
"...Well, I'll leave it at that. Now, the reason I'm here is that I've got some suggestions that will be useful to this dojo's management. Try this on for size, OK?"
Robert takes out an invitation from his inner vest pocket.
Ryo and Yuri are unfazed. Naturally, this item has already been delivered to them.
"Got it? This time you should contemplate using a little more PR, eh?"
Robert loses no time beginning his spiel.
Don't forget the pleasant smile in the interview. Praise your defeated opponents with pithy lines. Repeat the words "Kyokugen Karate" and "Sakazaki's Dojo" at every opportunity. "Your town's Kyokugen Karate." "A big 'Haoh Shokou Ken' for every household." "A 'Kyokugen Reverse Fluttering Fang' for your family's security."
"And, yeah...Ryo, we'll sew advertisements on the back of your karate gear."
"The name of our dojo?"
"That's good, but we'll need to find sponsors - like a chain of convenience stores or a sports drink company."
Yuri stays silent, sighing on the inside. Robert seems to think himself a man of the world, but he is a scion of the Garcia Foundation. Since he was born he has been in possession of wealth one could not hope to squander in the period of a lifetime. How could his thinking address the scale of the matter at hand?
"Hmm. A sponsor. That might be good."
(Like a hole in the head!)
Yuri's big brother, a stranger to the ways of the world, easily falls in line with Robert. And because of this, the dojo will always be in dire straits.

"Oh, hoh...sewing advertisements on sacred karate gear..."
"That's right. In today's world, everything's got to sell something...uh, M-Master...."
"It seems like you've been doing well, Robert. Just when I thought it's been a long time since one of my favorite disciples has shown his face around here, here you are with talk about using Kyokugen as a means to make money? Wah, ha, ha!"
Suddenly appearing behind Robert, puffing himself up to full height, is Takuma Sakazaki, who was also in Yuri's dream. The master soba maker - and fighter -- known to all in Southtown.
"N-No, that's not why I'm here. As a matter of fact...."
"Papa, Robert is just worried about the management of our dojo."
To counter her father's wrath, Yuri peeks out from behind Robert, who is averting his gaze from his master to hide his panic.
"Hmph. One who devotes himself to the ways of the martial arts should not mewl and puke over trifles like making money!"
"But Papa. You're always bellyaching about the finances. And the management funds for our satellite dojo in Mexico...?"
"Hush, young lady! If that's what you have to say, then I'll speak my mind, too! This year's KOF is said to have an especially impressive line-up of contestants, but you can count me out!"
"Huh?! A KOF without you, Pop...?"
"You mean...?"
(Heh, heh, heh. Sure they're skilled, but they're still immature tyros. One word of me not joining them against such formidable rivals, and they'll crumble like cookies."
"Yes!! This time I'm totally free!"
"...What the...?"
"That's just like you, Master. You really know how to inspire your disciples!"
"No, that's.... Is it really OK? Me not joining you? Just you three against such fearsome foes?"
"Leave it all up to us, Papa. We'll show them all what Kyokugen is capable of!"
"R-Really? Well...Ah, there it is. Knock 'em dead!"

It was one week later that the KOF Management Organization received word from Takuma Sakazaki that he would not be participating in this year's tournament.

And Takuma kneads some celebratory buckwheat noodles for the departure of his disciples.
King of Fighters XI
"I'm sorry, Yuri... if only I were in better health...," said Takuma Sakazaki.
"You don't need to worry about that, Dad," replied his daughter.
"I have only one regret... that I never got to see the third generation of the Kyokugen School's family..." He broke into a fit of coughing.
"Master, you really should take it easy," said Robert.

It had been some time since the attack on Takuma's at the end of the last KOF tournament. To further compound the problem, the Garcia Foundation was in the middle of a major project, which meant that Robert Garcia would be unable to compete this year. That left just Ryo and Yuri, and they couldn't join without a third member.

"Per... perhaps King could help us out," said Takuma between his coughs.

His voice had been so weak on the phone that King rushed to the hospital in a panic, a bouquet of flowers under one arm. When she got there, however, she thought there was something strange about how he looked. For a man who'd been hospitalized for about a year, his complexion was pretty darn rosy, and his muscles had shown no signs of atrophy. Yuri, on the other hand, looked like she was exhausted from having to tend to him.

"A-anyway, look. I've brought you some flowers for your room," said King.
Takuma looked at her kindly and said, "You're too good to me, King... but once those flowers die, my time will be up as well."
Yuri responded immediately. "Dad, you shouldn't talk like that!"
"Oh, it looks as though I'll never make it long enough to see the third generation of Kyokugenryu..."

At that moment, a passing nurse peeked in and said, "Mr. Sakazaki, was there something you needed today?
"Huh?" replied Takuma. "Uh, no, nothing right now..."
"Well," the nurse said, "you always seem to be in such high spirits... it's a little strange, don't you think?"
Takuma stammered. "Th-that's not true!"
"Right!" affirmed Yuri. "This is... uh... just the like when a candle burns brightest just before it burns out!"
Robert piped in at this point, adding, "That's right! Our master isn't long for this world!"

Before the nurse could reply, Robert and Yuri shooed her out of the room.

"You've got to be kidding...," King muttered under her breath, trying very hard not to let her expression betray her thoughts.

"Mr. Sakazaki, it's time for your examination," said another nurse.
"Dammit, why do the nurses keep showing up one after another?" muttered Robert.
"Probably because it's a hospital," replied Yuri with a smirk.
The nurse ignored Robert's comments and primly stuck a thermometer in Takuma's mouth. "By the way, Mr. Sakazaki," she said.
"Wh-what?" mumbled the elder Sakazaki around the thermometer, and coughed.
"Lately, one of the patients has been sneaking off to the drugstore nearby at night to get food... apparently, the hospital food isn't enough for him. I don't suppose you'd happen to know who he is, would you?"
"I have no idea," Takuma said, then broke into another mild coughing fit.
The nurse's gaze didn't waver from her patient. "Witnesses have said he wears a Tengu mask on his face... long nose and all. Are you sure you don't know who it is?"
"I-I don't know."
The nurse went on to further state that the man in the Tengu mask appeared to be in remarkably good health for a hospital patient, displaying strength and agility enough to easily leap over a two-meter-tall gate, and always seemed to get Japanese soba noodles from the nearby drugstore.
The thermometer showed a reading of 36.5 degrees Celsius (97.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Hardly a "fever," by any definition.


"So that's the story of when I went to pay my respects," said King.
Ryo sighed. "I'm really sorry, King. Stupid old man... stupid little girl... and that moronic tiger-boy."
Having chastened his entire family equally, Ryo bowed his head to King.
"Don't worry about it," she replied. "So what about you? Still stuck on trying to improve your technique?"
"Huh? ...Oh, yeah. My students are all away, so right now it's just me."

The dojo was almost eerily quiet, and gave off a slight air of divine majesty. It was covered from wall to wall in immaculately-kept tatami mats, and the Shinto shrine had a young and healthy sakaki tree. It was precisely maintained, and almost perfectly silent.

"So how's he doing, anyway? There must be something wrong if he's still in the hospital."
"What, you mean his injuries from when he was attacked after the last tournament?" Ryo replied. "The main problem there was that it aggravated his old chest wound. It healed a lot faster than we expected, though. Right now, he's just in for a check-up."
King looked doubtful. "A check-up?"
Ryo nodded. "Well, he is getting older. I sent him in for a one-week observation, and they found some issues with his blood pressure and his liver, and so on. Thanks to that, things have been pretty quiet around here."
"Well, he must be pretty bored, if he wanted to try calling me there like he did today," said King.
"Yeah, most likely..."

The conversation had ground to a halt, and now there was uncomfortable silence. Ryo looked about, trying to think of something to talk about.

Finally he settled on something and said, "W-well, with dad's condition being what it is, coupled with the fact that Robert's got his plate full with business matters, Yuri and I are kind of stuck. We can't join this year's KOF with just the two of us, and I'm not sure any of my students are ready for that kind of challenge yet."
"So what are you going to do?"
"I guess we sit this one out. It probably wouldn't be such a bad idea to focus more on the administrative duties of the dojo, anyway."
King gave a thoughtful "hmmm" in reply, as a gentle breeze wafted in through all the open windows. "You know, Ryo, you've probably already reached the point where you're a true master."
"Huh?" replied Ryo quizzically.
She smiled. "This is the ‘Kyokugen' school, right? ‘Utmost limits.' I'm saying I think you've already reached the highest point."
"Not even close, King," said Ryo. "This road is a very long one, and I'm still barely a beginner. I've got mountains' worth of things I haven't learned yet."
"So then fight. This isn't like you. You don't get many opportunities to hone your skills like KOF gives you."
Ryo frowned. "But we don't have enough members--"
King cut him off. "Would it kill you just to ask for help?"
He smiled slightly. "...Yeah, you're right. Will you help us out?"


"That's our King," said Yuri. "With my planning and acting skills, it was no sweat."
Takuma sighed. "At the rate I'm going, I really will never see the third generation of the Kyokugen school..."
"Don't worry, master!" said Robert. "Yuri and I can get to work on that for you!"
"Mr. Sakazaki!" shouted the nurse as she suddenly had to restrain him. "A hospital is no place for a fight!"
After he calmed down a bit, Takuma spoke again. "All right, on to our next plan. Listen carefully, both of you."
King of Fighters III
Robert Garcia
Assistant instructor at Ryo's dojo. Legitimate heir of the Italian's Garcia Foundation, Robert joined the Kyokugenryu dojo against the wishes of his father. Robert excels at kick attacks with his long legs. Ryo's best friend and training partner, Robert is secretly in love with Yuri.
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
The mighty tiger of Kyokugen Karate. The man who went by the moniker - Robert Garcia had been spending these past few years entrusted with a certain degree of responsibility in the Garcia Foundation. Slacking off on his training, he'd been keeping his former enthusiasm for fighting in check. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get married and enjoy life with my family...would it? Huh? Ryo...? Robert, who has been spending his days quietly, is taken a back by a sudden delivery... "Ryo Sakazaki is joining the Battle Coliseum? The invincible dragon is back?!"
A twinge of shame suddenly races through him.
"Just what am I so satisfied with myself for? ...Ryo has busted his hump trying to master his art, and what have I done?!"
The raging tiger has awoken from his long slumber.
The dragon and the tiger are ready for the clash.