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Choi Bounge Variations
Fighter ID:
October 25
Blood Type
Favorite Food(s)
Konnyaku jelly
153 cm
Slicing stuff
44 kg
Best sport
Rhythmic gymnastics
Personal Treasure(s)
The talons he made for himself
Fighting Style(s)
Psychic powers and Tae Kwon Do & Speed Attacks

King of Fighters '94, The
Neo Geo
Member of Korea team.
King of Fighters '95, The
Neo Geo
Member of the Korea team.
King of Fighters '96, The
Neo Geo
Kim team
King of Fighters '97, The
Neo Geo
Kim Team
King of Fighters '98, The
Neo Geo
Kim Team
King of Fighters '99, The
Neo Geo
Korea Team
King of Fighters 2000, The
Neo Geo
Member of Korea Team
King of Fighters 2001, The
Neo Geo
King of Fighters EX, The
Game Boy Advance
Taekwondo Team member.
King of Fighters 2002, The
Neo Geo
Korea Team
King of Fighters EX2, The / King of Fighters Extreme (N-Gage port)
Game Boy Advance
Taekwondo Team member.
SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom
Neo Geo
King of Fighters Neowave, The
King of Fighters '98, The: Ultimate Match
Korea Team Member.
King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, The
Playstation 2
Member of the Kim Team.
King of Fighters 14, The / The King of Fighters XIV

King of Fighters II
King of Fighters '94
"Hey, look, Dad! It's so cool!"
The kids, blushing, call Kim.
"What's up there, Dong and Jae? Oh!"
The shape of Chang Koehan appears on the prison's surveillance system. The image is grainy, but the figure that is smashing down the prison appears like a monster and his menace is sufficiently conveyed even on the small screen.
"Why would someone of such power not use it for justice? I got it. I will bring this beast to his senses!"
The news makes it apparent that this fugitive is still at large. Something must be done. Kim runs from his house to ascertain Chang's whereabouts.

It is well beyond nightfall and the hush of darkness shrouds the city. ...Then suddenly!
"Oooh-hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo!!"
Just as he becomes aware of the bizarre screech, the flash of razor-sharp blades dances in the pale city lights and fall on Kim.
Just when he thinks he managed avoiding the attack, another follows. Kim is sure it's coming from the right, and the assailant flies down from above. A quite nimble opponent is he. The attack is never-ending, no matter what the defence.
Just as the criminal's talons, which seem like deadly razors, line up with Kim's throat...
"Flying Swallow Slicer!"
In an instant of vulnerability, Kim busts a move on the nighttime visitor.
"Ooh-hyo! Ya got me, buddy-boy!"
Before Kim lies Choi Bounge, a timid little man with one freakishly pale visage. Kim is again pained that yet another individual with such surprising power is using his abilities for evil.
"Very well, I shall teach you the way, so long as evil still lurks in this world!" Kim intones while clenching the King of Fighters invitation.
Kim Kaphwan
Prior to KoF '94, Kim Kaphwan took the escaped criminals Chang and Choi into his custody and began training them in the ways of justice and Taekwondo.
King of Fighters '95
One sunny day in the afternoon, Choi Bounge and Chang Koehan are taking a break from training with Kim.
CHOI: "Whew, buddy boy. I'm telling you this training day in and day out is really taking the lead out of my pencil."
CHANG: "You said it. ...But we'd be caught in a second if we tried to escape. That Kim guy is just too much for us."
CHOI: "How 'bout both of us rushing him at the same time?"
CHANG: "If we could have done that, we already would have."
CHOI: "We are so screwed...."
CHANG: "Aaaaaah..."
The confounded twosome receives a letter addressed to Kim.
CHOI: "Huh? What's this then?"
CHANG: "Th-this may be the ticket! An invitation to the King of Fighters!"
CHOI: "Aw, geez. Not again. I need to go through that again like I need a hole in my head."
CHANG: "Unh? Hold the phone. This invitation has an "R" on it just like the last time."
CHOI: "What? You can't mean that Rugal guy, do you? Didn't he, you know, last time...?"
CHANG: "Yeah. He should be dead.... Hey! I just got a bright idea!"
CHOI: "What is it?"
CHANG: "We enter the tournament again and meet up with him again. Then this time we'll get on his good side! We do that, and we won't be spending our days like this anymore. What do you think of that?"
CHOI: "Oh! That's not a half-bad idea there. Looks like we should start packing!"
Just at that moment Kim, returning from his run, shows up.
KIM: "Well, how about it you two? Shall we get back to training?!"
CHOI: "Uh, yeah, sure thing, Master Kim. By the way, this came for you."
Choi hands Kim the invitation to the King of Fighters tournament.
KIM: "Huh? What...? Oh! It's an invitation to King of Fighters, is it?!
Looks likes there'll be another event again this year. This'll give us extra incentive for training, eh boys? Well, all right! Starting from tomorrow it looks like we'll have to double our efforts in preparation for the tournament."
CHOI, CHANG: "Say...what?!!!"
CHOI: "I'm getting the feeling we really stepped into it this time...!"
CHANG: "Uh, w-well, if we can hold out until the tournament, something's gotta give...."
CHOI: "Y-yeah, I guess so...."
CHANG, CHOI: "Ha, ha, ha, ha...."
KIM: "What's with all the chit-chat, you two! Let's hop to it!"
King of Fighters '96
Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge. The familiar twosome who have been forced to train together under Kim's direction are bellyaching over their plight.
CHOI: "Aah. Just how long have we been here anyhow, buddy-boy Chang?
CHANG: "How the devil should I know?"
The giant figure silently polishes his prized steel ball.
CHOI: "How unlucky can we get? If only we could have joined up with Rugal in the last KOF, we would be sitting pretty right now, eh, buddy boy?"

CHANG: "Thanks to that clown, here we are! What a joke! That tae kwon do creep! Just what does he plan to do with us?!"
CHOI: "H-hey, Chang, pipe down there, buddy boy. If Kim hears you, we'll be in big trouble!"
CHANG: "Say what?! Choi! Even if I shout it out, there's no way Kim'll hear me in these boonies!"
A shadowy figure suddenly pounces down from above.
KIM: "What? What's going on here? Hey, you two! You aren't slacking off on your training, are you?"
CHANG, CHOI:: "Yeek! Yikes! It's Kim!!!"
Chang and Choi let out a squeal. Kim appears between the two. They sense the anger in his calm voice.
KIM: "And just who's the tae kwon do creep of whom you speak?"
CHANG, CHOI:: "N-no...We didn't say that...."
The two respond timidly, almost inaudibly.
KIM: "Well, it seems like my teachings have fallen on deaf ears. So! Both of you! Back to the drawing board!"
CHANG, CHOI: "Aaaagh! Save us!!!"

Night has fallen, and the three, wrapped in darkness, take some time off for dinner.
CHOI: (Aw, man. Thanks to Chang, we're really in a pickle.)
CHANG: (Jeesh. Nothing gets by that Kim. You call this justice?! I've had it!)
KIM: "What's wrong? You two don't look so good."
CHOI: "Huh?! No, I'm in the pink, buddy boy!"
CHANG: "Yeah, me too. It's just your imagination, Master Kim."
KIM: "Oh, really? If that's the case, forget it! By the way, you two, it looks like your training is beginning to pay off."
CHANG: "Yeah, you know? I think it has. (But, holy heave-ho, am I tired!)
CHOI: "You said it, buddy boy. Compared with the past, I feel so much lighter on my feet. (That should butter him up, yeah!)
KIM: "OK! So we can face this year's KOF with real assurance!"
CHANG, CHOI: : "Huh?! KOF?!"
KIM: "Yeah, I forgot to tell you two about it, but I've entered us in this year's KOF and sent in the application."
CHANG: "Whagh. We have to go through that again, Master Kim?"

CHOI: "Yeah, I'm fed up with going through all that effort for no payoff."
KIM: "What did you say?"
Kim glares at the two threateningly for an instant.
CHANG: "N-no, I'm just dying to see how much stronger I've become."
CHOI: "Y-yeah, buddy boy. What an opportunity. It'll be a great test of our ability!"
The two lose no time covering their butts.
KIM: "Won't it, though?"
CHANG: (Y-you gotta be joking.)
CHOI: (You said it, buddy boy.)
KIM: "And this time there's a special reason for entering."
CHANG, CHOI:: "A special reason...?"
KIM: "Yeah, that's right. If we win this time around, your rehabilitation will be complete."
CHANG: "Th-then you mean we'll...?"
KIM: "If we're able to win this year's KOF, that means you possess a sound spirit and body. In other words, you will have become rehabilitated enough to strike out on your own."
CHANG, CHOI:: "A-all right!"
KIM: "So, it's decided! From tomorrow we'll double the training regimen for KOF."
CHANG, CHOI:: "Wh-what?!"
KIM: "Huh? Do you have any problem with that?"
Kim's eyes flash mischievously.
CHOI: "N-No way, buddy boy!"
CHANG: "Hearing that makes me all the more psyched!"
KIM: "So starting tomorrow your training will get even tougher. Hope you're up to it!"
CHANG: "I'm up to it! (If that's what it takes to get away from you, I'll do anything!)
CHOI: "I'm gonna train my patootie off, buddy boy! (And when it's over I'll say goodbye to you, you tae kwon do dope.)"
King of Fighters '97
CHANG: "...Boy, that Kim sure is a great guy. He really is looking out for us."
CHOI: "He sure is, buddy boy. You don't find guys like that often."
The Mutt and Jeff combination are uncharacteristically nervous before the cameras, and behind the two stands the figure of their counselor in combat listening on.

Once again these two find themselves in the position that Kim has reconsidered their training and felt it lacking, so their release from this life of harsh life has been postponed.
And one day, during their daily training, they find themselves in the midst of another unfolding surprise.
CHOI: "Phew! How long has it really been since we came here, Chang?
CHANG: "I told you last year, didn't I, Choi?"
CHANG, CHOI: "...Hmph..."
While these two have gone through almost every kind of training menus for who knows how many years, the two can't help but let out a deep sigh at their plight.
CHOI: "In the first place, the reason why were still here is because you just had to say it, right before we were about to be let free, buddy boy!"
CHANG: "But I didn't think Kim would hear it, and heaped onto that you just had to say, ÔYou said it, buddy boy!' and laugh along with me, didn't you?"
CHOI: "What I meant was...."
KIM: "Hey, you two, cut the chatter and start training properly, OK?! ...Excuse me; now, if I may continue...."
A little farther from the area in which Chang and Choi are conducting their training, Kim shares a conversation with an unknown man.
CHANG: "Just who is that guy yammering with Kim for so long?"
CHOI: "Beats me, buddy boy."
CHANG: "A visitor here; now there's something you don't see every day."

CHOI: "You said it, buddy boy."
Without being too fazed, the two, figuring the visitor has nothing to do with them, resume their training, and then all of a sudden Kim calls the two toward him.
KIM: "Hey, you two, come here for a second."
CHANG: "What is it?"
CHOI: "Yeah, what's the deal, buddy boy?"
"Does it have anything to do with us?" they question as they make their way to Kim.
CHANG: "What is it, Master?"
CHOI: "Yeah, what is it, buddy boy?"
KIM: "I wanted to introduce you. This man here is from the network."
With that, Kim introduced the man with whom he had been previously talking to for so long.
TV GUY: "Nice to meet you. You must be Chang and Choi, right?"
CHANG, CHOI: "Uh, yeah."
TV GUY: "You guys knocked me out in the previous King of Fighters. I saw you then and learned you're going through rehabilitation designed around the representative fighting style of our country, tae kwon do, so we came up with a plan to make a documentary about you two with Kim's cooperation and follow you around for a couple of months."
CHANG, CHOI: "Uh-hunh? ...Say what?!"
KIM: "I wasn't going to go through with it at first, but I thought that if we were by some way able to influence the citizens of the world for good through our appearance on TV, then why not help out? Furthermore, we can show the viewers the wonder that is tae kwon do."
CHANG: "B-but Master Kim...."
KIM: "Huh?"
As Chang tries to say something, Kim's shoots him an ominous glance.
CHOI: (No matter what you say, we're in one big pickle, buddy boy.)
CHANG: (Yeah, but....)
CHOI: (If we get on Kim's bad side, we'll pay for it later.)
KIM: "What's the matter? What's all your grumbling about?"
CHOI: "N-not a thing, buddy boy. Everything's just fine."
KIM: "And one more thing, King of Fighters is going to be held again this year, and we're going to enter as part of the documentary coverage on us."
It's not surprising that the two have either given up on or are unable to continue the conversation.
TV GUY: "I hope your going to show us with a great performance during KOF. It'll be killer for our documentary."
KIM: "So there you have it. Don't let us down."
CHANG, CHOI: "Y...Yes, Master."

So thus our trio came to be covered by a major television network.
KIM: "...That's right. At birth and infancy, there is no such thing as a bad human being. I just want everyone to get that through their heads, and furthermore...."
Chang and Choi's story ended, the filming moves on to Kim ardently talking about his theories in front of the camera
The two sit back and watch Kim give his spiel a safe distance away.
CHOI: "Well, Chang, I've thought this over long and hard, buddy boy, and this is our chance!"
CHANG: "What are you talking about?"
CHOI: "With Kim appearing on TV, there's no way he's going to say something like, ÔBut the rehabilitation didn't hold,' would he, buddy boy?"
CHANG: "Yeah."
CHOI: "What's more, on the day when we win the King of Fighters..."
CHANG: "If we win the tournament, we'll be set free for sure!"
CHOI: "It's natural to think so, eh, buddy boy? And when Kim tells the whole world we've been rehabilitated, we'll be given a hero's welcome when we get back home along with all sorts of perks."
CHANG: "Yeah. But even if we're freed, it'll be tough for us to do any jobs."
CHOI: "That's the beauty of it, buddy boy. Kim'll probably provide us with all of the prize money to set us off on a fresh start, and we can use that to go overseas, buddy boy."
CHANG: "And then we can do jobs overseas!"
CHOI: "That's it, buddy boy. Provided that no one catches on to us."
CHANG: "Good point. There never going to catch me again."
CHOI: "But if things get a little touch-and-go in the country we go to, we can just pick up and go to another, and another, and so on, and so on, eh, buddy boy?"
CHANG: "Oh. And what's more, we'll never have to see Kim's mug again!"
CHANG, CHOI: "Goo, hoo, hooo, hoooo."
Kim's story finally comes to an end, and the TV station staff begin to move.
KIM: "Hey, you two over there. Get ready and fall in cause we're going to start working out now."
CHANG: "Kim's calling us."
CHOI: "OK, let's get this done, buddy boy."
CHANG: "Yeah, I'm with you."
King of Fighters '99
KIM: "Hey, you clowns! You're late!!!"
CHANG: "Huff, puff...wait a sec, please, Master Kim...wheez, cough...."
CHOI: "Huff, puff...You're a little...too fast there, buddy boy...."
KIM: "What am I to do if this makes you whine?! I'm not winded at all! Just how long have you guys been training with me anyway? You're slacking off. Give me two more laps!"
CHANG: "...Huh?...Please, Master, cut us some slack! ...Wheez, cough...."

The same three are in the midst of their usual training at the usual location. Just as they are about to enter their third lap of their usual running course, a lone man stands before the three, blocking their way.

MAN: "You're looking fit."
KIM: "...You!!!"
MAN: "I guess I should exchange pleasantries about how long it's been, eh, Kim?"
KIM: "It sure has been a while, eh, Jhun? When did you get here?"

CHANG, CHOI: (Kim...?? ...Jhun? ...Who is this bozo?)
Kim takes an unusually polite tone toward his visitor; moreover, he talks with him as if they've been life-long friends.

CHOI: "Uh, is he one of your old friends, buddy boy?"
KIM: "Uh, pretty much...."
JHUN: "Hey, that's pretty rude!"
He looks a little questioning as he cuts Kim off.
JHUN: "Old friends? Hmph, poppycock! I acknowledge that we were both disciples of the same teacher, but I don't remember being 'friends.' I'd hope you'd be more precise in your answers."
KIM: "...So you're still carrying a grudge against me?"

CHANG, CHO: (Whoa...I sense a little friction here....)

KIM: "It's been this way for a long time...I don't even know how it got like this...."
JHUN: "Hmph...Whatever. That's not why I've come here today."
KIM: "I guess not. So, what in the name of the flying phoenix brings you here?"
JHUN: "I saw that documentary about you on TV recently, and gagged on your comments about "rehabilitation." Of course I saw it via satellite."
KIM: "Oh, stop, you're embarrassing me..."
JHUN: "Don't be silly. You can embarrass yourself all on your own."
KIM: "Huh...?"
JHUN: "If you think you can "rehabilitate" people with your methods, you're really quite the anachronism, pal!"
KIM: "That may be but I'll rehabilitate these two according to my methods. My methods are neither new nor old. In a word, it's all about results or the lack thereof, and new does not necessarily mean good."
JHUN: "But that's how it was broadcast to the world. You've made everyone think the people of our country are a bunch of primitives, and I can't stomach that. And what you said was nothing but self-promotion."
KIM: "...So, it can't be that you've come all the way here simply to admonish me, have you?"
JHUN: "How perceptive. I've learned all the teachings of tae kwon do just like you, and I've come here to have you acknowledge my abilities."
KIM: "You are my good trusty rival, and I acknowledge your ability. Satisfied?"
JHUN: "OK, now I want you to entrust one of your charges to me."

CHANG, CHOI: "Say what, Goldilocks?!!!"

JHUN: "Since I left here I have absorbed and studied various matters without being shackled by tradition and formalism. I want to make the most of that and rehabilitate one of these two with my logical and calculated methods, not your primitive and out-of-date voodoo. Then We'll see then just whose ideas are correct."

Chang and Choi, listening to the exchange between the two, have different ideas.
CHANG: (Hey, things aren't looking very good for us.)
CHOI: (Things ain't no picnic now, I can't tolerate this alone, buddy boy!)
KIM: "But...."
CHOI: "Yeah, buddy boy, we deserve a little preparation for something like this."
CHANG: "I don't care whether he's a fellow disciple or not, there's no way I'll let this guy boss me around."

KIM: "...Very well. It may be a good chance for one of them to see more of the outside world. I leave it all up to you."

CHANG, CHOI: "Huuuuuu-uh!!!"

KIM: "Would entrusting the mighty Chang to you be acceptable?"
JHUN: "Ah, a physical brute, is it? It's someone worth teaching; he'll do just fine."
CHANG: "N-No, uh, uh, M-Master Kim...Why?"
JHUN: "Well, then let's hop right to it. I have no time to lose, so I'll ask you to get your stuff in order right away, Chang."
CHANG: "Hey, don't I get to say...? Huh? ...Right away?"
JHUN: "That's right. I've got to return on this evening's flight."
CHANG: "What? 'Flight'? ...Just where am I going, anyway?"
JHUN: "Japan, big guy."
CHANG: "Wh...aaaat?!!!"
KIM: "Didn't I mention that Jhun is living in Japan these days?"

Korea, a few months later.

CHOI: "Nine...eighteen...nineteen...nine...Hyah...Argh...Hah!"
KIM: "OK, take a break."
CHOI: "Hah, hah...."
KIM: "Ah, that's right. I got a letter from Chang in Japan."
CHOI: "Really?! A letter from Chang, buddy boy?!"
KIM: "Hold on there, pal!"

A few minutes later when Choi gets a letter from Kim, he quickly opens the envelope and reads the letter inside.

It's been a few months since I left our country, so how's it going? Well, I'm sure you're making the best of this.
Unlike our training up till now, I've been using a bunch of training machines and fill my time training as efficiently as possible.
So since I don't spend all my days training, it's pretty easy on me physically but the problem is what to do with the remaining time. This clown's making me study. Study! It seems that Jhun is a teacher at a Japanese School here, and in my spare time I'm taught things like general education and sports dynamics, and the last one is the most intense. I'd rather be dead than studying!
If things keep up this way, I'd rather be dealing with Kim...No, instead of that, I just want to know how long this is going to go on! Well, I don't want to bring you down, because I know we're both in one pretty pickle. Keep your sharp things up!

P.S., Give the other letter from Jhun in this envelope to Kim, will you?

CHOI: (Letter?)
Choi gives the envelope another going over and out pops a smaller envelope.
CHOI: "Master Kim, this is for you. It seems to be from Master Jhun, buddy boy."
KIM: "What?"
Kim opens the envelope and reads it over, grunting in agreement as he goes over its contents.
KIM: "Choi, starting tomorrow we begin a special new regimen."

Yaaah! Waaaaah! Kyaaaah!
ATHENA: "Thanks everyone, now for my first song, 'Banged-up Blue Moon'!"
ATHENA: "Stop! Please, no more! Don't go and break my heart..."

CHANG: "Uh, Master Jhun..."
JHUN: "Oh, she's heaven.... Huh? What is it, Chang?"
CHANG: "Is this also part of my training?"

JHUN: "No, this is recreation."
CHANG: "......"

JHUN: "Well, well, is that so. It looks like there going to hold the King of Fighters again."
CHANG: "Yup."
JHUN: "And it looks like we're going to be entering with Kim and Choi. He says that we can see just whose method is the best in this tournament."
CHANG: "So, what will happen to us?"
JHUN: "I guess you can look forward to returning to society if you perform well enough in the tournament."
CHANG: "R-Really?"
JHUN: "So you should start working hard for the tournament. Hmm, you look a flabby there. How about cheering along with me? Tones up the stomach muscles, you know."

CHANG: "......"
King of Fighters '00
It's been a few months since Choi has begun training with Jhun, and it appears his life in Japan and rehabilitation under Jhun's tutelage is coming off without a hitch.
JHUN: "You're a pretty quick study, Choi. I'm impressed."
CHOI: "Something like this is a piece of cake, buddy boy."
JHUN: "I have to run some errands tomorrow, so I was planning to have you study by yourself tomorrow, but it looks like that won't be necessary from now on. So I've decided to change my plans and have you join me."
CHOI: "Where are we going, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Tokyo."
CHOI: "Tokyo?"

The next day the two set out a little early and head for Tokyo.
After they arrive in Tokyo, they transfer trains, get off at their destination, and wait among a small group of people gathered in front of the station.

MAN 1: "Hey! White Tiger. Long time no see!"
WOMAN 1: "Huh? You're White Tiger, are you? I'm ÔMalin,' nice to meet you."
JHUN: "It has been a while. Nice to meet you, too, Malin. I enjoyed our little online chat."
CHOI: (White Tiger?)
MAN 1: "Who's this? You've brought a different friend today, haven't you?"
JHUN: "That's right."

Taken aback by Jhun being referred to as "White Tiger" and the unusual atmosphere of the twenty or so gathered here, Choi asks Jhun,
CHOI: "Uh, Master Jhun...just what is this group anyway, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Uh, it's the Japanese chapter of the Athena Fan Club."
CHOI: "......."

Meanwhile, back in Korea, as a special homecoming treat (?) to the returning Chang, Kim resumes the usual regimen of harsh training.
KIM: "OK, just two sets more."
CHANG: "Huh?! Uh, yeah, okay...."
Regretting having thought that things would be a little bit better training back here in Korea, Chang hears the same phrases from Kim he has heard countless times over these past few years as he works on finishing his additional two sets.
KIM: "That reminds me. Jhun told me that there's going to be another KOF held this year."
CHANG: "Is it that time of year already...? Huh? So that means...."
KIM: "That's right. Beginning tomorrow we begin special training to get us ready for the tournament."
CHANG: (I saw that coming....)
Aside from the fact that it's the same old stuff and he's fed up with it, when he thinks about what Choi is probably going through, for different reasons, the same miserable circumstances that he went through one year ago, Chang mumbles:

CHANG: (Choi should be experiencing the true pain of training with Jhun right about now....)

MAN 2: "You got to admit that she's really hot in that sailor's uniform of hers."
JHUN: "And the costume she wore in her last concert was aces, too!"
WOMAN 2: "Yeah, she was so cute in that, wasn't she?"
MAN 3: "Yeah, but that costume was a little old-fashioned for my tastes...."
JHUN: "On the other hand, that's what was so cool about it.... Ha, ha, ha, I guess I'm turning into a middle-aged guy."

When the previous group moves to a different location, the conversation centering on stories concerning Athena perks up, but among the group one man stands silently alone for more than a few hours.
CHOI: (So this is what Chang was talking about, was it, buddy boy? ...This sure is worse than training.)

MAN 4: "For me personally, I forgot about it some time ago, but that Chinese dress costume she wore in the King of Fighters a few years ago was really cool."
MAN 5: "Yeah! Did you know she had a white one like that, too? It was so hot; it made her look like a nurse."
JHUN: "Hey, that's the first time I heard about that. As far as I'm concerned...."
MAN 5: "Heh, heh. As a matter of fact, I got a picture of that. I have it posted on my homepage, so please download it. Ah, by the way, it's on one of my secret pages. Here you go."
JHUN: "Hey, thanks."
MAN 1: Ah, all this about KOF reminds me that I heard that KOF is going to be held again this year. I saw it somewhere on some BBS."
MAN 3: "So Athena must be entering, then, huh? ...What are you going to do this time? Are you going to organize a tour?"
MAN 1: "I haven't told anyone about it officially ...But keep your eyes out for it."
MAN 4: "But...what do you suppose her costume'll be this year? Maybe a shrine maiden? Maybe even a maid costume?"
MAN 2: "So that's what you're into, is it?!"
EVERYONE: (Wah, hah, hah) [Of course one among the group doesn't see the humor here.]
WOMAN 2: "By the way, what are you going to do ÔWhite Tiger?' You entered last year, didn't you?"
WOMAN 1: "Huh? Are you in the fighting game, White Tiger?"
MAN 1: "Yeah, he does tae kwon do. So, what about it?"
JHUN: "Yeah, I'm figuring on entering."
MAN 5: "Then maybe you can fight Athena. ...But don't you dare hurt her!"
JHUN: "Yeah, I may go up against her...but if I do, I must face her as a fighter at that time. And since it's a match for keeps, getting injured goes with the territory. ...For someone like Athena, me holding back would be an insult."
At this time only, Jhun reveals his true self.
And those comrades who also held the same interests as Jhun, listen intently to his opinions as a fighter....
JHUN: "But I definitely plan to get her autograph!"
MAN 3: "Gag...Sounds like the White Tiger really is a White Tiger. For a moment there I thought you'd become somebody else."
MAN 4: "But, man, you are so lucky, getting to grapple with Athena."
JHUN: "Ha, ha, ha. Then why don't you join my little friend here and I'll train you in the ways of tae kwon do."
MAN 4: "Training, well that's a little...nah, screw that!"
EVERYONE: (Wah, hah, hah) [Of course one among the group still doesn't see the humor here.]

MAN 1: "Well, let's move on to the next party, shall we?"

CHOI: (I'm saved.)
Choi is a little curious about the plans for the second party, but he's glad for the time being that things are drawing to an end here....

CHOI: "So, uh, what's the agenda for the second party, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Karaoke!"
At last, something he can get into! Choi's expression brightens up.
CHOI: "Oh, karaoke! It's been a while, buddy boy. What are we going to sing, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Uh, we're only going to sing Athena songs there. We always do that."
CHOI: "What?"
JHUN: "You should take advantage of this opportunity, Choi, and learn a few Athena tunes before we go back home. Then you'll be able to sing along at the next concert."

CHOI: (Master Chang...Get me out of here...!)
King of Fighters '01
"Yah! Ha!"
The place is Kim's gym, which he opened to spread the spirit of tae kwon do and spread his word on justice.
"That kid with the glasses sure has talent. Don't you think, Jhun?"
"Your talk of 'talent' reveals your ever illogical mindset. But the kid's got good form, that's for sure. Add some real fighting experience, and you've got a first-rate tae kwon do fighter."
A very large man is doing push ups along with a comparatively smaller man in a corner of the gym. Sweat springs from the two in fountains and gathers on the floor.
"But...we're, buddy boy. ...Things are back to normal. Me...and you, Chang...if I stayed in your body...Makes me shiver just thinking about it...buddy boy."
The small man addresses the bigger one in pained tones.
"Not just you...but me too...Choi. Huff, huff...your body's too small...and you can't lead ball..."
Chang answers this. He looks like he's having a rough time of it, too.
"But...Master Jhun said...knocking heads together and returning to where we's like a comic, buddy boy...?"
"You said it..."
"OK. That's enough!"
Kim draws up next to the two.
"Very good! That's all for today!"
"Whew...are we finally finished today, buddy bo-, uh, Master Kim...Huh? Where's Master Jhun?"
"Uh, he made an early day of it today to go to the Athena Asamiya concert."
"Why do you keep us training if you guys get to go off and play?!"
"Now, now...Everyone needs a rest now and then."
"Does that include us, too?!"
"Hah, hah, hah, that's very drole, gentlemen. There's no vacation from rehab. Give me one more set!"

Jhun stands before a large thoroughfare, waiting for the signal to change. Today is the long-awaited day for the Athena Asamiya concert. It won't take more than five minutes to the concert hall after crossing this crosswalk. Jhun glances up at the signal. Still red. Time never flies when you're waiting. Jhun sets his eyes on the sidewalk across the street.
"Ah, A...Athena!?"
Who could believe it, but Athena Asamiya stands on the other side of the street, smiling like an angel and seemingly beckoning Jhun!
Jhun glances at the signal again. It's green. Jhun begins to run across the street, as if possessed. Athena, as before, continues smiling.
But as much as Jhun runs, he doesn't appear to get closer to Athena. Far from it, Athena gradually recedes into the distance. Jhun panics. He runs for his life.
"How can this be?! Athena! Atheeeeena!"
Then he wakes up. He first sees is a white ceiling, and then a familiar face.
"Are you okay, Jhun? You're in the hospital now!"
"Kim...?! I could swear I was on my way to Athena's concert...."
Jhun's memory returns to him.
On his way to the concert, he happened on a patch plastered with extra-large posters of Athena Asamiya and waited there for the signal to change to cross a crosswalk. But most of the posters had been torn off by her fans, and only a few posters remained on the wall.
While growing impatient, Jhun waited for the signal to change but finally could wait no longer and ran into the crosswalk although the signal was still red. That's when the car hit him.... At least that's what Jhun thought, but that's not what actually happened. As a matter of fact, the car driver did see the red light in front of him and because he stopped in the knick of time, Jhun, who had rushed out at top speed, smashed right into the car. Jhun, knocked back by the force of the collision, however, ended up injuring his neck and back pretty bad after landing on the pavement.
"Ah, Kim. Forgive me for shaking you up like that. But an injury like this...ouch..."
"You shouldn't push yourself, buddy boy...."
"Yeah, that's right, Master Jhun."
"Yeah, I'm sorry, but as far as this year's KOF goes...."
"What?! King of Fighters?"
"Yeah...I was hoping to enter this year's tournament again with you, but it looks like this time you won't be up to it."
"B-But Kim. Who will take my place?"
"Uh, it's that kid that you and I were talking about this morning. She's come to see you here now. Come on in, May."
The girl wearing a T-shirt and glasses on her head that they had watched this morning enters the room.
"Nice to meet you, Jhun! My name is May Lee. How're you holding up? I'll try to live up to your standards and defeat evil!"
"Hmm, May Lee, is it?? I like it, buddy boy. The old team was looking a little shabby with all these guys on it I thought, but a perky little pretty on board just may cheer us up, eh, buddy boy!"
"I'll second that. Of course that comment about defeating evil gives me pause."
"What are you talking about, Chang?! That's what our objective is all about, too, isn't it?! Her dream is to become an ally of justice!"
"Huh? Are you really s-serious, buddy boy?"
"You bet! I want to be an envoy of justice! That's why I came to the true envoy of justice, Master Kim that is, and his gym to become a worthy envoy of justice!"
"Ha, ha, ha...Well, we'll have to work on that!"
"Well, Jhun, take care of yourself, and make sure you recuperate sufficiently, OK? Later."
"W-Wait, Kim! Come on guys! Wait for me!!!"
The door slams shut and Jhun lies stunned, alone in his hospital room, while the sound of laughter is heard in the corridor outside.
King of Fighters '03
"Why do I have to sit out this year's KOF alone, buddy boy?!"
"You said it! And why do I have to be Master Jhun and Master Kim's lackey?"
The high-pitched wails and low bellowing of the two echo out alternately.
Choi Bounge and Chang Koehan, who have continued their program of rehabilitation for a number of years at Kim's tae kwon do gym, are miffed. The two who only a few years before did nothing but plan their escape have become quite commendable citizens. It seems that Kim's heartfelt program of rehabilitation has paid off...then again, maybe not.

The abandoned Choi thinks:
(Not only do I have to do all the housework during the Master's absence, I have to watch after his kids...and boy they've really become a couple of brats recently. Simply put, I've want no part of that babysitting gig!)
Meanwhile, Chang concludes...
(Stuck between the two masters constantly at each others heels, being pulled this way and that....I won't be able to take it!)

"Ha, ha, ha. I'm glad to see you working so hard, Choi. But this time I have to give in to Jhun's earnest entreaties. Well, make the best of it and watch over the fort."
"But, buddy boy!"
"I said, watch...over...the...fort!"
With his arms crossed, Kim bears his teeth, which emit a blinding gleam.
One more word of protest, and Choi would be feeling the full force of a Phoenix Kick in the name of rehabilitation."
"...O-OK. I got you, buddy boy!"
"Ha, ha, ha. If you express yourself with sincerity all will come to see things your way."
"Yeah, and the bruises you'd give me on top of your 'sincerity' are nothing to sneeze at either, buddy boy."
"Yes indeedy-do."
The two whisper to each other in hushed tones as if a pair of mosquitoes, but Kim doesn't fail to catch their remarks.
"Did either of you have something to say to me?"
"Yeah, we were just talking about..."
" much we love our daily training. Yeah, that's it."
Chan and Choi answer unflinchingly.
Their faces beaming with forced grins are pathetic.
"Ha, ha, ha. You said it. You said it."
The two shrink away from Kim and let out a small, brief sigh. Their humility and timidity would make one doubt that they were once the evilest of the evil.

It is hardly necessary to mention, but Chang Koehan, with his trademark iron ball and chain, is the escaped convict with superhuman strength.
The guy with the charming iron talons is the former mad slasher, Choi Bounge
Kim is the one who has devoted countless years to rehabilitate these two through the discipline of tae kwon do and "return them to the path of righteousness." He has yet to complete their rehabilitation.
And then there's Jhun Hoon, Kim's rival who gets along with him as well as a trench coat complements Mai.

It is Jhun who comments:
"I'm sorry, Choi. But I just have to take part in this year's KOF."
"But Master Jhun, why are you so obsessed with this KOF...just what gives?"
Chin draws in his sharp chin and closes his eyes.
(Hoo, hoo, hoo. Maybe it's got something to do with the introduction of the new rules, like the free tag-offs!)

This is Jhun's scheme.
Even though tournaments up till now were 3-on-3 team battles, contestants fought individually, but this time there's the free tag-off Multi-Shift rule.
In other words, when Kim finds himself in a fix, Jhun will gallantly jump in, and along with saving his butt, make the world aware of the difference in ability between Kim and him by magnificently mopping up the mat with the opponent. But this, of course, goes against all his professed principles.
"Look, somehow Kim's team is the only one to participate from our country. So the members of this team must be, more than anything, the best. Isn't that right?"
"Well, yeah, most indubitably."
"Choi, you've shown a lot of improvement these few years, but you still can't hold a candle to me. Chan's in the same boat, but his fighting style is way different than ours, and it's just the right touch to a diverse team."

"Hey, Chang."
"What is it, Choi."
"About this year's team line-up...It just may be our big chance, buddy boy."
"What do you mean, chance? Given the personalities of our two masters, there's no way I'll see any free time, much less freedom, no matter how hard I try this KOF. So naturally the odds of you and me both getting out of this pickle is impossible, and I guarantee that 200 percent.
"It all depends on how you use your noggin, buddy boy."
Choi's scheme is thus:
Everybody's a sucker when it comes to sports, sympathy, and friendship.
So, when this KOF comes to a close, Choi, who everyone believes is stuck at home watching Kim's brats, shows up out of nowhere and gives them the old, "I was frantic with worry and couldn't help but come to watch over you buddy boys." If Chang plays along with him just right, it'll be a cinch to pull the wool over the eyes of that rube Kim.
"So, that'll casually make the point that we're rehabilitated."
"Yeah, I got you. An appeal to the emotions, and with the media there making a spectacle of it...That just may work."
"It can't fail, can it, buddy boy? This time we'll put these pious pinheads behind us for sure."
"If we decide to go for this, I'll really have to go gonzo during this KOF."

Meanwhile, Kim is uneasy.
It is clear that teamwork will be a crucial factor in this year's KOF.
With Chang and Choi, he would be on familiar ground, but he can't seem to get along with Jhun. If other teams take advantage of this, defeat will quickly follow. However...

Kim's scheme goes a little like this:
It's definitely difficult to take full advantage of the team's maximum potential with Jhun thrown into the mix.
But this just might be able to be surmounted with the efforts of the world's mightiest tae kwon do athlete, the one and only Kim himself.
He'll conversely use the new tag-off rules to his advantage and silence from hereon Jhun's grating criticisms by "saving his backside and putting him at his service."
And by doing this in public, the effect will be amplified because it will create an undeniable obligation.
But this, naturally, goes against everything Kim stands for.
"Well, if Jhun insists on joining our team..."

In spite of this team devoting their battles to justice, each of it's members appear to entertain some fairly wicked thoughts, but in a way they all seem unified (?) in their intentions.

"Master, I have come to see things your way, buddy boy. This time I'll root for you from a distance, buddy boys."
"So you've seen the light, have you, Choi?"
"Most indubitably, buddy boy. Even if we're not always together, we're still a team."
"Yes! That's the spirit that gives testament that your long years of rehab are paying off!"
"And I'll make up for Choi's absence myself!"
"Chang's got the spirit too...If you put things that way, I can't afford to lose either."
"Don't forget about me, buddy boys, because you can count on me waiting for you at the awards ceremony."
"Of course we won't forget you. Ha, ha, ha, ha."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

Four members, with four (rather sinister) motives hidden in their hearts. The team sets out for the familiar stomping grounds of KOF. Their entry into the competition (barring a shipping problem with Chang's iron ball and chain) apparently goes off without a hitch.
King of Fighters XI
"Hooray for Master Kim!"
"Best of luck!"

Chang & Choi gave a hypocritical--that is to say, blatantly false--er, rather, heartfelt cheer for Kim and Terry as they waited in the airport lobby.
The path leading to this particular turn of events had certainly been a twisted one.
On one of Mai's chance encounters with Andy, she lost her temper and told him it would be just fine with her if they "didn't participate," and dragged him off on a forced vacation... and Joe Higashi had been forced to abstain, as he had a scheduling conflict with a Muay Thai title match.
Finally, Tizoc, who had joined with Terry last year, had already joined a different team for this year, leaving the Lone Wolf in a bit of a tight spot.
It was then that he ran into Duck, looking as carefree as ever.
"Hey, Terry? What's up? You don't look yourself."
Flashy clothes, sunglasses, a mohawk and those high-tone dance steps.
Terry felt his spirits lift slightly on seeing one of Southtown's minor celebrities, and thought he might have a way out of his jam. He replied immediately with a cheerful, "KOF? Sure, why not? Might help relieve the boredom!" Perhaps the gods were smiling down on Terry again.
"But aren't we missing someone, Terry? KOF teams need three people, right?"
"Yeah, I'm working on that part..."

Terry planned on getting the leader of the Korean team, Kim, to split from them.
Since Choi Bounge hadn't participated last year, due to the inclusion of Jhun Hoon, it made sense that he might not participate again this year. And since Jhun wasn't planning to fight this year, the Korean team's roster had was a bit short of the three needed.

"Well, if we invite Kim, that ought to settle things, right Terry?"
"It would be great if he joined us, but I don't think he will."
"Why not?"
"He's worked hard with Chang & Choi. KOF is where they've done most of their training. It wouldn't really be fair of us to cut in on that."

Duck gave an exaggerated shake of his head. He looked remarkably exasperated.
"Uh, Terry, you really should think a little harder."
"Kim's students have improved themselves during KOF, right?"
"Am I right?"


"Hooray for Terry and Duck!"
"We just know you're going to win!"

When presented with Terry's offer, Kim had been reluctant and unsure, while Chang and Choi looked as though they might burst into song and dance. Unsurprisingly, they offered much encouragement.
"If you go without us, Master Kim, you can fight much more powerful opponents," said Chang.
"We can use the time to train more for next year's KOF!" added Choi.
They have not forgotten their feelings are just window-dressed and just want to justify it. As the three boarded the plane, they waved small flags in the lobby, wishing them a safe trip, and the like.
If they'd learned anything in their time with Kim, it was that he was very observant, and was not easy to fool.

"You've done a good job training them and steering them on the right path. Are you a little worried, Kim?"
"Of course not. Hah hah hah!"

He wore his usual smile, and seemed quite confident.
Now his team would be at full fighting strength, but still...
Terry considered their plans, and elbowed Kim in the ribs. He sat down and whispered quietly to avoid letting Duck hear him.
"Hey, Kim. Is it okay for Duck to dress like that all the time?"
"If you think about his prospects, KOF could be the chance to kinda steer him right, you know? Put him on the right track."
"Ah, I see... you may be right, Terry."

Now that he'd been given a goal to work toward again, Kim folded his arms and pondered.
Suddenly, he felt another elbow in his ribs, this time coming from Duck.
"Hey, Kim. Don't you think it's time Terry stopped playing the part of the wandering warrior and settled down somewhere? As a friend, I kinda worry about him."
"If there's anyone who could show him the value of a traditional life, it's you."
"Ah, I see... you may be right, Duck."

Kim was feeling more cheerful than ever.
In unity, there was strength.
Now that he had new goals for which to strive during this new KOF, he could begin his preparations like always. The plane holding the three flew high above Southtown.


"...They're finally gone," said Choi.
"Those two just don't understand Master Kim one bit, do they?"
"You got that right."
"It ought to be fun to see what kind of changes he's inflicted on them when they get back."

"You know, it's actually a little bit lonely here now..."
"Yeah, just a little bit."
King of Fighters III
Choi Bounge
Butcher during the day, Choi was once feared as a ripper during the night. Choi gives a hard time to his opponents thanks his super speed and claw attacks. One day, he chanced to have stalked on Kim during one of his nightly walks, and was then forced to join his "Rehabilitation Project". His rehabilitation program over, Choi teams up now with Xanadu.